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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Texas Hacks Blocks Newspaper Print Central Censorship

Take IT Underground

The Right To Post Printed Bills
Freedom of Press Printed Material

The Battle Forgotten

Aerial Attacks Texas USA

First Post 08/24/2014
When You Get The Internet Fixed 
Until Then Enjoy A Read Published Without Electronic Devices

'The Pan Am Expressway News'
Mainline Blood and Ink News from Deep In The Heart of Texas

Texas Endangering Censorship Forces The Return of The Underground Newspaper

To be attack by military force that stops the constitutional right of Freedom of the Press and the Right to Print and Publish Bills of Public Notice on facts and true documentaries brings back the Free Press. 

The Texas Tea Party wakes up in morning with a notion preaching and protecting your right to bear small arms, counting on your ignorance of the law - No excuses. Your pea shooters will not protect you from printed Facts!

Texans Thought Prism Hacking By the State of Texas Was Bad 

Every electrical device can and is hacked if your are targeted by the State of Texas

Notice on a DVD titled "Ghost" Paramount Pictures – So not just somebody knew, but everybody at the corporate level was spying and stealing from you, the moment George W. Bush Swore into office.

The Contents of this Device [or any Devices] are protected under copyright [or other applicable laws such as hacking the device from a remote location] and other intellectual Property laws. This Video device is licensed for only non-commercial private viewing in homes [Your home not the hacker's domical] any distribution outside [Means Any including unknowing or uncontrollably hacked from a remote hackers domeical] licensed territory copy transmission,  public performance, Alteration, or reverse engineering, is strictly prohibited, and may result in criminal and civil liability. All rights reserved [Including the purchaser of the dvd that is considered the owner of the DVD device as early as 2001]

And you thought Microsoft prism was a bad thing for the state of Texas to hack not National Security

Texas Email Hacking [All State level hacking] connects to Suicides Isolation Decimation and Homicides.

When to use the 911 Patriot Act as self-defense!

It was spring time in Las Vegas as I dreamed about the blue bonnets in Texas, when the jolt of a Boeing 737 landing gear over-center bar broke and woke me and I could clearly see the runway of the McCarran International Airport Nevada. I rubbed my eyes knowing anything can happen in a dream, even the truth. 

I realized that I was without shoes, and reach under the seat remembering the pain they gave me all the way from Hong Kong. Like a homeboy, I went to every shoe shop to find a pair of 12 ½ D to match my handmade suit that cost me just under two-hundred dollars and was ready in time before my final departure.

Unfortunately, all the money in the world could not buy me a big enough pair …. Or any man walks around with a pair like mine. This is good reading material; however, by now someone has already hacked it! So Why Bother?

I own a commercial version of Microsoft word and the complete package used as a business, the Republican GOP refer to as the ‘Private Sector’ is protected intellectual property by the FBI under the 911 Patriot Acthowever, the law is applied by the state of Texas according to the states political views and direct violation of Civil rights that are not process thorough means of "due process" often times escalate to harm you and your family.

Ted Lavender In The Business of Balls Sense Bush Breach Encrypted Data in 2006 Denying Valid VA compensation claims, then starts a war Never Considering A Need To Pay The Surviving Veterans of Vietnam, Iraqi Freedom or Afghanistan 

Its Not My Fault I Did Not Die
Until Then Back to The Future

Disabled Vietnam Veterans

You Don't Have to Get A Lawyer and Sue 
The Federal Government
They Have A Staff on Duty all Through Christmas

Watch out with these lawyers! You could be transferring classified information unknowingly - or why they are working the problem 24/7

You Don't Have to Get A Lawyer and Sue 
The Federal Government
They Have A Staff on Duty all Through Christmas

You Don't Have to Fill Out One More Form Or Submit One more Thing!

Where Did Everybody Go!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What Mo Town Is All About

What Mo Town Is All About
The Police Knew And Did Not Say Anything That Makes It Manslaughter by Police with Intent

They Just Don't Know How To Say It

Intrusive Behavioral Control Devices See War Downtown LA Electromagnetic pulse Rodney King Case

Police and Breachers Entering a "habitation without the effective consent" and "attempted to 
commit and committed an assault."

"The breach of classified information to police and civilians has made us vulnerable by attacks within and without the boundaries of the United States."

"What was once reserved by the CIA and FBI was has been assimilated to the police operating at the community level exposing classified information in public domain and used to breach our borders as moles within police departments." 

"The most recent revelation is the three employees of America's self-proclaimed toughest sheriff Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio involved in human and drug trafficking and a Texas Sheriff sentence to ten years for drug trafficking."

Today's Example:

Frio County Sergeant indicted

Sgt. Richard Gandara was indicted on charges Friday for a Oct. 19 incident, according to the indictment. Gandara is accused of trying to enter a "habitation without the effective consent" and "attempted to commit and committed an assault."

Monday, November 24, 2014

Why Own a Landline?

Update Police Report Not Fixed 
with TX CP2015010767 Texas Investigative Authority
I owned a land-line before now it is a cell phone with same number. 

Why Own a Landline? 

i. When the electricity goes off the phone stays on if it is a landline

ii. Satellites are good targets for hackers foreign or Domestic

II. T-line DSL 

III. Protection from Radio Hackers

IV. Robo Calls Can Be Deadly
Some Robotics are Good the VA phone call to remind of appointment. 

Some are bad Killer Robots

The number of personnel is measured by the robotics that means less HHS personnel, First Responders, Firefighters, Police checking on the Elderly and Children and they find them dead.  Just to prove a failed system or electronic exploitation. 

Verizon Employee Repair Ticket Number TXDU02UFX9
See Atascosa County Sheriff's Office for Criminal Complaint 

Texas Blocks Return Phone Calls Feds D.C. Concerning Terrorism

Just got a Suicide Phone Call and Can't Call Back to Help Her - when nobody-else gives a damn about her!

Veteran Calls of the same are easy 
just give a ride to the VA

What Hindu Gurus Do Help Others
Don't Read My Blogs Read The Police Reports

ADA Compliant No Break In Retaliation over 90 Days What I Asked is 'I.T. Find It, It Was A Kens5 Broadcast' and they already did and these words are corrected due to hackers 05/31/2015

Order a Congressional Investigation to Texas State Phone Hacking and monitoring because you cannot afford to protect us all so go back to the constitution or bankrupt yourself!

Privacy Why The Wrote A Law In 1974

Verizon is A Fortune 500 Company 

If Robocoptics Don't Work Talk to a Professional Verizon Employee Repair Ticket Number TXDU02UFX9
Thank You Verizon!

Updated 06:23 11/28/2014 The FBI Should Have Track Every Phone Call I Made and Those That Did Not Call Me Back and Those Who Call and Misidentify Themselves or those who make Up the "Big Texas Pecan Pie." What the FBI does is none of my concern.
This Is Picture Graphic Does Concern me

Revised 06/01/2015 90 day communications blackout crew members dead is not a tradition these were crimes and some are high crimes

Why Do You Slam Me and Why Do You Cram Me

05/31/2015 I Removed The Phone Number List That Was Blocked That Is All - 90 Day Christmas Blackout with dead crew members crash investigation so leave this blog statement be.

I reported the suspended phone of disabled person and fraud by the third party 'New Century telecom' or WorldCom to Atascosa Police Department who cannot call me back because you suspended my telephone; although on Friday 11/24/2014 the account was paid.

Most importantly, I am a caregiver and the phone of a disabled man laying in his feces was jacked and blocked or as you  like to call it 'Texas Cramming' blocked an emergency phone call and lost valuable time to get the patient to the hospital [See 911 call from 4410 Trailwood Drive 2011].

The 2nd time on Friday November 21, 2014 an angry man screamed at me "I want to ask you just one question" then he hung up and suspended our phone and I am expecting return phone calls concerning terrorism from my congressman and the Dallas OCR [Add it to the on-going ADA Criminal Charges against the state of Texas]

Verizon End of Survey:  Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. This will help us continue to improve the service we provide to you.

*In addition, I reminded them of the settlement Microsoft, Yahoo Corp., O'Dell vs Verizon 2007 reported to Greg Abbott Texas Attorney General as 'Internet Hijacking' but I never received my settlement check. Please send a check or money order to Gregory O'Dell address  XXX  XXX XXX

05/31/2015  Who Got The Money? I Never got a return answer from Verizon

The shuttering blocking of web pages by Verizon who had the contract to shutter and block websites the Bush Admin Mandate or why I was in the lawsuit and I am still waiting for my check. 

Verizon is Thief at the least and Financial Decimation at the worst and if not put in check by the DOJ turns into grand thief of the elderly in the Billions. See post Landmark Study was not recorded in the Bush Admin Mandates or expected X-Secret Service Agent "Landmark Study" Campus Shooting publication “Veteran age 56 warns college students not to hack his web pages because they were his only source of income and one day grab a rifle and went on a campus shooting spree. “ After the Bush Admin Mandates and Landmark Study Virgina Tech and U Illinois. 

The denial of access to legal representation is inherent in the state of Texas and is the common plea from thousands, who have been oppressed and abused. This is a problem with a solution that can help the thousands with valid complaints or representation and due process is the solution to pleas of relief for thousands of Texans.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Real Texas Rangers and Sheriffs in Action Read All About It

"Over 900 Residents Expected To Come Together Thanksgiving Dinner"
Front Blog Post By "No Objection" Devine News Team
Want to Read More - Buy Your Own Paper

Monday, November 10, 2014

To Own a Hardbound Copy of the 911 Patriot Act

I Stand To Be Corrected - It Is 
“Spy vs. Spy”

Electronic Behavioral Control Devices Have Been Known to Academia and Engineers for Over Fifty Years!

Antonio Prohias's Illustration Pg.134 "Spy vs. Spy."
Reidelbach, Maria. "MAD's Great Moments In Politics."

 "MAD's Great Moments In Politics."
"If the tenor of the times got to shrill, there was always Mad's Joke and Dagger Department, with Antonio Prohias's Cold War kids in "Spy vs. Spy." Since 1961, the black spy, the white spy, and the occasional gray spy have enacted their monthly game of challenge and deceit, as stylized and ritualized as a Kabuki play. Sometimes the black spy wins, sometimes the white spy;, when Prohias includes the gray spy, she always wins (Reidelbach, Maria).

"What? Me Worry!"
- Some Thing's take a Real Texas Cowboy
First Post 08/30/2013


Reidelbach, Maria. "MAD's Great Moments In Politics." Completely Mad: a history of the comic book and magazine. New York: MJF Books, 19971991. 132-135. Print. Antonio Prohias's "Spy vs. Spy."

If the tenor of the times got to shrill, there was always Mad's Joke and Dagger Department, with Antonio Prohias's Cold War kids in "Spy vs. Spy." Since 1961, the black spy, the white spy, and the occasional gray spy have enacted their monthly game of challenge and deceit, as stylized and ritualized as a Kabuki play. Sometimes the black spy wins, sometimes the white spy;, when Prohias includes the gray spy, she always wins. Pg.132 and Pg.135 Illustration Pg.134 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Makes a Wish on a Shooting Star

Asteroid Window View Due West of A&M Observatory in line with Somerset directly over Las Coste Texas 

11/08/2014 08:20 I would tell you but with all these Pinocchio Politicians, I wrote It down on a letter sealed with Federal stamp and will mail to myself tomorrow.  

 I will open it when it comes true. 

The trail was blue so the Asteroid must of had an element such Barium other elements that can be determined by Spectral Analysis And Since A&M 
Observatory Makes Claim They Can See My House

South Central Texas Bedroom View of The World

We all saw it! 
First Post 10/26/2014

Abuse by the Governor of Texas is just the tip of the iceberg that ripped the hull of Titanic failure by all members of the United States Senate – “It all got out of hand (Senator Cornyn).” 

Now we have a freshman Senator in New Hamster, who makes a claim that we must secure our borders in South Central Texas concerning Ebola infestations, while he sits in a state 1,700 miles away and Russian Sub debris lays within the boundaries off the coast of his own state!

His ignorance of the disease Ebola compared to tuberculosis, which is much more of threat from cattle as volunteer infected TB patients stay in quarantine in several institutions, sometimes the remainder of their lives, already established for over 50 years, so they do not infect others. 

Using his Mit The Twit Romney logic, the same guy who left gun on an airplane and is still walking about freely, would mean the crisis would warrant that every head of Beef be destroyed today across America. This is same type of political debate that has harmed or brought death upon thousands in South Central Texas over the last decade, including torture of the Disabled and other innocent United States citizens.

Tejas 51st State of the United States We Will "Keep U Safer"
And Pay For Herself and Balance the Budget so John Boehner can pay Veterans Compensation before he pays back the money the GOP just bragged about Mitt Romney plan, Borrowed from the Chinese for the Titanic Failure of Domestic Surveillance

Criminal Complaints by Gregory O'Dell and disabled persons associated with Gregory O'Dell filed criminal charges against the State of Texas Reported To The Secret Service - Criminals Embedded in Texas State Government in positions of Public Trust. More RICO Act Violations and Extortion one notable case the man a prominent business man in San Antonio, is dead reported before his death to the FBI. The majority of Air Force Troops knew him well.
New  Substantial Material Evidence Against the State of Texas including torture and attempted murder see 06-09-2132, 06-09-2127, 06-09-4041, 06-14-002, and DHS C1403411, C1307209, C1307206 including the use of military force R13187 that is Police Brutality.

They Come Throw my Bedroom Window Starlight 
DOD Take Out of the Sky
Nuke 'em

Monday, November 3, 2014

Receives the Highest Honors Entitlements Medical Prisoner of War

Fort Sam P.O.W. Program 
By Congressional Order – Some Things Take Real Texas Cowboy
Gridlock Systemic ITVERP New Program
Who Is The Point Man

Sworn Presence Test
Live Test Reveals Bugs That Can Bring Harm
"Happy To Serve My Country Again This Time I Need Not Pick Up A Rifle I Picked Up a Pen"
How Many Others This Criteria

Texas VA Commissioned "Get A Lawyer" and Sue The Government? Wrong advice See Foreign Terrorism United States Department who has failed to respond. Jourdanton Courthouse Taped Phone Conversation.

Live Test Reveals Bugs That Can Bring Harm
"Happy To Serve My Country Again This Time I Need Not Pick Up A Rifle I Picked Up a Pen"
Live Test Reveals Bugs That Can Bring Harm
"Happy To Serve My Country Again This Time I Need Not Pick Up A Rifle I Picked Up a Pen"

CRS R13187 Intense Interrogations torture of a United States Veteran Gregory O'Dell who has survived several Terrorist attacks of Mass Destruction.

Still waiting for appointment with Ophthalmologist and Fort Sam POW Program

Total Eye Care and treatment CRS R13187 intense interrogations and torture of a United States Veteran and Witness Informant and victim of several terrorist acts of mass destruction both domestic and several foreign Countries See DHS Civil Rights

Wake Up The Dallas OCR Taylor August Too!

I Don't Care Who Gets Elected The FBI Has To Deal With These Criminals as Follows:
SAPD No Jurisdiction Atascosa County FBI Investigation
Terrorism Is No Game
Extortion is a Felony Offense

Sunday, November 2, 2014

TexMex Hindu Saved by a Baptist Preacher

What Were The Biggest Issues of President Jimmy Carter's Term
Give Him Credit Where It Is Long Overdue
If You Study Law And Passed This Chapter Over
You Are Lost!

President Carter
We Salute You!
Hey Big Joe You Know