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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Has Been To the Great Washington D.C. Great Barrier Reef

Nothing Goes In and Nothing Comes Out
Texas Has cut all communications
 Telegraph, Telegram

Only one Thing Left to Do
Tell A Woman

Assimilated Faster Than High Speed Internet

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Domino Effect For Holding VA Claims

Cecila Each Time I Turn Around Someone  Else is in Place Framed and Hanging on The VA Wall
"Don't Be Anybodies Puppet (FBI.Gov Press Page)"

FAA342_1964 is tracked in Bandera Texas before the China Boeing 737 Bombing
See DHS Complaint Asked for Mexican Emigrant Green Visas By Border Control
Perhaps they will see the wisdom in their own words
 "We will leave you alone today!" August Las Vegas 1995. 45 Days Later The First Saudi Federal Building Blows right before my own Eyes 'It was like an earthquake dead bodies everywhere" but what did it look like ....

More Yeti to come
A Story of Soul and Way To See It
Lhasa Tibet November 1992
Brand New Boeing 737 Bombing Still not on The Terrorism Bombing List
Two United States Citizens Dead - Warden Appointed by the Powers of the President of the United States is Rendered No Aid. 

Communications Breakdown It's Always The Same Having A Nervous Breakdown I going Drive You Bastards Insane - FAA342_1964 did not volunteer for the job which is an honor and a privilege and a point of law FAA342_1964 is not a paid informant 
Appointed By The President of the United States I Am Doing My Job and Until every U.S. Citizens Under My Watch Family's Are Notified I Will Not Leave You Alone Today or Tomorrow!
 Fire James Clapper Today [Failed To Live Up To His Word] NSA It Not What They Do It's  when they Screw Up:
And They Did.

The Honorable Ms Lynch 04.05.2016 Her FAA342_1964 A Plainiff Under a Protective Order

The Great Barrier Reef Alpha Doe CEO TX Senator Zaffrini and Houston Se Obstruction of Terrorism Investigation and Torturing a Witnesses Appointed By The President(s) of the United States.

'Bane' Must Tell The Truth "When your Enemy Becomes Your Best Ally"

The Shawshank Redemption
To Penetrate the Obscure Jungle into the Light
I Write to Leon Panetta

“If the Secret Service [CIA] can find my house but Federal Express cannot, then why can’t they find Osama Bin Laden, who gets courier service each week?”

Positive Identification That The Picture I Received Was This Picture Modified
Skull Damage Unmistakably the Same

Twenty-four hours later he is dead

Rumsfeld Broke His little Arm Reaching In that 50 Year Old Pandora's Box.
Today - Somebody is Operating with Equipment not authorized by the Secretary of Defense? 

TOM CAT Pandora's Box
"We All Cried Torture" As They Tossed a political smoke bomb into our face by attacking Eric Holder The Attorney General of the United States.

"We All Cried Torture" as if we were talking about the enemies of the United States - False

I understand that the National Guard Bureau Is Now Part of These Electronic Warfare Operations (Pubic assimilation was made) . We support the DOD the National Guard is a part of the DOD: Inseparable, The Guard Is First To Be Called, First To Die in Harms Way........................
Three known targets with empirical evidence 2005-2009
October November and December 2012
DOD Public Domain Share And Share Alike
Merck The VA Killed Veterans

The Domino Effect For Holding VA Claims Look Below:

Secretary of State January 20, 2001 December 18, 2006 Donald H. Rumsfeld Illinois 

Secretary of State Gates Robert M. Gates Texas December 18, 2006 July 1, 2011 May 28 2011

Secretary of State Leon E. Panetta California July 1, 2011 February 27, 2013 

U.S. PSYOP forces are forbidden to target (i.e., attempt to change the opinions of) U.S. citizens at any time, in any location globally, or under any circumstances.[7] However, commanders may use PSYOP forces to provide public information to U.S. audiences during times of disaster or crisis. PSYOP includes Electronic Warfare that can target human beings at any distance!

On January 7, 2011, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act with several redesignated titles within the Department of Defense. These changes included renaming the DDR&E as, once again, ASD(R&E).[2]

Alan R. Shaffer (Acting) Nov 21, 2007 – July 1, 2009 Robert M. Gates George W. Bush

Zachary J. Lemnios July 2, 2009 – January 7, 2011 Robert M. Gates Barack Obama 

Zachary J. Lemnios January 7, 2011 – November 30, 2012 Leon Panetta Barack Obama 

Zachary J. Lemnios (born February 21, 1955)[1] is an American scientist who formerly held the post of Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (ASD(R&E)), which used to be known as Director, Defense Research and Engineering (DDR&E), in the United States Government. He was confirmed by the United States Senate on June 19, 2009, and sworn in as on July 2, 2009.[2]

On November 20, 2012 he was reported to have submitted his resignation letter to President Obama.[3] On November 30, 2012 he left Pentagon and joined IBM.

FAA 342 1964 Veteran 12,750 Mile Shot 
Osama bin Laden Left Eye
Confirmed By His Own Squadron TANG Aerospace
10.27.2013 18:20 Hours
"He Only had a Hayes Dollar To make It to next Wednesday"

Broken Lance A Couple of Cheap Tin Horns That Attack
Their Daddy's George H. W. Bush Own Protection
George Bush On The Way To Vegas 
Three FBI Agents laugh as they watch me as I try to enjoy breakfast at a Vegas coffee shop, then say, “We will leave you Alone – Today!” They had trailed me for years for whatever reason I still do not know. Maybe one day they will see the wisdom of their own words,“We will leave you Alone – Today!”  Little Pictures have Big Ears and Never never never forget

No Material, Documents or Information  Provide by Me Was Obtained 
In This Case To Make Plea by Any Means for Relief
The Information Is My Burden of Proof  Placed In The Hands of a Federal Judge not by me but as Retaliation Against Me for Doing the Right Thing!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

"Everything is Broken" down to 1 Proposition 'Yellow Sky'

“Yellow Sky”
Data Miners Steal What Others Work For all Their Lives : is What this Movie Is All About
A Communist form of information collection that benefits and holds Texas Leadership in power by exploiting the people of the state.

Put You're Name On It And 
Ship It To FBI
Don't Hack Mine 

"Mama's don't Let your babies grow up to hackers"

The Federal Governments Primary Job is to insure equal access to information “Governments role in a free market economy is to apply policies and laws to insure that there is equal access to information, no monopolies ........”

This does not mean classified information belonging to law enforcement or Federal agencies some of which are known fraudsters reported to the appropriate authorities Yellow Sky Vol 111.2 10.25.2015 by still waiting on the DOJ sense 2007 and over 1/2 million U.S. Citizens died from 'In action' or no action.

These items were included in Volume 1 -12  If the FBI Got Them If Not We Have A Copy For You Review

X-Governor Rick Perry Famous last Words "I Don't Like Anything [Information] Leaving Texas (Rick Perry 2014)"

Take off for grammar or spelling is a grave error - Arrest The Known Suspects Today!

"Not the usual suspects who did no wrong"

by Ted Lavender Makes Corruption Smell Better

Donald Trump, “I looked at it and they should get it. They earned it.”

FBI Directors Mueller’s Day Off 
The UT VA Connection
Just in Front of Edward Snowden Drive

Operation Brush Country
Texas Phone Monitoring Talking to my father about his dead brother 30 years ago going Gill Fishing Non-existent today but used to track me and grandma to Port Aransasa Texas Order by David Dewhurts

The FBI "The Phone Monitoring does not work that way for the FBI we Don't do that it was Texas"
It is a fact confirmed by Bane that Don Hall Regent Kens 5 Report slamming Mystics 456135816 [The only term you can use on a campus that is not occult or religious Hindu Guru would be deadly for me just after my Guru was murdered] blaming the burning of Texas as if 456135816 was a leader of some group “where going to find out.” False. Lastly Don Hall and Rick Perry own the Department of Education and 1000’s of students the money they stole from the student loan scam and paid dividends in 2009 for successful profited approved in media by Donald Trump, “I looked at it and they should get it. They earned it.”

Texas Ranger Question Texas Victim of Crime Who Ordered Kill Osama Bin Laden

However it is FBI Director Robert S. Mueller who should answer for crimes against Mary and me. As FBI director he is mandated to:

Protect the United States from terrorist attacks;
protect the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage;
protect the United States against cyber-based attacks and high-technology crimes;
combat public corruption at all levels;
protect civil rights;
combat transnational/national criminal organizations and enterprises;
And combat major white-collar crime.

Fortunately, some Texans have come forward putting themselves at risk of more abuse, to insure fellow citizens are aware of the hazards, protect themselves by any means, and resolve harmful events of the past by reporting damages to the United States Attorney General.

Prosecute The VA To The Fullest Extent Of The Law I Have A Prosecuting Attorney That Needs To Go To Jail Jag

Belief is a Religion not a Medical Scientific Prognoses Pay the Claim Now The FBI is Involved 
You Also Tortured not a suspect but a credible Terrorist FBI informant, Victim and Witness - It's Not Ok!
"It is the Death Penalty for all those involved"
Breaks Right Foot Again See Texas Air Guard Accident 8 weeks after transfer from USAF to TANG Kerlly AFB Report Sgt Drops 1000 lb Tire on my Right Foot Wilford Hall Hospital - Hard Copy Records make my case a Malpractice Case and if you don't work my case that means that every
Veteran is receiving inadequate Care

Breaks Both Legs Jumping from Exploding Aircraft
"We an't Paying Veteran until we pay the Chinese Back (John Boehner) "We Already Paid the Chinese Back (O'Dell)"
100% Disabled 1996 -2014
Data Miners Year of Doom
Partially Disabled 1978 -1996
Service Connected Disabilities
Service Period 1974-1981
Ssgt G. N. O'Dell
Other Dates May Apply

Over $250,000.00 Back Payments
Plus Punitive Damages

4th C/P Exam No Records she asked "Which foot Is It?"
Both Feet
Partly Disabled 1978 100 % Disabled Since 1996
Discharge 1982 Other periods do apply
A United State Marshal To Accompany VET To Make Arrests of Employees SAT The Veterans Hospital
Marshal Law?
Let's See What A United States Marshall Says About 
it if not 
The United States Secret Service will Accompany a Quadriplegic Vietnam Service Connected To The Veterans Hospital who just the lost the use of his limbs again because of Malpractice and Data Manipulation
Watch Out Recovers and Moving On His Own Again 09:18 03.13.2016
Knows How To Makes An Appointment with the VA

They Will Make an Arrest Today and It is not Going To be the quadriplegic Vietnam Service Connected 456135816 - Bexar Co. Texas Sheriif's Took the complaints now we are going to arrest on criminal charges. Senator John Cornyn can Join Um as he is arrested for obstructing Justice

Right Leg Broken Again Removing a Tire for my Aircraft * weeks into the TANG still Under USAF Contract Neruothorphy both legs since 1978 Agent Orange

Atomic Veteran Goes Ballistic
Finds Paper While in a Coma

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Understands 'They don’t Know What They Are Doing'

‘Who is watching who

 and do they know what they are doing?’ 

Once Anybody Understands 'They don’t Know What They Are Doing' then you become part of the Solution and not part of the Problem. 
By Any Means Join Us

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Award for Osama bin Laden Kill Paid To CIA Tortured US Veteran

The Tip Top Cafe'
The Best *Yeti To Come

Fly Aer Lingus
Find The Abominable Snowman Bring Snowden to Me
Another Corpus Christie Texas Resident

San Pedro Ave SAT FAA342_1964

New Time Line 04.08.2016

04.09.2016 Wait for a Intelligent Response from the FBI By Phone or letter

04.14.2016 "TOM Texas Covert Black Cat John Cornyn Morning K Street Cafe' no sugar or cream" Dell Round Rock Texas Insurance Adjuster AIG Refuses To Call Back After I list law enforcement as the reason for the claim number. So we Called Bexar County Homicide investigator who is working the investigation Atascosa Sheriff and FBI have all information 04.14.2016 Time Line off line Up TO DATE - Tip for those in the similar situations Texas Murders, Suicides, Amputations, Torment and Torture - Keep A Hand Written Journal 

04.14.2016: Talked With Harris County Texas Homicide Department Cold Case Supersized The File Was Missing: 713-274-9100. With TriStar Phone Hacking more people died. If i remember right there is a Judge that keeps going to jail that may or may not be related but we know it is Mr. Texas Pharmaceutical - Just the Facts Jack 

04.14.2016: Nothing to hide, No reason to run Sitting Bull talks to Yellow Cloud "They are living up at the Hotel California they are just victims of their own devices a song so old the Vietnam War was still going on.
The Stranger with the Camera Came Back With A Gun
Photo Taken Of Occupants of Vehicle While Removing a Letter From Texas U.S. Senator Cornyn
Received One More Letter from The Honorable John Cornyn Encouraging FAA342_1964 To Keep Working With The FBI So I Am
" I Just Report I Am Not An Investigator"

Bill Clinton became Unhinged
The Card That Proves The Letter To FAA Before
Alfred Murphy Building Explosion
While in Saudi Arabia
Private Security Firms Lie Lose Contracts 2016 - 2026  
10 Years Branded from Any Contract State or Federal Investigators Lied 
British Scotland Yard Breached U.S. Information
456135816 Is a British Aircraft Engineer 
British Subjects Citizens Believe That Britain Does Not Have A Death Penalty That Is False They Do
Help Me Get X-Governor Rick Perry On A Plane To London Taking Donations Perry's On-Way Ticket To Scotland Yard Now!

Google Takes Out McAfee Site Adviser 
Paid By Republican GOP
To Block The Truth

"Just ask my friends in SAPD VICE I got friends in low places"
No Material, Documents or Information  Provide by Me Was Obtained 
or Is Restricted by clearance, oath and can be used for any reason I wish!
In This Case To Make Plea by Any Means for Relief

Digital Devices Make Good Slaves
And Very Bad Masters!

The day my Life Long Friend, Teacher and Guru, Open the Gate of the Ashram, a pilgrims rite of passage, he watched me walk away forever on my own two feet; within the hour, three FBI Agents laugh as they watch me as I try to enjoy breakfast at a Vegas coffee shop, then say, “We will leave you Alone – Today!” They had trailed me for years for whatever reason I still do not know. Maybe one day they will see the wisdom of their own words,
Houston Se AKA FalconCruz Adds Buddha to End Because they Are Hebrews 
and Thieves that got caught "How Do You Start a Flood"
The Invisible People of South Central Texas
 Mug Shot To Jog Your Memory Data Banks
The state of Texas has people Working for them that did the same thing to these People

"Based on my thirty years' experience and research, I have determined there are thousands of victims who have been targeted by an illegal U.S. government rogue criminal enterprise -- military intelligence, probably, tied into CIA and FBI and so forth -- that is active 24 hours a day throughout the United States," Gunderson [FBI Agent] stated in an October 2008 speech posted last fall on YouTube.

I Have Received So Many Threats I Only Reported
A Few Not To Confuse The Issue
This Blog Is To Law Enforcement It Is Not A Popularity Contest
Consider from my view what I did not report
until 11/02/2013
Your The Experts What The Hell Do I Know I Am Just The Victim

Hacks Your Personal Private Records Stored On A Digital Device

10/22/2006: Bush Secret Service Try To Shake and Bake A Terrorist "A data manipulation of interest, they gave me credit for nuclear physics classes that I never attended and reported it immediately to the Omnibus-man signed “Whistle Blower” Gregory O’Dell."
When It Come To Terrorism Whistle Blowing an't Bad Thing!
  01/18/2008: Quciksilver Wars Burning Farms First ADA Complaint

July 2008: While I was in Mexico being stalked under FISA My father tells me that Secret Service had been by the farm complaining about my brother who lives 150 miles away for writing letters complaining to government. They show up two more times, and threaten my father and family, I am a witness so I disclosed [Why I Disclosed] to  Taylor August Dallas OCR the additional burden.

October 2008: Mediation with UTSA the same day a student shoots and kills the librarian in the San Antonio Community College on October 15, 2013. OCR and UTSA make arrangements unknown to me I refuse to expect the resolution because they retaliated and lied and they lied again and so the cycle of retaliation continues on and off campus as I am tracked by On-star or whoever drives my vehicle. A Helicopter shines its light into my bedroom window as my wife and I are awakened by the disturbance. Stalking by satellite and helicopter continues as I complain to my Congressman and FBI. 

February 2009: I am an official First Responder for Atascosa County I report the satellite stimulus package 98,000,000 USD to OIG as abuse of a police state and the disabled, fraud and easy access to Federal Funds without any accountability, as stated “as I am tracked by On-star or whoever drives my vehicle. A Helicopter shines its light into my bedroom window as my wife and I are awakened by the disturbance. Stalking by satellite and helicopter continues as I complain to my Congressman and FBI”. This was a no-brainer not of a police state but of police free-for-all spending bonanza with no audit trails and in many cases automatic payments to companies that just maintained an account receivable and accounts payable Ledger that provided no service at all!

What Concerns me is I cannot find my notes: "If the helicopter that shined its light into our bedroom was not the Police, then we still have a Mexican drug trafficker flying right over Senator Ted Cruz Electric Border Fence. The flight pattern was the same!"

Or The Information I Gave Them Seized The Helicopter:

"The Satel-ELITE RICO Perry Cocaine Cartel and Koch Brothers"

March 15 2009: Was called by Sally Crouser UTSA to deliver ceramic Road-runners but was just called so they could bet a picture of me because someone made a bomb threat a week before, unknown to me until after they called me back to campus. I did not want to go back, nor  did  I or my very large family  attended my graduation out of fear of retaliation.   "We Don't Go About Framing People (Apraio 2012) Perry Political Targeting Opposition

March 2009: File an appeal with the Office of Civil Rights Department of Education and waited as my Congressman worked my case. 

April 2009: I file victims of crime against Merck and seek help from Rene Pena District Attorney South Central Texas. Retaliation continues as Mr. Manny of the Victims Crimes Office places me under investigation by Human Health Service and they go through my mail box then walk right into my back door with surveillance devices.

My Contact Said TX Victims of  Crime Boldly Said "He did it" Retaliated by Calling PISI Austin
Human Health Services 

I am under investigation until it is closed in May 2011. I file another OCR grievance with Tiffany Grey and request another explanation using a Social Security FOIA. What Nester Held Secret from the Investigator - I told him too!. You can tell them now Nester Sepher Fi

I Report To The United State General
VIOXX Free Samples are Labeled before FDA Approval
Three 747 Cargo Aircraft Loaded with Sample are
Kept Running on the Flight Line waiting for an FDA Illegal Signature

You Might Think It's Funny but It's Sad
Wake Up From The Dead And Climb The Stairs of
A University That Was My Murderer
10,000 Texans Still Have Not Been Compensated
It Was A Greg Abbott Backroom Court Decision 

My Contact Said TX Victims of  Crime Boldly Said "He did it" Retaliated by Calling PISI Austin
Human Health Services
The Texas Corporate Political Machine

May 2010: Another unannounced unwarranted visit from Human Health Services  Criminal Retaliation Case Atascosa County Sheriff's Office 09-01374 3/16/2009 

June 2010: I report to the office of the FBI that I had been a victim of three terrorist bombings. One of which was the first bombing of Osama Bin Laden in 9/1995. I freely disclose my tax records and work history with all my residents for the last 20 years to clear me and my family and to be compensated for the damage. 

April 2010: My brother is brought to court and I testify that I had been stalked by a domestic helicopter and open FBI complaints about the harassment. After court my mother tells me on of the agents had a card that stated "CIA Central intelligence Agency" in 2008 threatening by family. It Was Not The CIA Who Did These Threatening Acts Afterwards. When The CIA or Secret Service Tells You To Do Something - Then You Do It and We Did. 

*U.S. Marshall Shows Up 5 Years Latter [See May 30  2013 bottom page] and Says [We - My Father, My Brother, I and The Va Intake] Did Not Do What The CIA Told Us To Do. This should have been handled in one day by the University and Dallas OCR; However, Texas Governor Rick Perry makes a bogus media announcement, "The Federal Government Blocks Access To Trouble Veterans," which is false. I Told The VA This is What The Secret Service Told Us To Do, Don't Believe Me Call Them - They Did and we solved the problem as told by Protocol.

April 2010: Check Up on my ADA grievances and others with my congressman who had been telling me all the time they were working my complaints including my appeal for Masters of Anthropology UTSA and the pursuit of the ADA grievances made against the University 

April 2010: Retaliation Denied Consideration for a Federal job without looking at my qualifications: Sharing a Painted Profile Targeting Students when CIA Secret Service Police Are Private Security Investigative Firms

May 2010: Another unannounced unwarranted visit from Human Health Services 

May 2010: Made a grievance with Human Health Service and the Office of Civil Rights for. Stalking, Retaliation and Human Research Outside of Protocol. All connected to the ambiguous eyes of Department of Homeland Security at Texas Universities, Fusions centers not to exclude NSA Top Secret America. I Make a claim that if my family is not left alone, I will disclose to the press to Senator Cornyn and the next day find my mail thrown on the road and tampered with that continued mailbox crushing as I campaigned for Bill White. Bill white loses the election by the use of digital computers systems illegally used by the Rick Perry Command and Control Centers and others, “Rick Perry should not be Governor (Bill White).” And “Rick Perry Political Machine” raise the eyebrows of the United Nations.

Poster Child
My Father Has Still Not Received an Apology from Texas
Governor Rick Perry for Low Altitude Drone Stalking while we drove to
visit our Great Grandfather Ramsey Grave Site
The Governor Stops All Oil Production on all
Locations where my family owns mineral rights.
We are the Private Sector Protected by The FBI
I just sent them a detail report and got response today that it was
given to the correct squad for investigation.

November 2010: I get hit in the forward head with a pain an pass out driving and plunge into a house, braking my back. I start seeing Federal psychiatrist along with my family for relief of the anxiety and getting my brother into treatment at his request at the Audi Murphy Hospital. Allegation with scientific facts. All other Time Line Quantitative notes are details witnessed and have empirical evidence.

New Texas Fusion Centers December 17 2010: Reported To The FBI San Antonio:       Most importantly, a matter of classified information concerning three visits and a threat ‘to make it hard on our whole family’ was made by people who were are or misrepresented themselves as CIA and Secret Service agents. Under sworn oath by me, in a Blanco Texas Courtroom January 23rd I disclosed in public and a matter of court record.

The reason(s) why the complaint was not filed earlier? The complaints were all filed in a timely manner and last phone contact in the summer of 2009 FERP still had each and every violation and would work them when they could because they had a back log. The last complaint was with my congressman Henry Cuellar and I received a phone call from Congressman Cero Rodriguez office that I was his constituent and made several attempts to remove the complaint from his office because I do not live in his district as per the 2010 census and 10 years previously! He personally and his office was impeding justice and endangering the public by trying to cover up such a serious issue that was systematic to all Universities and campuses in Texas as well as across America.

Name Just One Case Domestic Surveillance Is Used For Political Targeting?


MATTERS.  Information is excepted from the requirements of Section 
552.021 if:
  (1)  it is information that the attorney general or an 
attorney of a political subdivision is prohibited from disclosing 
because of a duty to the client under the Texas Rules of Evidence or 

the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct;  or

Was told by Cero Rodriguez office “that I angered someone in a high office [They Still Are Working In The Austin Texas Legal Department -Corporate Office]” 

The Texas Corporate Political Machine
[If your reading my blogs you are lost in space the signed documents in FBI HQ is the only thing that means anything] was the reason and intent of not taking my  allegations seriously and violation of the rule of law in which I drove immediately to the FBI office and reported the disconnect a fourth time over a 3 year period. 

FBI The Whole World Is Watching You
The Texas Corporate Political Machine
Hack 04.14.2016 follow that ping and make an arrest today- May 2011: Mesawma ben Laden Another unwarranted visit from Human Health Services explaining that my case was now close (Against Me). No response from the FBI Concerning the threats and abuse, so I contact CIA director and ask “If Federal Express cannot find my home but the Secret Service can find  my home to harass my family [as terrorist], why can’t they located Osama Bin Laden who receives courier service on a weekly basis? Within 24 hours he is dead and I receive an email reported to the FBI before the event and after and kept secret to avoid fanfare and the possibility of being somebodies fool.

June 2011: Send a soft letter (not to draw attention or sensationalism) to Senator Zaffrini that my family had been stalked by a low altitude drone. She responded with a thank you for the information letter. 

April 2011: My brother is charged with making terrorist threats and the State tries to use the indefinite detention new ruling on him. I make another plea for his protection to the FBI while he is incarcerated and a Texas Ranger knowingly breached that order and abused him in his jail cell [Solitary Confinement for His Protection]   

April 2011: Seek help from a VA Federal Social Worker concerning the Stalking by helicopters almost every week of the year wherever me and my wife drive or over and even into the front field of my farm. 

June 2012: Another Disabled Texan with Last Stage MS 911 Attack Witness Injured by Telemetry Hacking. Has a Complaint Against University System for DNA Swabbing June 2012. They Ask Me and I said No but my friend said yes. He Wants Testify to the FBI but is bedridden. Filed through the FBI Web Page Hacked By Texas Governor Rick Perry Se Houston Texas Hacker and Drug / Human Traffickers. In Addition a picture was taken of me by the police after reporting man threatening others with a knife of at the Texas University of Texas Dental School. I did not want to report but all there was standing line was disabled or elderly women so I took the hit. Why? Because UTSA called me to campus to give them some roadrunners copyright by me just to get my picture for Cubasse used with bio-metric facial recognition and a group of people to identify me as a person who made bomb threat. Why are these not in jail – they will do it again. All Documented (I Have Source Documents) with law enforcement and Dallas OCR.

June 13 2012: By instruction of the FBI, I File criminal charges with the Atascosa County Sheriff’s office including the previous abuses. The judge orders an investigation and to this day they have not got back with are me filed charges against anyone. 

Why - "The Subject Of Deception Texas Political Targeting With Deadly Force"
 Issa what about Texas Covert Action Before Eric Holder? Your website "Can I Help [Myself]." Hold Sen. Cornyn, Rick Perry Accountable or Their Actions!

Note: Terry's Family formally informed the GOP Senate to stop using Terry's for their own political gain:

Rachel Hartmen, yahoo news “TheTicket”  reports on the committees’ progress concerning the Fast and Furious Operations, quoting Rep. Blake Farenthold Republican District 27th, Corpus Christie Texas, where the change over to the new Texas Rangers took place after the former was dismissed by Governor Rick Perry or resigned, "Remember the promises that were made in this room to Terry's family. We would not rest until we got to the bottom of this," Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Tex.) said Wednesday.

April 13 2013: Austin Fusion Centers Violation of The RICO ACT Aerospace Domestic Surveillance of protected witness 911 attack

March 2013: I notice a 10,000 dollar discrepancy on my 1099-c that I never received as a student loan that is owed to the Department of Education and was reported in 2008, another case closed without investigating like many of the others. Each case is valid and with good reason. My life and family is threatened and people are stalking me taking notes and helicopters tracking us all over Texas with deadly force at very low altitudes. 

Do a little research if you were not a victim of helicopter stalking. You will find thousands of videos of such on Youtube and other sources other than me. The OCR did not take this seriously and they should have, several people have been shot dead by Texas Domestic Helicopters without due cause. Texas is the only state that these helicopters are armed. I don't have a problem with that, I might need those guys one day! The "Eat What You Kill" Policy by Greg Abbott and X-Governor Rick Perry is Crimes Against Humanity. A culture of corruption follows for over a decade paid by death and destruction.

March 2013: This is not a problem to me. I tried to let the Education department know that they have been ripped off by ACS for Mega Million dollars - So much for doing the right thing they retaliated as usual once again thinking, I am talking about my own Tiny insignificant problems? . I notice a 10,000 dollar discrepancy on my 1099-c that I never received as a student loan that is owed to the Department of Education and was reported in 2008, another case closed without investigating like many of the others. Each case is valid and with good reason. My life and family is threatened and people are stalking me taking notes and helicopters tracking us all over Texas with deadly force at very low altitudes. Closed Dallas OCR Complaint should still be open?

May 30  2013: Texas U.S. Marshal Makes A False Claim That I Made A Threat Against A Federal Court. Appeared in my front yard and spews out in front of several witnesses embarrassing Secret Service Classified Information that the CIA should take seriously! I told him to contact the Secret Service and my wife and we went to the local FBI office and reported the Texas State Retaliation, after IVERP receives my sworn affidavit, requested of me by Senator John Cornyn

"Based on my thirty years' experience and research, I have determined there are thousands of victims who have been targeted by an illegal U.S. government rogue criminal enterprise -- military intelligence, probably, tied into CIA and FBI and so forth -- that is active 24 hours a day throughout the United States," Gunderson [FBI Agent] stated in an October 2008 speech posted last fall on YouTube.

Aug 13, 2013: "Penetrating the Obscure Jungle into the Light"

08/17/2013: Hackers Will Further My Extended Families Financial Decimation and Federal Data Manipulation If I Do Not Give Then Degrading Classified Information!!!!!! Called the secret Service, after being badgered by Hacker Prompting for classified information and damming the President. Talked to Duty Agent and She explained if I have already been to the FBI Four Times in the last year it is their responsibility. But to call back if it does not stopped. This type of abuse be it from the FBI or a Teenage hacker has cost me 5 years of financial decimation totaling well over  $ 5000,000.00.  I have had every computer over the last 10 years knocked out by NSA with a value of over $20,000.00 in hardware and software, these guys must have it in with dell and abode to make sure i spend another $20,0000.00 just to attend school or to order my medicine and appointment over the Federal VA web site. 08/17/2013. 

Time for the FBI or DOD to give me a Concealed Weapon's License 

08/19/2013: Well That's Silly, I not only won the battle but the War!

Covert Drug /Human Trafficking Going On In Texas For A Decade Before Fast Furious and Account or Another 100,000 American Lives
The Bush Perry Years
08/19/2013b I Have have the burden of proof be it by poetic justice, divine intervention or forensic study. Anyway you want It - "Just The Way You Want It.' Is there one person in the United States of America that has seen what I have seen and would just sit there on their ass and do nothing about It?

08/19/2013: Full Compliant Against The state of Texas filed for another congressional investigation. Recitative phone call from Greg Abbott Attorney General of Texas concerning information held from me concerning Private Investigative Firms, Insurance moneys paid but not to me, and other details.

08/19/2013: Send an Email To UTSA IT As Per Greg Abbott's Instructions in order to get documents that i already know about but will help others. No response as usual.

08/20/2013: Make my first sale in 5 years while others are freely selling by copyrighted works or high-jacking my hard work replacing my items with their own. My first complaint to the Attorney General vs. Google. They get paid, I get nothing 2003. Google has never settled with me on my books in their settlement 2009. 

08/23/2013 Coming Out? I Am Going After Them! It's not my crisis they should be worried about! see ACS complaint and don't forget Dr. Hall and the Board of Regents collected billions of dollars in bonuses along with Governor Rick Perry in 1st Quarter 2009. Pay The Money Back Jack!

Bonuses: 1. something given or paid over and above what is due.

08/25/2013 SA Doctor Finds Two Years Medical Files Removed Reports It

09/03/2013 Followed up because if HHS or VA calls my doctor and ask about my health, the answer would be "We have not seen him in two years!" The Doctor retrieved most of the records believed to be lost, when an agency(s) called for two years of records, they were pulled copied, sent; however, were never replaced in my file or Mary's file. Update 7:30am 12/08/2013: Tip Reported FBI Tip Internet Entry.

09/03/2013 Mary's file? Another point of interest. What damage was done (If any) by sharing of data that was not valid, which is a big problem we have nationally with 'Data Integrity' and Sharing with a one-way communication I call "When Sharing Is Not Caring." 
Update 7:30am 12/08/2013: Tip Reported FBI Tip Internet Entry

09/05/2013 Continued ‘Cyclops Intrusive Behavior’ (PSYOPs) of television, YouTube and radio witnessed by experts and ejected from the borders of Canada (Along with Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz) as well as many other European Countries.

PSYOPs Slang: Cyclops the one eyed purple “We The People” eater – True capabilities Classified (That means I don't know ether)

Used by the Texas Party Founding Members Governor Rick Perry and The Koch Brothers to try and win a Mitt Romney Election or just one reason the United Nations is coming back  to Texas if these criminals are not brought before justice. I believe for manslaughter rise in suicides and homicides

09/07/2013: Another Classified Email From A U.S. Senator "If You Feel Froggy Jump" It has been your own long standing policy "Eat What You Kill" Make the people that killed these animals and dropped in my drive way - Cook um up for supper and feed um to their own kids. My kids are asking why?
Thank You Atascosa County For Removing This Desecrate 

09/11/2013 Intercepted Email Texas Governor Harassing a Protected Witness :The Texas Tea Party Rick Perry Ted Cruz and Koch Bros

09/11/2013 The Daily Double FBI Arrest The Governor's Hacking Team Today! Death Threat Using A Disabled Person in my Care Email When She Was 1,700 Miles for the Email Threat Source

09/13/2013: Violations of RICO act - Follow-up letter to Congressman and meeting with HHS DADS San Antonio with a witness and was transcribe -Action Congressman Pete P. Gallego Protective Services Team subject - Violations of the RICO act by Texas Leadership and Judicial Branch. State Acts of Financial Decimation and Threat of Bodily Harm of The Elderly, Disabled and Children of South Texas.

09/13/2013: Offered exclusive interview with Kens5 TV. Human Research outside of Protocol and Human Exploitation Other by the State of Texas see ADA complaint Oct 2008, April 2009 and so on.......... Wanted to wait until after Senator Cornyn speech on human trafficking, which is a serious matter but used as a smoke screen to cover other forms of human exploitation.

09/13/2013: Allegations made the Texas State Senate Profits off of Privilege Information when victims report White Collar Crime in excess of 5,000,000,000 USD. 

09/13/2013: Response To Senator Cornyn I wish to inform you that I am a victim, informant, and witness to three Terrorist events, which i have been denied any compensation from the Office of International Terrorism Victim Expense Reimbursement Program and share your sorrow for those who have been denied assistance and are the victims of the Fort Hood workplace shooting, but I am pleased that I could assist the DOJ with valid credible facts that are no longer an obscure mystery, when my number comes up at an airport for travel under FISA, which for me is a protective and a mild irritation when stopped for a traffic ticket.

However, this information was and still could be used to bring harm by the State of Texas to retaliate, harass , arrest without due cause, obstruct, kill jobs, financial decimation and the subject of Congressional hearing that NSA, DEA, DOD, Police, Political, and Marketing Sharing that can and did bring harm. 

09/14/ 2013: In Texas It was also used to steal patient rights or at least one of 16 United States Medical Patients that is known and there could be wider spread of abuse if and it is the case in Texas the same is done with copyrights, mineral rights, and unclaimed property. See ADA complaint April 2010. Unlikely other states follow these practices.

A worthy mention of voter fraud by remote devices to raise the Texas Republican GOP count is the reason of the raised eyebrows of the U.N. who try to use the United States of America as the model, but Texas is a disgrace in this case. Other Nations ask the question, "Why should we have votes if Texas can increase the numbers electronically?

09/14/2013: Remind law enforcement: Low altitude stalking by drone, multiple low level attacks by Domestic Surveillance Helicopters under the command of Texas Governor Rick Perry executive order RP08, including non-lethal weapons that are a bio-hazard to me a disabled veteran; his stubbornness to make amends created unnecessary turmoil and embarrassment to the Office of the FBI, the United States Attorney General, and most displeasing the interruption of the executive duties of the Honorable Barack Obama President of the United States, who is confronted with very serious matters of National Security and these political games have now became a threat to us all - This Notice Is No Game!

Please be advised to take appropriate action and ensure your political endeavors do not bring harm to your own constituents of Texas, they have already indirectly placed several foreign citizens of Syria in harm’s way and a new death threat to me, your community servant and caretaker of those who can no longer care for themselves!

09/14/2013: Totally Unexpected by me: Wait for response for a reward not greater than $500,000.00 USD for reporting a bio-hazard to Congressman Pete P. Gallego

b. I know the location of a 2nd bio-nuclear hazard but cannot tell anyone or type on my P.C. because people use my information to harm others by hacking such as Senator Ted Cruz. Homeland needs not be alarmed it is low level Nuclear fuel STOP

Action Taken 09/16/2013: Your report has been successfully submitted. You will receive an e-mail from the NRC providing you with your report number once the report has been processed. If you have not received an email confirmation from the NRC within 45 minutes of submitting this report, 07:15 by 08:00  please contact the NRC by phone using our toll free number (800-424-8802).

09/14/2013: Follow-up letter to congressman abuse by the Texas Victims of crime office not IVERP.

09/15/2013: Senator Ted Cruz Refused To Come The Aid of First Responder and Retaliated and used information on my computer to harm the integrity of National Security for his own political endeavors, including espionage attacks on the president. He cannot be held for treason because he holds a Canadian Passport Citizenship - What is it with these Tea Party Sociopaths? 

09/15/2013: Dear Senator Cornyn, I received you privacy release; however, Pete P. Gallego office and HHS DADS Washington D.C. is working my concerns along with a report to the San Antonio FBI and Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office Report number 13-06038 David Soward Sheriff 1108 Campbell St. Jourdanton Texas 78026 tel: 830-769-3434. Please note: Texas hacking not NSA has severely harmed the integrity of national security, and all other information fall under the Secret Service, who I am bond to serve to whatever means they ask of me. As you stated you had a classified meeting with the Obama Administration and NSA. The Secret Service knows where I live, my phone number if they need any more information but that is unlikely they have a full report. 

b. You still can work my personal ADA complaints, because the violations have now become criminal violations against the state of Texas that you had my privacy release for five years now and dam near got me killed and caused complete financial decimation and demoralization in my case. The FBI investigation not only concerns abuse to me but several others of your constituents in hands of Pete P. Gallego and the Office of HHS Washington, so it would be inappropriate for me to sign a release on their behalf or for you to unintentionally obstruct justice by me giving you a release in my name that may harm them. Lastly  Senator Ted Cruz has failed to work my personal claim, the only offices that have come to aid is the Congressman Pete P. Gallego the State Department and HHS, which I am grateful. Thank You Gregory N. O’Dell 

09/17/2013: Be A Big Brother

09/18/2013: Pressing Criminal Charges Against Texas Governor Rick Perry

09/18/2013: More Electronic Attacks

09/21/2013: Death Treats From The Texas Tea Party Illuminati 

09/23/2013: Google Endangering Censorship - Should Go Back To The Person Who Made The False Claim For Fine or Imprisonment.  Google Denies me access to protection by false Complaints by Any 13 Year Old with an Opinion and iPhone.

09/23/2013: Still no word from Congressman Henry Cuellar, Senator John Cornyn, or Senator Ted Cruz

09/26/2013: Unidentified Hackers in my computer block my work so I could not make a dollar or two to eat. This does not include the FBI invited into my computer - Go Ahead FBI Take Um Out

New 09/27/2013: Reports A Texas Governor RICO Political Leverage over the Exploitation of the Harmless Seniors Disabled

10/06/2013: What Every Parent Who Has A Kid In A Texas School Or College Should Read! Last Document Hacked By The State of Texas From My P.C. All Other Highly Sensitive Classified Information already Reported To The Proper Authorities Including The FBI. The Systemic Failures That Can Kill Caused By Texas HHS Corruption and Violations of the RICO Act!

10/11/2013: Blocked Again My Legal Right to Make a Plea to a Texas Judge to Put Governor Rick Perry in Jail for Manslaughter. He takes a kickback from Merck that raises the United States Mortality rate by 1/4 Million Addition Needless Deaths! The Tea Party Are Terrorist or Worse Than Terrorist! 

10/11/2013: ADA Complaint Goes Back NSA FBI Sharing

10/15/2013: Quicksilver Wars Oil Refinery Explosions

10/19/2013: Tea Cruz I have too spell it out for you at this link

10/19/2013: First NSA Cowboy With Black Hat Complains About President of the United States

10/20/2013: Clear Case of Federal Data Manipulation Kills Jobs. When Data Is Manipulated By The NSA Cowboy It Has A Buttery Fly Effect on Texas Jobs - Justifies his own?

10/21/2013: Dallas has formal Written Request Federal Government Over State Tea Party Corruption. I Contact By Phone, Fax, Email and Letter Signed by two witnesses. There are others (No Secrets Kept from Each Other) afraid to sign but will once you show them it is safe to ask for Help - How Many Others Are Afraid To Ask For Help And Kill Themselves

10/21/2013: Government Shut Down Ends. We File Criminal Charges In A Texas Court of Law But Still Not Action Known By Me From A Judge That I Spoke Too 5 Years Ago and She Did Nothing

10/22/2013: Texas Tea Party Ted Cruz Not Doing His Job Ignores Constituents Request for Relief. "You know, what I’m trying to do is do my job (Cruz)." Who does work a Sovereign Terrorist Cell?

Not Science Fiction
Electrocution Texas Police Reporting Try
Human Exploitation Other _______

Received A Threat to Forget About What They Did
And They Will Leave My Family Alone

The Justice Department Has Thousands of Claims of Electronic Abuse financed by the Tea Party. I am not saying all Tea Party members are criminals, what we are all saying is "Where is the rule-of-law applied against those that brought harm to the harmless with every wifi device only criminal minds could conceive were used on U.S. Citizens to try and win a Romney election?"


September 2012: Last low high speed fly over that could have been a police emergency reported to the FAA and Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office  Case Number 12-05580 9/13/2012. My Home was Swatted twice By Atascosa Sheriff's Vehicles Registers to Their Department. The Deputy I filed my complaint with in no-longer working for the Department but a Key witness to violations to the the RICO Act by Texas Politicians.


September October December: Bio-Weapon Attacks Stop Once Reported To Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon. I understand now what happened to my brother - he was tortured by same by the Bush Regime - Reported To The San Antonio FBI. No help from my Texas Senators, although they knew it was happening and sat and enjoy Christmas with their families, while their constituents are tortured.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz Tea Party enjoys Christmas with his family while their constituents are tortured - known
The Texas Corporate Political Machine

Wyden, Udall Statement on Reports of Compliance Violations Made Under NSA Collection Programs
Friday, August 16, 2013
Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senators Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Mark Udall (D-Colo.) issued the following statement regarding reports that the NSA has violated rules intended to protect Americans' privacy thousands of times each year. Wyden and Udall are both members of the Senate Intelligence Committee. 
“The executive branch has now confirmed that the 'rules, regulations and court-imposed standards for protecting the privacy of Americans' have been violated thousands of times each year.  We have previously said that the violations of these laws and rules were more serious than had been acknowledged, and we believe Americans should know that this confirmation is just the tip of a larger iceberg.   

While Senate rules prohibit us from confirming or denying some of the details in today's press reports, the American people have a right to know more details about of these violations. We hope that the executive branch will take steps to publicly provide more information as part of the honest, public debate of surveillance authorities that the Administration has said it is interested in having.

10/31/2013: Nothing Changes in Texas but the Meaning of law One Case Is All It Takes  "The existence of the opinion was first disclosed last year by Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., who revealed that there was at least one case in which the FISA had found the government conducted spying that had circumvented the law"

11/01/2013: Do You People Think This Is Some X-Box Game?

11/02/2013: New 09/27/2013: Reports A Texas Governor RICO Political Leverage over the Exploitation of the Harmless Seniors Disabled

11/05/2013: San Antonio Texas FBI Notified

11/06/2013: Hackers playing politics with Police and Intrusive devices that are illegal in most states but not in Texas because Texas Has Not Learned A Lesson Yet - Prosecution is the only solution so they can learn a lesson. As you can see they have given every opportunity to make amends. What makes it worse is they threaten family members just like in China. That is the reason the two Rouge Traders that brought down the Asian Market are still in a Beijing Prison or why our market is not recovering because you did not prosecute the criminals and put them in jail. Yes i did not include the one in Malaysia prison that defunct a bank that was in business before they conceived of the idea of banking, because i had no contact with him - Get The Message Here?

11/08/2013: Did Senator Ted Cruz make it across the Canadian Border without being Arrested?

11/14/2013: Texas Email Hacking Is Connected To Suicides, Decimation and Homicides

11/21/2013: The Great GOP Covert Hope Busted Utah Attorney General Investigated
They Way The GOP Governs  Is A Violation of Federal Law

Brooks Field Report To FBI and Senator Urisite

O'Dell, Gregory N. "Everyday ordinary Common Miracles" Linearism.Org Advocacy For Human Rights. Nov. dec. 2008. Web. 06 Feb. 2010. <>

The Texas Rangers, The Sheriff's Office, and the FBI have Responded

"If You See Something Say Something"

03.21.2016 Criminal Charges Filed by FAA 342 1964 Who is 
The Plaintiff

"It is your (Our) Responsibility To Make The World A Better Place (Obama 2012)" 

The following has been removed it don mean sh*t when Terrorism is involved

And it is both Domestic and Foreign

By Sitting Bull 'Nothing to Hide. No reason to run. You have my phone number call me some time. Yellow Cloud Smoke Signals Code has been broken. 
"The Texas James Gang the Faces do not change 
we know who you are"