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Friday, October 30, 2015

Knows what is Cabin Fever vs Yellow Fever

Unwelcome Wagon Is Healthy 
for the Whole of Things

When a third world country tells us in 2006 "You have to go through it like we did (Federation of African Nations)"

Still no Access 'Think about what you are missing'

Thursday, October 29, 2015

You Better Look Closer Before You Hang A Man

Hang 'Em Hang 'Em High —

I Told U
Why The United State Department Must Render Aid
John Kerry Not John Wayne

Why Didn't You Tell Me, bringing back the life of Fallen Soldier Engraved on a 
Zippo Lighter was Bad For My Health First Post 11/03/2013
I Really Want to Meet California Girls........

You Better Look Closer Before You Hang A Man

Sworn to Place My Own Body in Harm’s Way to Protect the Executive Branch

You Got to Go Through me first and that is not Going Happen

In Any Crime That is Protocol
Still Waiting For That Call or Appointment
How About In-front of A Congressional

Dear Senator Cruz and John Cornyn 
How Can I Save Your Asses?

*Why This Torture of Ssgt O'Dell is life imprisonment up to the Death Penalty

Unbelievable Courage, Stamina, and Honor by this Ariman
That Hurts, unbearable pain and leaves Scrares
Hang 'Em Hang 'Em High —

Why The Police Don't Want Me To Go After Them Myself
Or Why I Disarmed myself so nobody can make claim i did it - I am trained and wouldn't Waiting for Justice
Who Done It is up to You!
I am just another victim
You Can Choose You Friends But Not The Criminals

Nobodies Fool I'll Be There Before The Next Tear Drop Falls
How Can I Help You If You Don't Have An Investigator Interview Me?

Why District Attorney the Honorable Rene M. Pena Wilson County Texas, has yet to respond to my legitimate valid criminal complaint, which endangers the citizens of the Texas 28th and 23rd District by not pursuing such allegations. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, explains that they will take the lead, investigating such claims if the justice department refuses to prosecute high ranking officials.

Treason is the Reason Tea Party Insurrection and Rebellion Fraud Billions of Dollars 
Governor Rick Perry is a Criminal Harbored By The State of Texas 

Texas Rangers are Harboring an Enemy of the United States of America
Texas Governor Rick Perry

When you want to talk about Fort Hood Let Ssgt O'Dell Know Make Sure The Secret Service is Standing There and Gives Ssgt O'Dell Leave to Say It!

Texas Rangers Harboring an Enemy of the United States of America
Texas Governor Rick Perry

Monday, October 26, 2015

Then There Was This Hurricane

You got one maybe two choices (Movie Rio Diablo Kenny Rogers)
Nope! A Better Shot!
Due Process

Then There Was This Hurricane 10 22 2015

Then there was the hurricane 10.22.2015 after Ted Cruz claimed Responsibility for the Nueces Water Shed that the EPA warned Texas that the misappropriations for maintenance of small concrete and 
earthen dams will bring Damage to Oil production "Ecology Environmental Protection  and Industry fit hand in glove" (Gregory O'Dell)” along with many others contributed to the safety of the public by due process and contacting our Congressman Henry Cuellar. The old maps are still posted on a battered hacked web page

Texas Governor Rick Perry attacks on the EPA was a disaster waiting to happen, and they did one right after another;  a cost can be tied by experts to the damage of 'in action' maintained of the Nueces watershed "You can't keep the pigs out of the pork barrel" but you can prosecute them for damages 

And NSA should prosecute them for damages!

We have not had time to discuss the Medina Watershed posted in the San Antonio Light News and Express news 'Atomic Dust and Alternative Farming 1966'.

See Posting on hacked and battered web page

A motion to change the name of Natalia Texas to ‘Yellow Sky' for prosperity of those who still have not received any aid from the Hay’s Global Meltdown. 

By Forest Tucker

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Telegraph Telephone Tell A Women

No! She Is a General USAF
Yes Mam You Can Do As You Please
When You Best Friend On Facebook Is A Retired USAF General
What the Bexar Co Texas Sheriff What A Girl?
Texas Political Human Exploitation and Military Demoralization

$ 6,000,000 Due First Responder Texas Wilson DA Office "Don't Mean Shit (Trivino 9/11/2014)"
They Must Have A lot of Money if $6,000,00 due to me today is nothing to them
Actual Empirical Evidence Waiting For Federal Court
Texas Crimes Against The Citizens of Texas
Submitting One Per Day 09/18/2013
Does It Really Matter?
Signed Receipt by Karen Blanchard UT TDSHS  Radiation Incident Investigations

This make Number 7
The Day of My Complete Organ Failure VIOXX
Boeing must now hire me back pay for back pay or loose all federal funds and i see Air force 1 of 2 on the ramp of my airport Gregory O'Dell Built  Boeing George Bush

CRC-32 AFD773D3 ‎8/‎29/‎2003 ‏‎8:36 PM

CRC-32 0F3E31E5 ‎8/‎29/‎2003 ‏‎8:36 PM

Gross Violation of Federal Contract

Non-of which was know to  me or i would of disclosed just like with other things see OCR Dallas
This is Four of The Bio-hazards I Reported as Per  Protocol and Two More After That
A Reward No Greater Than $500,000.00 for each report and I Request The Money
Think of The Thousands of People I Will Help If You Did The Right Thing
And Paid Me?

Military Attacks on The Citizens of The United States Triggered 

"The government’s misrepresentations inevitably led to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court being consistently misinformed as it made binding rulings on the meaning of U.S. surveillance law.  This underscores our concern that intelligence agencies’ assessments and descriptions about particular collection programs — even significant ones — are not always accurate. It is up to Congress, the courts and the public to ask the tough questions and require intelligence officials to back their assertions up with actual evidence. It is not enough to simply defer to these officials’ conclusions without challenging them.” 

1. Bio-Hazard Experimentation Applied Law Enforcement Tool Bio-Hazard Previously Reported To Congressman Pete Gallego Remote Sensing and Targeting of Human Beings at Any Distance Electromagnetic Ionizing Radiation
Update 09/17/2013: Reported to Local Sheriff’s Office and The FBI

Reported as per Protocol

2. Your report has been successfully submitted. 
Number 1060453 Name H.T.
You will receive an e-mail from the NRC providing you with your report number once the report has been processed. If you have not received an email confirmation from the NRC within 45 minutes of submitting this report, 07:15 by 08:00  please contact the NRC by phone using our toll free number (800-424-8802). The sole national point of contact for reporting all oil, chemical, radiological, biological, and etiological discharges into the environment anywhere in the United States and its territories. The NRC is staffed by Coast Guard personnel who maintain a 24 hour per day, 365 day per year telephone watch, and an online reporting tool.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

I Named Him Friday

On That Day of The Week I Met Friday Before a Traffic Accident FISA Violations by Texas Leadership
Thursday Did That "God Bless America"

Thank You Thursday!

Summary: Chapter XXIII — I Call Him Friday

Crusoe names the native Friday to commemorate the day on which Crusoe saves the native’s life. Friday again asserts his subservience to Crusoe. Crusoe teaches him 
simple English words and clothes him. Returning together to the slaughter scene, Crusoe has Friday clean up the bones and skulls and tries to convey to his servant the horror of cannibalism. Crusoe is delighted with his new companion and teaches him to eat goat meat instead of human flesh. He realizes he must expand his grain cultivation, which Friday helps him to do.
Daniel Defoe "Still Identifying Texas Victims of Crime"

Just One? A Decade of Texas Corruption
1,000,000 kind acts could not stop the Texas Tyrants from Killing Looting and Burning Farms (Still a FBI Investigation)

Attacking applications and Private Security Firms Made a Profit off my suffering and pain while i made notes trying to remember who i was and naturally thought the lesser..........

I saw and gave personal testimony of other victims some so close and dear to me by 

Electronic Exploitation Other

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Texas International DPS Drone Shoot

1000 Shotgun Shots For Freedom Lytle Texas At Sunset 10 11 2015
Two Drones Wing Span over 48" Below Legal Altitude
Yellow Sky
The Best Coordinated Neighbored Watch 
South of the Medina River
DPS Fly Your Model Airplanes within the limits of Federal FAA Regulations
Conflict of Interest Wayne Wright Wrote the Illegal Drone Texas Laws

This Cowboy Gets Phone Calls "You Have Been Targeted For High Energy Usage" 
Bexar County Texas Homicide Ordered This Cowboy to Keep a Phone Log
 Now Has Become The Suicide Phone line That It was 5 years ago but I can't Help You Now - Jump
 Identify Yourselves as the Police or FBI or Die
FAA Rules for Model Airplanes Not Worth the Gas of police Report 
Texas 210-247-4241
But is important to Complete FBI Report Complaint Volume II by 456135816
That Discredits Private Security 
Firms Own Existence

It Is Not The First Time
Gets  Phone Calls You Have Been Targeted For High Energy Usage 
No Access To UTSA Large Kilns That 
 Should Be Targeted For High Energy Usage
How Can Santa Make The Toys For Christmas
Buy Chinese? 

This Ranch Has The Gas To Supply The Large Klin At UTSA See San Antonio SBA Director Framed and
Hanging on Her Wall
Read Ways And Means To Cut Energy Consumption by 25%
State Wide
What The Public Utilities Complaint is all about
Valero Uses It for surveillance You Pay for It
Don't Let Anybody Have Access To Your Home Unless They Have A Badge

See FBI Report - If Texas Can't Handle It the Federal Government will step in

By order of Bexar County Texas Homicide Detective 
make a Phone log
The Police can call me anytime they have my Phone Number I Am No Stranger
First Time They Used Model Airplane with Wing Span
Greater than 48" that is a Violation of FAA Model Airplane Use in Tandem over private property
October 8 2015
Let It Go Still Reporting To the FBI As Requested By Congress and The FBI

Big Difference when your family has a real drone on their tail end of their car controlled by X governor Rick Perry

Fine Bane & Co. Today I Get a Piece of them for obstructing a Terrorism Investigation
They Get Piece of You Everyday and Sell It as false Intel which makes all Bane &Co. Audit false terrorism report that is how credulous and Dangerous these people need to shut down
Does you Child attend a college or University in Texas?
It Would and Did Concern My Family
See the College Killing Fields

1000's of Texans still do not use public Facilities because the lack of leadership in Texas
No Access To Goods Service and Education

The Platform of This Election

It IS No Secret

Friday, October 9, 2015

One Act of Kindness Can Change The World For The Better

"The Most Skillful Singular Action of Its Kind"
Flags at Half Mask 'In Action'
Just Think About The People Missing Around Congress's Family Dinner Table?

No Big Fish Story
Human Exploitation and Military Demoralization

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Marshal Law does not mean rape pillage plunder human resources

Congressman Cuellar District 28th the Death District

Rep. Cuellar Announces Availability of Tickets for Upcoming Papal Visit

Just Ask The Bicycle Padre
Hackers Block My Blogs and sell the content

"Those Terrible Jesuit Priests "
Get No Respect
 Rio de Janeiro Connection Material Witness to Torture
"Those Terrible Jesuit Priests " a book written by Jesuit Priests so people can understand their hard labor working to serve those in need a good example is the Hogg foundation Texas see newspaper article written by the Honorable Lt. governor David Dewhurst Texas or what we have in common serving others in need.
Just Some Solutions Within The Realm of Human Reasoning
Framed and Hanging On The San Antonio Small Business Directors Wall

Congressman Cuellar District 28th the Death District

Friday, October 2, 2015

Chester Why Did You Stack-up So Much Firewood
Bohemian Garden President
Clinton Knows
'Clinton Is Looking Awfully Silly Walking Around with his own Knife.....

by The High Planes Drifter' 
Gunsmoke: James Arnesas Takes Out Another Hack   er
Still Smoking

Marshall Dillon: Chester Why Did You Stack-up So Much Firewood?

Chester: Well, [MC Stammer] winter was coming and that old stove pipe that extends outside the house shines in the Texas Tri-STAR Light .......

Dynamite and Laser Beams

Homicide Phone Log By Order of Texas Bexar County Homicide Department Has Become a Suicide Watch for Criminal Callers

2010: Unknown Caller, "Do you want your credit fix?
Youknowmyname, "No, there is an open FBI investigation concerning Somalians working within the Quicken Corporation. I will wait for the FBI to finish their investigation."

2015: Transworld Credit Target Reporting List Corp. Calls with a bogus report with RICO Texas Lawyer fees or why the Bush Admin Credit Card Act violates the 'Debtor Prison Law' a constitutional necessity that the Republican GOP forgot and what's worse Clinton Knows

Bust Them and Now you can cleanup my credit legally

'We an't writing a book We are booking them in the Atascosa County Jail"

Read the police reports of multiple threats by fire to scare me, "456135816 could not report the criminals within the establish time limits by law" but I did - punitive damages still apply - so the picture prompted to me is  real, real or perceived is a real threat

"One Act of Kindness Can Change The Whole World for the Better"