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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Does Not Drop Bombs on People Lamar Smith Should Contact The FBI

And Give A Full Confession 
for Harming Texas Citizens

Why Should I Be Concerned With Privacy 
When Everybody Else Got Copy Before He Did
Off The Fax Machine

I Get Tried of Hearing It Is Your Fault
Because You Posted In Public Domain
That Means If You Don't Only The Criminals
Get A Copy

Not Free Speech Forced Participation for Protection
Washington, DC Office                                                                                                                      November 26, 2013
2409 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515 
phone: 202-225-4236
fax: 202-225-8628

The Honorable Lamar Smith,

I requested criminal investigations concerning experimentation outside of protocol and prosecution of the criminals in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 to the office of Civil Rights, including other law enforcement agencies availed to me. My specific concerns are billions in mineral rights and the illegal use bio-lethal weapons, which was in fact a George W. Bush mandate that by-passed congress and abused by Texas Governor Rick Perry on the citizens of the United States who reside in Texas. Three victims have come forward 25 prime thief of billions in mineral rights and another 25,000 affected and god only knows how many others were hit with these illegal devices that are published in public domain. 

I report to you, one known victim of my care my brother Daniel Thomas O’Dell who lives in your district at 101 Kendalia Circle Spring Branch Texas 78070.  

1. I was once a constituent of your district living at 101 Kendalia Circle Spring Branch Texas 78070 and received a retaliatory letter stating I could not vote after reporting errors concerning Texas voter’s registration from Kathy H. Faulkner District Clerk 150 N. Seguin St., Ste. 304 New Braunfels, Tx 78130-9948.  The point is the Republican GOP is trying to oppress the voters not so much a concern about voter fraud. We all know, now you know it. Please be advised. It is also public knowledge that GOP used electronic devices to up the voting score for Republicans sense Rick Perry filled the vacated office of Governor George W. Bush or why the United Nations came to Texas.

3. You are the Chairman on the Science, Space, and Technology and well aware of these dangerous bio-hazards. Please be advised, I have pressed for criminal charges against anyone who attacked my family. I and family members were refused proper representation to assist in the prosecution of the persons that attacked my family with such hideous devices and the thief of billions in mineral rights in the State of Texas and New Mexico reported to the FBI. The experimentation was not benign [Confirmation fax has Correction of spelling] but deadly and has left permanent harm.

4. I contacted your office and explained as a courtesy and I believe by law Henry Cuellar District 28th who is responsible for the majority of victims should have corresponded with your office the same information. 

As a courtesy to your office and to let you know that HHS should be attending to the needs of my brother not retaliating against him who is a victim not a criminal.

Gregory N. O’Dell
1290 Mc Coy Road
Somerset Texas 78069


“Whoever intentionally obstruct the proceedings before depts., agencies, and committees, obstruct this criminal investigation and/or retaliate against me because I am a victim, you will be punished to the full extent of the applicable law in 1505 of Title 18 Obstruction of proceedings before depts., agencies & committees, 1510 Obstruction of Criminal investigations, 1513 of Title 18 Retaliating against a witness, victim or an informant, or 1514 Civil Action to restrain harassment of a victim or witness. Whoever intentionally alters, destroys, mutilates or conceals records, or documents with the intent to impair the object’s integrity or availability for use in an official proceeding will be punished to the full extent of law as defined in 1519 of Title 18” 

Game Over It Was No Game!