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Thursday, April 28, 2016

TED Offensive

Gregory O'Dell has left a new comment on your post "To Fly To Sun without Scorching a Wing": 

Filing FBI Criminal Charges of Patents and Copyrights Texas Is Still Holding 2015 s
For Money Pit Approval
See Hondo Texas Sheriff Report

Who Is His Congressman Clue Dir. Appropriations
Pay G. N. O'Dell Cash Rewards, Entitlements, and Multi-million Dollar Invoice 6 Months Over Due
Itemized (not all inclusive) List as Follows:

Finds A Way To Say I.T. To The Right People

Never Classified Public Domain NDMI Medical for Life at the Veterans Administration

Brain Storm Texas 711 Club

The OEM Original Manufacture is Liable

Original Post 06/27/2014
"We do this work not because it's easy but because it's hard (J.F.K.)"

More Details At WWW.ACLUTX.ORG
"We do this work not because it's easy but because it's hard (J.F.K.)"

100% Disabled 1996 -2014
Data Miners Year of Doom
Partially Disabled 1978 -1996
Service Connected Disabilities
Service Period 1974-1981
Ssgt G. N. O'Dell
Other Dates May Apply

Over $250,000.00 Back Payments
Plus Punitive Damages
Try and Change The Law One More Time
"We do this work not because it's easy but because it's hard (J.F.K.)"
Greater Than $3,000,000.00 Due Ssgt. O'Dell In Cash Rewards for Information Leading To Arrest or Death of Real Terrorist 

"We do this work not because it's easy but because it's hard (J.F.K.)"

And They Killed Those That Got In Their Way to Steal
Reporting Bio-hazards
See Number 6
No Greater Than $500,000.00 Per Each Event X 6 = $3,000,000.00
"We do this work not because it's easy but because it's hard (J.F.K.)"
Punitive Damages Paid By The University of Texas Systems Prior to delineation (delineation to break the law is a violation of the RICO Act) Human Experimentation Exploitation Damages In Proportion To A Lingering Pain In The Budget So
Now In FBI Jurisdiction 04.11.2016
Texas Victims of Crime
 Victims of Crime by Big Pharmaceutical Payable by Texas Punitive Damages for Retaliation from Law Enforcement To Gregory O'Dell 
for doing The Right Thing
"We do this work not because it is easy but because it's hard"
Retaliation Cancels out the rejection of payments made by other parties who failed to come my aid (but will pay now) the reason any victim contacts your office.
"We do this work not because it's easy but because it's hard (J.F.K.)"
Qui Tam No Statute of Limitation

Houston Se Movie Script Writing Busted by Alamo FBI 
Go To Jail Because 
"We do this work not because it's easy but because it's hard (J.F.K.)"

"Personal Privacy A Matter of National Security"

by Sri Gregory N. O'Dell

Dear Congressman Henry Cuellar and the Koch Brothers I suggest that honorable men of your status will make sure the Elderly, Disabled, and Children receive all the Mineral Rights due them and benefits because 
"We do this work not because it's easy but because it's hard (J.F.K.)"

The State Texas and Department of Homeland Security
"We do this work not because it's easy but because it's hard (J.F.K.)"

The State Texas and Department of Homeland Security
Boggy not visual my feet started vibrating on the floor they Still Don't Get It 2041 Hours 06/13/2014
Hyper-Surveillance Kills 

Punitive Damages To Degree and  In Proportion To A Lingering Pain to Personal and Budgetary Funding including medical fees for damages done to understand 
"We do this work not because it's easy but because it's hard (J.F.K)"

Grant's paid to Gregory O'Dell in proportion of payments made to those who hacked and plagiarized my work because 

The Royal Highway that Triggered American Economic Prosperity

"We do this work not because it's is easy but because it's hard (J.F.K.)"

Another Reward Terrorist Terminator 
Takes Out Texas TV Jacking
The Sugar Companies Are Liable for A Class Action Suit 
Join Us
If you know make a complaint

Another Reward Terrorist Terminator 
What it takes to report terrorism Catch 22

Texas Fusion Centers can and do take over all electrical appliances in your home, including your Television, Telephone, and Electrical Power. This type of control has always rested with the Secret Service (Includes all Federal National Security branches sworn to hold secret and not disclose) not with Texas State Police or politicians to hold power!

'e' Hackers Are Deadly

03/09/2015 07/13am VARS Texas Challenge to 

Neutralize Something Already Proven In Court


ITVERP Reporting Victims for Reporting Terrorism


They Are Domestic Terrorists
The Eagle FM Radio What is Torture?

Don't Worry 'The Eagle FM Radio Transmissions' Are Not Free Speech Your Going Pay Billions in Mass Tort Texas 

Criminal Charges Filed Against the State of Texas for Torture, Murder, Aggravated Assault, Espionage Reported To The Secret Service Washington D.C. Not the Texas Secret Service that has no affiliation To the Secret Service or CIA whatsoever 
See Link

Dallas OCR On The Same Page
Tuesday, 05/26/2015, By End of Day
You Got It Prosecute It
Last Location:
Departed - Laredo, TX, United States, Friday, 05/15/2015

Pony Express Again To Laredo to Get Access To My Congressman the San Antonio Office is Always Closed
Congressman because People Died

AM 04.12.2016 Phone Tampering
"How To Manipulate The Target" Best Example: VA CP Exam 2012 Reported

China Southern Bombing Posted in Paper By Law ITVERP

 Saudi Bombing Posted in Paper By USA Law ITVERP
1962 SAT Fire Still Under Investigation by the FBI 
Witness Still Coming Forward
Tea Party Rebellion Extends Over International Borders
See Ryan Guillen He Was Updated for Seven Years Tape off with crime scene and size the office of this legislature

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Support Your Local Texas Sheriff

"No Country For Old Men"
Tommy Lee Jones Buys International Tickets
Tommy Lee Jones
by Tommy Lee Jones Sheriff Texas District 28th

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wakes from Siesta During Fiesta To a familiar Sound

Why FEMA Must Act
Foreign Espionage 

There are Solutions

Easy answers to difficult questions

We forgave and forgot but they kept on stealing and killing. Still today they are stealing and killing?

Not your normal Political Pilferage but Grand Larceny and Multiple Homicides” We defined that to the FBI who has failed to act to this date 04.15.2016 Eric Holder Tried to act but was attacked by right wing extremist. We are counting on the Ms Lynch Administration to recover every dollar stolen comfort every family with murders, and give it back to the victims or survivors not to some Texas state agency to steal again see Texas Legislature Ryan Guillen and the Oil grand theft.  

“You cannot add-on or take away from the experience or what really happen”
But we can be more definitive "Texas Yellow Sky Vol. I -12 written under the worse hacking conditions, he who takes points off for format, spelling, and grammar is lost. 

Pick Up the Phone or Knock on my door
You Know Where we live
We are not going anywhere

How Serious is it?

FAA Material Witness Must Be Physically Present During any Investigation including the Merck BICE Attack. See the results Houston Se 100's of Civilian Deaths Helicopter Crash. Reopen the Value Jet Case.