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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

No Bluffing Royal Flush

Boeing must now hire me back pay for back pay or loose all federal funds and i see Air force 1 of 2 on the ramp of my airport Gregory O'Dell Built  Boeing George Bush

CRC-32 AFD773D3 ‎8/‎29/‎2003 ‏‎8:36 PM

CRC-32 0F3E31E5 ‎8/‎29/‎2003 ‏‎8:36 PM

Gross Violation of Federal 

A Royal Flush 

VARS Visual Aural (Radio Range) and Other Devices
The Illegal Entry Into Your Home By Texas
Texas VARS Paid to 'e' voyeur your home 
VARS Visual Aural (Radio Range) and Other Illegal Devices
VARS Visual Aural (Radio Range) and Other Devices
The Illegal Entry Into Your Home By Texas Let's Take A Look A Rick Perry's Home Toilet While He Sits Like the 
King of Rock-n-Roll
 Elvis Presley
5 Texas Counties Have Yet To Indict the Governor For Abuse of Power

Oh My Darling Oh My Darling Oh My Darling Clementine......... 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Marsha and the Brady Bunch

The Brady Act Grows to Become A Killer
OIG Complaints against UT Material and Substantial and the Extortion of VA Entitlements
I am not only due astronomical damages from UT and The OCR Dallas but Reward Money for a Valid Whistle Blower Compliant as well as all the other OIG hotline complaints including the unnecessary death of 250,000 people by Texas Governor Rick Perry and others such as 'Merck Medco Blue Cross' now subdivide to keep the DOJ from filing criminal
indictments against Merck .... Not all inclusive.

Rest assured some of the money will be use to help those abused by Texas while making a profit for Santa Claus on this Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas Texas!

Mom: "Why Tommy where can I find you? They could kill you!

Tommy: Nah! Mom We Busted Them

Tommy : Remember That Nice Judge That Came to Our Homes? He may not be judge very much longer. He Does Not practice what he teaches:
The Private Brady Bunch Attacks Ssgt O'Dell Wrong Hospital
While I Watching After an MS Patient  in San Antonio
MIT Time for some Pro Bono Work Give It To Bexar County Texas  Homicide
They thought this moto was funny after i pickup a dead corpse
"To serve my Country Again, i need not pickup a rifle, I will pickup a friend"

Tommy "I will be all around in the dark; I will be everywhere wherever you can look. Wherever there's a fight so hungry people can eat, I will be there.

Wherever there is a cop beating up on a guy, I will be there. I will be in the way guys yell when they are mad. I will be in way kids laugh anytime they are hungry and they know super is ready.

And when the people are eating the stuff they raise, and living in the houses they build,
I will be there too (Grapes of Wrath)!"

Death Valley Days coming Next Week
"Nothing Dies Harder Then A Federal Program"

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Texas Six Years of Torment Torture Manslaughter Grand Thief in Billions and Murder

Texas Gang of Four Face Corruption Charges and Prison Sentences!

Hacker Prompted Let It Lay
First Dallas OCR Complaint by Texas Students Veterans

First Post 12/05/2013
First Fire 15,000 gals of Oil Heats my Window

You Wrote The Law and Law Won
Greg Abbott Is Going Be Breaking Rocks 
In The Hot Sun
Greg Abbott Corruption Denied 25,000 Texans Access to a Texas Court of Law 

Were Is Our Lawyers - Not One More Day of Delay?
Everyday that passes is a criminal act by The State of Texas against the Victims!

Don't Wait Tell Christmas!
If This was a shooting downtown the cops and detectives would be all over the place so
The Police Must Be In Trouble Too!

A Prosecuting Attorney need not Tom Delay one more day to gather all the criminal allegations 

Let’s Don’t Forget the Terrorist Acts - In any other situation the detectives would be here right now asking questions but they are all guilty of corruption charges and face prison sentences!

Texas Gang of Four Face Corruption Charges and Prison Sentences!

Bring In The Department of Defense
Not One More Day of Delay
Sovereign States Nuclear Programs How far can they go before the point of no return?

Sovereign States Nuclear Programs How far can they go before the point of no return?

Obviously You Do Not Live In Texas! "In Britain We Have The Secrecy Act?" Really?

Obviously You Do Not Live In Texas! "In Britain We Have The Secrecy Act?" Really?

Sony Sunset on the Texas Verizon

Sony Hook Line and Sinker
Old News Traveled Fast

Sony Sunset New Year Verizon 
"Nothing Dies Harder Than A Government Program"

Texas University Cyber Security Bane & Co Se Digital Signature terrorizes innocent victims. 
Note Compliant Veterans Data Breach Linked to William Sessions and John Ashcroft inside Trading
Security Breach and Deadly Harm Reported OIG by deadline Date- Incoherent Staff to Corresponded with DOD, VA and FBI and will infer Criminal Charges against them that will make them “Unhappy.”

By Ted Lavender See Post

Beginning in 2006, NSA’s domestic security program started to go completely out-of-control by reacting to bogus reports from private security firms, who get rewarded for producing negative intelligence about United States citizens. Positive intelligence does not pay. 

The best example, Private Security Firms hired by billionaire Donald Trump. Donald Trump did not get what he wanted when he visited the White House and hired a Private Security Firm to dig up bogus dirt about our President of the United States to discredit him.

Positive, valid and sound intelligence reports of a person of interest, just does not pay. If anyone knows, how I and others feel, who have been targeted by Private Firms, which includes the bi-lateral co-operation with sworn law enforcement officers, agents, and covert intelligence officers is President Barack Obama.  Not long ago, these mercenaries were commonly referred to by many names such as pencil dics, hotel dics, or private dics.

While living in Thailand, a restaurant owner established behind my bungalow, was debating if he really could afford twenty-four hour armed personnel security protection, and had given the company reasonable notice. A once peaceful quite Island beach resort, overnight became let up with gun fire, break in attempts, and the owner received many anonymous threats to himself and family!

I wish I could have told him what was happening; as I watch the scams take place by his own paid security personnel, out my back window in the early morning hours. Successful expatriates, those that live to a ripe old age to write their memoirs, learn quickly to keep their nose out of other people’s business.  Positive intelligence just does not pay when you’re in the private security business.

'Eight Pages of Hate'
Is All Criminal Programmers Had Written

I could of quoted eight pages of biblical versus or the first eight pages of Moby Dick, but what they were after was this from "Why we are losing the war on drugs"

"Contact your congressional
representative for a more open and decisive plan on the “war on drugs” before
we have another loss of American lives on American Soil- Billions of Federal
dollars wasted on domestic surveillance
that can only report the destruction
and never predict or stop a single criminal act." 

Like I said, all the money in world invested in domestic surveillance could not prevent this criminal act upon me and the passenger of the vehicle! [These helicopters are operated by the State of Texas and trigger by Military Intelligence upon command of Texas Governor Rick Perry RP08.]

Don't Lay a Nickel On The Track To Squash It As 'Undeclared'

It May Look Like Swiss Bank Cheese
First Post 12/19/2013
Turn The Voume Up Don't Let The Message Go Right Over Your Head

DHS Office of Inspector General
Attention: Office of Investigations Hotline
245 Murray Drive SW
Building 410/Mail Stop 2600
Washington, DC 20528
Fax: 202-254-4297

Re: Whistle Blower Retaliation Claim Official FAA Volunteer First Responder Atascosa County

Gregory N. O’Dell and Susanne Cash 1290 Mc Coy Road Somerset Texas 78069 830-429-1965

Allegations Against: 
1. Senator Ted Cruz Austin Office
300 E. 8th., Suite #961
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: (512) 916-5834

2. Texas Governor Rick Perry Office of the Governor State Insurance Building
1100 San Jacinto Austin, Texas 78701 
(800) 843-5789 (512) 463-2000

3. William Sessions 5403 Fredericksburg Rd  San Antonio, TX 78229 (Home Land Security Sharing and Private Investigations)
(210) 349-5151

4. Thomas Calulci University of Texas at San Antonio - headquarters
One UTSA Circle, San Antonio, Texas 78249
(210) 458-4011

5. Susanne Reed Bexar County Criminal District Attorney's Office
Paul Elizondo Tower, 101 W. Nueva, 4th Floor, San Antonio, Texas 78205

6. Belinda Cardenas University of Texas at San Antonio - headquarters
One UTSA Circle, San Antonio, Texas 78249
(210) 458-4011

7. Department of Homeland Security Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Review and Compliance
245 Murray Lane, SW
Building 410, Mail Stop #0190
Washington, D.C. 20528

8. OIG U.S. Department of Education                                                                                                              
400 Maryland Avenue, S.W 
Washington, D.C. 20202-1500 

Merry Christmas Texas

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Texas Elderly Combs the Beach for Misappropriated Funds

Texas Elderly Combs the Beach for Misappropriated Funds
“Most Ever Property Returned” to the wrong people

Historic Abuses of The Power of The Governor of Texas
Make Your Own List
It’s happened Before! 

“Texas Governor Rick Perry Writes the Biggest Hot Check in Texas History (Combs)”

“Texas Governor Leaves tar tracks leading from Houston Command Center to BP oil Spill”

Nobody Likes a Snitch but Everybody 
Honors a Whistle-blower

As an Aviation Maintenance Manager, I can tell you the best piece of legislation for in flight safety is contributed to the “Whistle-blower Act!" I do not know about other industries but we the people responsible for you’re in flight safety, jump when a Whistle-blower makes an allegation and say "Thank You God We Might of Killed Someone!" 

If the allegation is shown to be bogus or not factual we still say "Thank God our corporation Quality Assurance Program works!" In the case of aviation workers we would never retaliate against people or persons that keeps us awake with alerts that ensures the lives of our customers and employees are not harmed by our own hands in the name of profit!

While searching for my oil rights in La Salle County Texas, the public noticed a posting of the “Whistle-blower Act!"  required by law on the employee bulletin board. At the top of the posting, boxed in with a black background with large white lettering printed at the top of the Whistle-blower Blower Act!" above the caption reads:

Nobody has right to remain silent when the smoke stack can be seen from 50 Miles away!

This is what caused the BP fire in 2005 in Texas City, The Fuel Farm Fire Annex for Kelly / Lackland AFB [ Called In by  Dr. Dolittle on the Hill ] in 2010, and the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. CNN reporters tried to interview oil clean-up workers on Gulf Coast Resort Beaches but not one person spoke to the press, now we know why! 

In order to read the “Whistle-blower Blower Act” required by law to be posted and accessible to all employees, the State of Texas uses the Miranda Act "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you" 

False In Some Cases It Is Your Duty - to kick howler and scream and to threaten anyone that thinks about reporting a legitimate safety concern with arrest and prosecution with large black lettering of the Miranda act - Is a crime! 

By The Conrad Hilton of Global Airports
"You Been Their I Built It"
The Tea Party are Not the Elite of Texas They are Fraudsters Data Mining Thieves, who pay college students to steal - see MIT.

Report: BP ultimately responsible in Gulf spill
AP Associated Press
By DINA CAPPIELLO - Associated Press,HARRY R. WEBER - Associated Press | AP – 1 hr 7 mins ago

A key federal report goes further than other investigations and puts ultimate responsibility on BP for the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history and the deaths of 11 rig workers, especially regarding the cement seal that was put in place the day before the explosion that triggered the spill.

The report, released Wednesday, said in the days leading up to the disaster, BP made a series of decisions that complicated cementing operations, added risk, and may have contributed to the ultimate failure of the cement job.

Other companies also shared some of the blame, according to the report............

Verizon on The Texas Sunset CP Number Crime Stoppers Don't Pay

Texas Public Utility CP2015010767 Retaliation by the Texas Tea Party - Arson reported at earlier Date on TV Crime Stoppers Don't Pay 

Pizza from the Gaff 
*Still Waiting for My Settlement 2007 Microsoft vs Verizon Given to Greg Abbott not the victim Your letter sates "What would satisfy the problem?" Pay the money back will call Monday

Communications Cut 6 weeks Over Holidays electric and water sporadic By X-Gov. Rick Perry Violation of Bail while I was reporting deaths of his own crew members.

01 26 2015 See Sheriff Soward Atascosa County Texas Waiting on Complaint Number I  Left to Medina County in a Hurry No Problem!  OCR Dallas ridiculous letter that should be shown on bulletin boards across America - I can't! They change the wording on their letter to protect their Christmas holiday and eat cookies and cakes while people die no citing or posting of letters. This is not a citation 

San Antonio Cyber Security Is A Waste Of State and Federal Dollars The last 48 hrs. they stolen Federal VA documents and Medical Documents to Cover Their Tracks While The Fed's Leave on Christmas Vacation 


The Worlds Smallest Electric Guitar Goes Global

The 'End of Days' Ahead

•    U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo, sits down for a conversation on immigration reform, border security and congressional gridlock at the UTSA Downtown Campus in San Antonio. For those unable to attend, we will livestream the event at noon.

Is he Red or is he Blue?
The Texas Governor's Geeks That Stole Christmas Elderly and Children
Perry Steals Again the FBI does Nothing

"Love Is Power But Texas Torture Goes On Forever"
Texas SAT Black Ops Nuked
There is No Justice In Texas

Friday, December 12, 2014

VC15115894 Texas Attorney General Request Sheriff Report 15-01097

Texas Attorney General Request Sheriff Report 15-01097
Atascosa County Sheriff's Office
Also Links to Larceny Case In the Sheriff's Hands

Called 04/05/2015 07:48 Wait Return Phone Call
Sorry Hacked so Bad In Texas we Must Blog
How Many Other Unsolved Crimes Disappear That Way By P.C. Hacking?
As Per Bexar County Texas Homicide Detective Keep a Log of Witness and Time and Date on a Calendar
"No Fear Abused Over and Again"
If No Response Contact FBI
Don't Break Audie Murphy's Law
Several Witnesses

Still Open After All These Oppressive Years
A Decade of Texas Corruption

Sri Gregory O'Dell Dr. of Divinity Gets It Picture on the Front of the Rolling Stones
Now Tell Me Who We Are
200 Yards Legally Imported Mexican Hemp 'Flight Line'
Is All It Took
I Salute the United States Flag and Support the Commander-n-chief The Honorable Barack Obama President of the United States of America

First Post 11/20/2014
The Security System That is Not Connected To Austin PSMI
Why Waste Money on Amateurs? 
Watch Out for Friendly Fire!
Nothing Friendly About Homicide
Nope Treason is the Reason
Moves from 90 Years to Death Penalty
Warning: do not obstruct the letter from the Attorney General of Texas

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Texas Republican GOP Political Monopoly of Space Collapses in Upon Itself

Pay Me Today
I Said Something
Needs No Approval from Congress or the Senate
Once Marine Always A Marine
Steve McQueen The Bounty Hunter

First Publish 09 07 2014
If You Feel Froggy - Jump!

The Texas X-Governor Rick Perry GOP Systems Applications
Why The U.N. Came To Texas
Beyond Free Speech When Programs Control Your Behavior

The Tea Party of April 2009 Died in spring of 2010 and has come to be known as The Tea Party Rebellion and Insurrection against the citizens of the United States I

The Tea Party of Today or Tea Party II is not the same Tea Party of April 2009 but the grass roots and funding was from illegal sources of the Tea Party I
(I have no opinion or do I know of being harmed from the Tea Party II but I know of thousands of valid criminal complaints concerning The Texas Tea Party I)

1. The Tea Party. 
OC Media
Anthony J. Tarquinto Still a Virgin, Still OC
By Matt Coker Thu., Jan. 26 2012 at 9:38 AM 17 Comments
Categories: OC Media

“A couple years ago I introduced readers to Anthony J. Tarquinto and The Real 40 Year Old Virgin of Orange County, the Aliso Viejo author's self-published tome that mixes his unique lack of sexual experience with a political ideology that finds Barack Obama a threat to America. In the months since, Tarquinto has spread his "expertise" on celibacy and tea party ideology. Others are taking notice, although nothing has apparently changed his status between the sheets.”

“Tarquinto shared some of his views on an entirely different subject in a July American Thinker piece titled, "The Federal Reserve and Financial Repression." While he does not exactly call for the death of the central bank ala Ron Paul, Tarquinto sets a chain-of-events in motion that could eventually cause a run on ATMs and average Americans being unable to buy gas and Slushies. The ad next to the copy he sent has an image of Obama pointing and the words, "OH YES, YOU CAN! 21 Ways to Frustrate Obama's Army of Snoops, Busybodies, and Asset-Grabbing Bureaucrats."  

2. The U.N. Inquiry Concerning Texas Voter Fraud [GOP ballots counts increase in numbers by remote control devices]

3. Mitt Romney and Texas Governor Rick Perry Investments in Electronic Behavioral Control Devices

4. Texas Human Experimentation without consent that brings harm (Bush Post 911 Mandates)

5. Non-regulated Marketing Firms use any make or model including those in the Non-lethal weapons electronic arsenal to win the Romney Election but failed.

6. Federal Data Integrity is Breach to bring harm to the harmless such as VA records

7. Texas Police Swatting

8. Texas Aerospace Surveillance at low altitudes 

9. Texas financial decimation of children, disabled, and elderly

10. Denied access to Federal Funds and health care entitlements

11. The use of non-lethal weapons on Texas children, disabled and elderly

12. Political Police Raids on Disabled Housing in Texas so Texas Governor Rick Perry can “show you where your tax dollars are going” which is the opposing - 75% of the disabled want to work!

Fusion Centers and Private Investigation Firms such as in Austin Texas Rob Federal Funds 
Read The Congressional Report

IT Is As Thick As A Brick
Are We Going To Have More of The Same The Coming Election?
 Free Speech or GOP Propaganda
Going On In Texas Before The Election of Barack Obama

*The Original Is In My P.C. Copy of My Own Blog Blocked, Hacked, Prompted, By Idiots In My System Keeping Me from Doing Productive Work. Reported To the Secret Service Bottom Blog.

Computers Don't Lie People Do - Get Out Of Our P.C.s  And Homes Now!

Open Report [Expressly Written and Mailed]To Homeland Security Oh Yes You Can Too Warning Or Ad?

This Is Nothing It Get's Worse To All Out Electronic Warfare

Real Victims Real Suicides Real Homicides 

You Don't Want To Be A Victim and Testify Like I Did!

If You Are - Contact The Local Police and Then The FBI
 My Case It Took The Secret Service
"Don't Ask Me That's Why The Call Them Secret"

The FBI "If It Is Not On Paper It Does Not Exist"
IT Is On Every-bodies Paper Trail

The State Department Stood Up for Me
and Stopped The Abuse Thank You!

Fusion Centers and Private Investigation Firms such as in Austin Texas cannot take away for what I have already said, and is in your hearts and souls! It has been transmitted worldwide and is in 100’s of thousands of data basis. These Private Security firms are a complete failure, expect for the fact that they have damaged the reputation of the President of the United States Barack Obama, who I support no matter what, sworn by oath by me at the highest security level, G. N. O’Dell.

The Rouge White Elephant Post 911 George Bush Mandates 2001-2012

Where is The Money?
Texas Rouge White Elephant
 Was In Command of That Aircraft That Day
(Three Year Period Until This Happened and The DOD Took the Toy out of His Hands)

An Animated Ethnography Documentary of NSA operations, which made citizens of the United States subjects of domestic experimentation, Subjects became Suspects and Suspects became Enemies of the State. 

What made matters worse, everything was automated including payments for services or a blank check, which created "Top Secret America" known by economist as a financial "White Elephant” or a false sense of security.

Data applications were designed called "Killer Robots" to target innocent citizens by automation as Enemies of Solid State. The idea was to disconnect the targeting from the targeted  releasing the offender of responsibility.  Politicians regularly targeted innocent citizens to hold political power by ungodly Psycho-social terror attacks.

The Republican GOP corruption demoralized democrat voters by electronic lavatorial devices contributed to the Citizens United Supreme Court Ruling allowing unlimited investment in behavioral control devices, unknown to the victims. 

The Obama Administration ended these operations in April 2009; however, some states such as Texas continued the activity until December 2012, until the stench of corruption reach the nostrils of every common United States Patriot after the re-election of President Barack Obama by a small margin, which should of been a land slide victory.

The ruling is invalid because it violates the First Amendment of the United States Constitution Freedom of the Press, clearly expressed as 
printed matter not electronic behavioral control devices that sway and alter one’s own reason.

The Supreme Court Ruling allowed special interest to invest billions in electronic behavioral control devices, violating Privacy or the "Right To 
Freely Reason On Your Own" inciting mob frenzy protest by assimilating negative, false, misleading information against the United States 
Federal Government.

Post 911 George Bush Mandates 2001-2012 will be remembered as "The Darkest Hour of Our Democracy."

What Did Jimmy Stewart Really Say?

Ma "How am I going to know about you Tommy, why they could kill you and I would never know. They could hurt you and I'd never know."

Tommy "Well, maybe it's like Casey says. A fellow an't got a soul of his own, just a little piece of a big Soul. The one big Soul that belongs to 

everybody, then..."

Ma "Then what Tom?"

Tommy "Then it don't matter."

Tommy "I will be all around in the dark; I will be everywhere wherever you can look. Wherever there's a fight so hungry people can eat, I will be 
there. Wherever there is a cop beating up on a guy, I will be there. I will be in the way guys yell when they are mad. I will be in way kids laugh 
anytime they are hungry and they know super is ready. And when the people are eating the stuff they raise, and living in the houses they build, 
I will be there too (Grapes of Wrath)!"

Gregory O'Dell Rev 001 02/2012, Rev 002 I Know I Am Being Watch.
Not Anymore! 02/22/2013  I Am Talking to you direct Austin [Private Security] Investigation firm. I sent a copy to the White Administration and asked if the President Approves of this type of Anti-Obama Pys-cops program that the Federal Government pays for, but is unknowingly the victim of another Rick Perry Anti-Obama Campaign sense 2009. 

The Anti-Obama ad is just one more example of Electronic Harassment from Privates Security Firms in Texas, controlled by Texas Governor Rick Perry to hold power. By now, 4,500 Rick Perry appointees have already reported his misconduct to the Justice Department including the theft of Federal Funds – they fear prosecution not Rick Perry 

At this link: At this link:

The program is designed to blame Obama for your intrusive attacks on the American people. It has been successful in swaying the vote and build resentment against our President, paid for by the Federal Government. I guess the President never received my note, or he is displeased with my accurate assessment of Private Security Firms, who have robbed the Federal Government of Trillions of funds for unnecessary programs! 

Watch as Texas Governor Rick Perry’s monopoly of space, collapses upon itself, it’s just a law of physics, not a personal premonition or even a concern to me. Let me put it to you in another way that you might understand.

Gazing from a passenger aircraft window, the battle ground is clearly defined as a checkered board of no trespassing zones. The earth is marked with an integrate grid of fence lines, county lines, and highways dividing his from hers, them from those, and mine from yours. Each little rectangle or box has a signed peace treaty called a “property deed” forgiving the murderous action of the past when the land was originally stolen from someone else.

The game of boxing in of an opponent extends into the very heart of any idea by making such statements as ‘just your imagination” making a clear fence line distinction to their superior ideas. Once the victim accepts that his ideas and concepts are artificial or of no merit: he actually makes his home on the other side of the rail road tracks!

The Texas GOP Financial Decimation of Children, The Elderly and Disabled
The Theft of Property Mineral Rights Homes You Name It!

The point is, There is no your or my imagination. It is just a lie to defeat someone’s dream and ambitions. The world of the imagination sometimes called the astral world is the womb of our universe, without it we cannot exist. This world contains all the stars in the cosmos. Empirically, you can actually see the Astral World with your naked eye on any given evenings, if you look up and out into space!

This open frontier belongs to everyone and stake a claim or kingdom is near impossible. The only way the unscrupulous can gain ground in the astral world is to belittle their opponents into thinking they are worthless and undeserving; thereby, using the victims to set up their own laws of limitations.

Consequently, the victim becomes their own jail keeper and prosecuting attorney, keeping themselves in check while the so called superiors advance claiming more territorial rights until a monopoly of space collapses upon itself by a spark of ontological reasoning and God given civil rights- “To everything there is a season (Ecclesiastes 3:1).”

Don't Be A Victim Make That Phone Call! 

It Don't Take A Spark of Ontological Reasoning Just Phone Call To The FCC or FBI That's if you local Police or Sheriff do not understand what you saying.

Shuts These Criminal Operations Down!

It is just 'A Law of Physics' or the 
Natural order of things.

Watch How The Texas Monopoly of Space Collapses In Upon Itself and All Texans My Walk About Freely

The Honorable Barack Obama President of the United States of America

I know you support  the participation of all U.S. Citizens with the security phrase "If You See Something, Say Something." Please review the report directly sent to Homeland Security that includes an image of you, the President of the United States pointing his finger in my face in anger when I attempt to write an article or blog. I did not receive a response back from Homeland Security. So I just wanted to know from you personally or your administration professionals, if you support this type of warning with your picture stating that I am being watched as if a "Terrorist" or an enemy of the United States of America?

The full article is more meaningful with illustrative examples of your picture on the web at this link:

The report begins as follows:

Open Report To Homeland Security Oh Yes You Can Too Warning Or Ad? 

Dear Homeland Security,

Re: 21 Ways Advertisement Application Behavior Threatening Intimidation

Let be known, that bloggers addressing abuses of private security firms are presumably attacked by a computer application that behaves in a way that is intimidating and threatening.  The advertisement may be just another ad; however, is programed in such a way that targets to change the behavior of the writer. In other words, the application, not just the ad image, behaves in such a way to target only specific subject matter or targeted individuals while the writer is writing the blog and seems to be a warning from Homeland Security. A photo copy of the ad as follows: 

This is the direct link to the image with your angry  finger pointing in countless bloggers faces as follows:

The report continues to Homeland Security: 

My question:  Does Homeland Security still work this way, or are your operational policies more transparent as you advertise on the movie series "Home Land?" If Home Land security is still trying to control behavior in this way, please be open and tell us. That way we can all stop blogging if that is what you want.

In today's world, any ad that is not a legitimate advertisement for a product or service and behaves in such a way to change human behavior with a flag warning "You Are Being Watched!" gives the writer the impression that he / she is a Targeted Individual which is threatening intimidation. Example:

This is the direct link to the image "You are being watched" as follows:

My report to Homeland Security continues:

If What I am Saying Is Not In The Best Interest Of National Security, Then Tell Me Direct! I support your efforts and well cooperate with your wishes. I am not the enemy. 

I am an extension of or the eyes and ears of our National Security Network. Without me or citizens like me, there is no democracy in America. If that is the case, then please let us all know, so we can MoveOn.Org!

Thank you 

Gregory O'Dell 

By Communication Is Key!

The report to Homeland Security Ends with a web shot image of the attacking ad that has been going on sense 2009 in the State of Texas at the following link:

End of Report to Homeland Security: