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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Physics responds in a mathematical way not necessarily as it appears or as observed

It’s Just a Matter of Physics or the Natural Order of Things

The phrase “empty set” represents the foundation of binary calculations rooted in emptiness. The laws of physics must obey the primordial law of emptiness, the higher law of awareness. Physics responds in a mathematical way each and every time here now on awareness’ own accord, not necessarily as it appears or as observed.

Not all intellectuals take this position, and many have made good attempts explaining the physics of awareness. Although, they seem to have different approaches, it matters not if we explore the inner workings of the mind as an idealist or trod a true materialistic path. All persistent thinkers eventually meet in the same conscious realization of this
primordial substance, be it called matter or mind.

This immaterialist position called idealism, a claim that all objects are actually ideas, makes good sense especially when operating on multidimensional planes of existence  that are made up of those very ideas. Of course, any rational idealist would border the absurd to think it possible to crash head on into a concrete wall without suffering the effects of a Rock Hard Concrete Idea! It is equally absurd to think that there exists something other than the mind. Where would this substance come from?

Idealism solves many of the problems of today’s scientific separatism view which falsely presupposes the existence of two separate worlds, the empirical outer universe and the mind.

We might consider our humble beginnings as the Big Bang of Consciousness- no longer a subject-object relation of rocks, dust, gases, and things, but the shadows of ever-expanding awareness illuminating the dark unknown of our universe

Who are 'The lunatics'?

Plea Remove Texas Governor Rick Perry from Office
Insanity and Mental Incompetence
How Many Days Tell Christmas?

Must Be True If Texas Fusion Center Still Hacking Blogs
by: Arctotraveler
Sun Sep 25, 2011 at 11:03 AM CDT

"We The People" United States citizens who reside in the state of Texas, make a plea to the Honorable Barack Obama President to declare a State of Emergency and remove Texas Governor Rick Perry from office based on Insanity and/or Mental Incompetency.

Sign We The People Petition:

The Governor is so far removed by distance, suffers from an Elite Class Delusional Cyber- Universe, and grandiose dreams of becoming the next President of the United States of America; he has attacked his own people with federal funding and Military Aircraft while ignoring a State of emergency concerning brutal killings and torture in the bordering Districts of Texas.

The Texas Governor is internationally known as the "Backbone of Anti-American Human Rights Resentment” created by his dangerous rhetoric and total disregard of executive orders of both President George W. Bush, President Barack Obama, and the International Community.

President Bush Instructed the Governor of Texas State Courts to give 51 Mexican Nationals facing the Death Penalty new hearings that never happened! Governor Rick Perry formed the backbone of Anti-American Resentment within months of becoming Governor of Texas replacing George Bush after his election to the President of The United States in the year 2000.

Blame is now unduly placed on Internet postings by brave concerned citizens of Mexico and Texas residents of bordering districts of the Republic of Mexico, begging for aid and assistance by blog postings which have become the only means of contemporary communications to report the brutal atrocities of innocent people of both nations. The FBI office is swamped with telephone calls and the Internet has become the only way to protect ourselves. Now is a good time to test FEMA! Is the 911 Act "Keeping Us Safer?"

He has forced legislation to defend his own right “to keep and bear arms” with bizarre rodeo media ads, that have in fact forced the people of Texas to disarm themselves for fear of a Perry Police State unwarranted wiretapping [Hacking] that have been known to trigger a search and sizer of weapons legally registered by Texas residents to protect their families, themselves, and property [Reported to Congressman Henry Cuellar District 28th].

We request the State of Texas to arm its own citizens at the states expense and provide training for self-defense just as the President of Mexico has instructed his defense department. Time line of Governor Rick Perry Destructive Behavior [which is not all inclusive or does this list include the illegal use of Private Security Firms "Hackers" in years prior to April 2009]

Read Full Article:

Freedom of expression is a Constitutional Necessity of the United States of America- If you take away free speech, you can no longer identify the good guys and the bad guys can no longer identify themselves!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Alamo Can't You People Do Something On Your Own? Before The First Shot Fired

Why The United Nations Is Coming Back To Texas
Personal Computer

4. Texas is the custodian of all emails and phones calls in Texas and they have exploited that information including voter fraud by remote device adding counts to GOP candidates. The reason the United Nations Observed the Voting in Texas in 2012. The record keeper has used the information for retaliation and political targeting and is liable for the breach of that information, which includes personal information of all Texans.

And I Get Yes or No Question When It is Done by The GOP Electronically and they blame Eric Holder for their own criminal Activity? 
Texas GOP Want's Yes or No Vote For Their Own GOP Criminal Activity
This is the Texas GOP Hacking Report in 2007 Not NSA
25 Years Waiting on a valid fully develop claim 15 years ago
I don't Care If They Pay Me
I Don't Like Being Called A Liar!
Quicksilver Wars South Texas

Are They All Part of The Criminal Activity?

I have gone to all means of due process and not one investigator has called or come by to find out more information on domestic terrorism, murder, grand thief, suicides, white collar crime and political targeting. The OCR called twice to get out of it.......... Don't you want to solve these crimes and end the abuse?

The Judge was told five years ago and still has a seat?

Come On Gringo Join Us
We Are Better Off  With Our Own Senate Representation
Take the Tea Party out of our territory
And Take All of RICO Perry Bias Judges and Put Them In Your Home Town

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In the Beginning was Microsoft Word and the Word was without Form

In The Beginning Was The Word 

Just another voice in the wilderness, I had no idea that by exchanging my writing tablet and No. 2 pencil for a Windows Word computer application would cull me out of millions as I rose to the top of web browsers in the summer of 2000. Born in the year BC—Before Computer—I can say, “In the beginning was the word and the word was without form.” 

The western Ideologies of human development that support animism; a concept that religious ritual grew out of beliefs in nature as a result of human reasoning, dismiss Mary’s and my own mystical experiences as primitive myths that have been replaced by abstract theories of nature as a result of human reasoning. 

Mysticism is a known or something we all hold in common which is not dependent on experiences of survival and nature. It is much more likely, religious ritual develop from trying to share something familiar to us all and perhaps the first unnecessary words were spoken.

Language, any language, over time migrates to the complex, away from truth. So it could be the case that man did not develop from a primitive mental state but digressed as a result of human reasoning. 

Language any Language including Digital Language migrates overtime to the complex away from fact.

It's Just A Matter of Physics or the natural order of things.

1,000,000 Reads Stolen 
It Does Not Matter How I Said It or
 if It was Grammatically Correct
1,000,000 People Read My Writings That Help Make The World A Better Place

George H. W. Bush Wacked NSA It Is Not What They Know Its When They Screw Up

911 Attack Witness
A Victim of Three Terrorist Bombings
Terrorized By My Own Country

Just Say God Bless America!

What an honor and privilege to be in Hanoi Vietnam May 15, 1995 and to visit the newly formed consulate and by consequence sign my name to the guest log only to realize that George W. H. Bush Sr. had just signed the consulate guest log five lines up from my own.

Sadly, the most sacred piece of memorabilia I have of my visit is the memory of a metal American ammunition box full of Zippo cigarette lighters from dead or missing American Soldiers.  Many of the lighters had names of the owners or their love ones engraved on the sides and some had written quotes or poetic verse, the lighter that touched me most had these words engraved on the stainless steel side that read, "YOU CAN NOT ENSLAVE A MAN THAT IS WILLING TO GIVE UP HIS LIFE FOR HIS FREEDOM."

I wonder how many congressional members on both sides of the house that stand by proxy for those that have given their lives for their county and those that are now suffering at no fault of their own by those that represent "We The People" are willing to give up  just their livelihood, their own political careers  and come together and put Americans on the right track into the future?

Censored from your view but what happened to this young lady happened to me and I reported to the FBI and local Police and They Try To Kill Me! I Am not a Whistle Blower I followed Protocol and what happened - Those of Public Trust Could Not Be Trusted!

Blame It On Texas Don't Punish Me Six Years of Electronic Surveillance 
 Social and Psychological Terrorism Attempts All Failed
Locked Like A Prisoner in my Own Home

Thank God They Underestimated The Potential of the Soul

Kathleen Sebelius Knew About It and Did Nothing
She Needs To Go To Prison

  1. Kathleen Sebelius was sworn in as the 21 st Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on April 28, 2009. Since taking office, Secretary Sebelius ...

    Censored from your view but what happened to this young lady happened to me and I reported to the FBI and local Police and They Try To Kill Me! I Am not a Whistle Blower I followed Protocol and what happened - Those of Public Trust Could Not Be Trusted!

The president has just sent out a general email to all Americans that wish to participate, explaining what needs to be done after exhausting the brightest minds and all the experts our nation has to offer, as follows:

"Getting our fiscal house in order requires shared sacrifice. But even in these tough times, we have a responsibility to make smart investments in our Nation's future.
That's why we must invest in innovation to ensure that the jobs and industries of the future are built right here in America.  It's why we need to invest in roads, bridges, high-speed rail and high-speed Internet to help our businesses ship their goods and ideas around the world.

And it's why America must invest in education so that all of our children have an opportunity to fulfill their potential. Even though parents are the key to a child's education, we have a responsibility to ensure that America's students are prepared to compete and thrive in the 21st century global economy."

Let me tell you, we all are tired of listening to the negative non-supportive rhetoric that comes from both side of the house,  and when we hear you speak we do not forget! Remember that the next time you old dogs of politics  start feeding us with what’s wrong with America and offer no solutions then attack our President with moot legal arguments!

President Obama has proven true to his word! The presidency transcends Barack Obama who is although exceptional, just another human being just like you and me, and the dead unknown solider with his epitaph engraved on an American made Zippo cigarette lighter for sale in Hanoi Vietnam and the responsibility to get this country back on its feet rest in House of Representatives and Senate and the support of the people! How can we support you if you can not be TRUSTED?

I Say!
The Best Possible World is All Possible Worlds

Tea Party Rebellion Brought Harm Including Death

Just As in Human Society where Reason Promotes Virtue, So too, Does it Breed Vice!
The endangerment or extinction of primate species is weighed carefully against human population needs and forest resources. The disappearance of the great apes certainly have a negative aesthetic effect on the human psyche; however, the extinction of the chimpanzee, man’s closet relative, precariously shifts humans to the top of the endangered primate list. Troglodytes or robust chimpanzee share not only biological similarities to humans but also social and psychological adaptive traits to cope in diverse or diminishing habitat. If these creatures can no longer cope in a diminishing environment, a global concern for our own existence could be in serious question.
It make good sense not to rely on what we think we know as fact and seek out knowledge of our universe that we have lost over the ages and now loosing at unfathomable speeds by data systems that have proven their unreliability to such a point that the information plunge the new world in to Global Economic Crisis and near nuclear holocaust!  We have forgotten the errors of our past in the year BC (Before Computer) and now doomed to repeat!  Please enjoy just one example of my own experience titled “The Lost Story of the Monkey Peoples.”

 Who Made Stalking Legal Texas Henry Cuellar and George W. Bush Texas Governor

Penetrating the obscure jungle at the speed of light!

 Too Big To Jail – Bullshit!

Penetrating the obscure jungle at the speed of light!

“Why do you have to be so obscure?” He asked. “Obscurity?” he answered, “Once it is penetrated, is found to be a relatively simple matter. Obscurity is a very necessary impact to the listener and reader. When anything new is presented, the mind is conditioned to the past.” “Once a man has penetrated the obscure jungle, he is likely to come out on the plateau where he has much broader vision than he ever knew in the past.”

When we talk about torture we are not talking about the enemy we are talking about innocent United States Citizens, which is outside the realm of politics and is the responsibility of those protective agencies, who should be brought before the courts read their indictments and given due process with legal representation.

Legal representation in Texas is something the victims have never had access too because of the Tea Party Corruption. If you have been roped into this cult of conspiracy against the United States of America you should get out now before it is too late. I know it is not popular to support the President of the United States but he is the commander-n-chief who I support no matter what for a good reason – We Will Prevail!

In 2002 I was found dead on the floor and no oxygen to the brain for over 10 minutes and lost all movement and memory. The rehabilitation was a very long process as my memory came back; slowly at first, then multiplied X 2 each month to a point that as the writer observed had answered, “Once a man has penetrated the obscure jungle, he is likely to come out on the plateau where he has much broader vision than he ever knew in the past.” Each day that goes by now is no longer the same trip around the gold fish bowl – it is the Golden Royal Highway with vivid startling accuracy!

One Bush Mandate criminal violation a day until Christmas:

The Secret Service should have access to an event that the police were called just blocks away from Senator Cornyn’s office in San Antonio Texas as I was being experimented on, unable to move any body part but my right arm. A little picker wood of a Private Dick shows up and I can identify this gruel in a stadium full of people.

The absence of a police report will be proof it was NSA but the hospital has a report that I tried to break the window with the heaviest item I could find and jump out with the only thing I had to defend myself, a working right arm.

What kind of monster would do this to a man on his death bed? The details I leave out for now that are my first realization of the scurrility benighted of those of public trust.

Kathleen Sebelius has a bigger problem than a web site and those harassing her about a moot problem are part of the Tea Party conspiracy, which are going to get in deeper and will not be able to crawl out of the grave they digging for themselves! Too Big To Jail – Bullshit!

Friday, October 25, 2013

The OIG May Not Investigate But He Will Retaliate Not One Criminal Investigator Has Called Me To Date

No Investigator Must Mean They Are The Criminals!
Don't Make Be Your Quality Assurance Program and send me another bogus letter, when I can fill a courtroom with witnesses to point there would be no room in court for spectators! February 12, 2013

The VA Entitlement Board

Saturday Night Early Special Criminal Posting 61 days tell Christmas
One A Violation A Day Until Christmas 
It Is Healthy for both You and Me!

Why Don't You Just Come Clean Does A Sealed Indictment 
Got Your Tongue

Electronic Human Exploitation
                                     House Explodes                                                                             
An Article Sent Me On FaceBook As My Whole Family Viewed After Being Denied A Valid VA Entitlements Claim In Texas Reported To The FBI At The Time Of The Event

Hearing Poor Lowest Level Due
To Service Connect Noise Hazard

After Senator Cornyn Says The VA Has Read Your Records For Hearing Loss And It Was The Opinion of The Doctor of Gulf State VA Auditory That Your Hearing Loss Is Not Service Connected. If you think I associate any of this to my claim you are mistaken. I am counting on the FBI they are the experts.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Take My Hand Reach Out of the Darkness into the Light

You Got To Come To Me I Cannot Go To You
Just Reach Out of The Darkness
I Am Here For You!

It's Just My Lot In Life 

All The Bad Guys Are Dead or In Prison or Soon Will Be

It was My Pleasure I Could Not Have Done It Without You!
Makes Sense They Hit A Target That Reported Them
I Am The Only Witness That Can Testify Who Is An Expert And Is Not 
Restricted by A Clearance
They Sure Did Leave Town In A Hurry
Somebody is operating with equipment not authorized by the Secretary of Defense?
I understand that the National Guard Bureau Is Now Part of These Electronic Warfare Operations

 Filed In A Texas Court of Law
And Reported The FBI
Three known targets with empirical evidence 2005-2009
October November and December 2012

Secretary of State January 20, 2001 December 18, 2006  Donald H. Rumsfeld Illinois 

Secretary of State Gates Robert M. Gates Texas December 18, 2006 July 1, 2011 May 28 2011

Secretary of State Leon E. Panetta California July 1, 2011 February 27, 2013 

U.S. PSYOP forces are forbidden to target (i.e., attempt to change the opinions of) U.S. citizens at any time, in any location globally, or under any circumstances.[7] However, commanders may use PSYOP forces to provide public information to U.S. audiences during times of disaster or crisis. PSYOP includes Electronic Warfare that can target human beings at any distance!

On January 7, 2011, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act with several redesignated titles within the Department of Defense. These changes included renaming the DDR&E as, once again, ASD(R&E).[2]

Alan R. Shaffer (Acting) Nov 21, 2007 – July 1, 2009 Robert M. Gates George W. Bush

Assistant Secretary of Defense (Research and Engineering)
Zachary J. Lemnios July 2, 2009 – January 7, 2011 Robert M. Gates Barack Obama 

Assistant Secretary of Defense (Research and Engineering) 
Zachary J. Lemnios January 7, 2011 – November 30, 2012 Leon Panetta Barack Obama 

Zachary J. Lemnios (born February 21, 1955)[1] is an American scientist who formerly held the post of Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (ASD(R&E)), which used to be known as Director, Defense Research and Engineering (DDR&E), in the United States Government. He was confirmed by the United States Senate on June 19, 2009, and sworn in as on July 2, 2009.[2]

On November 20, 2012 he was reported to have submitted his resignation letter to President Obama.[3] On November 30, 2012 he left Pentagon and joined IBM.[4][5]
Did They Experiment On Their Own Children
or Members of Congress or the Senate?

Now These Guys Are Protecting Me
I Am Glad Their Cannons Are Ready
Don't Come Around A Night
This Is Me and This Is Your Brain


Master of Self-Defense
Penetrating the Obscure Jungle of Federal Data Manipulation
Volunteer Federal Aviation First Responder

Federal Aviation Administration
April 2000 – Present (13 years 7 months)|Atascosa County Texas
Report And Respond To Downed Or Suspicious Aircraft

Identified a break in National Security and worked with Congressman Henry Cuellar to now include Federal First Responders single point reporting with the Texas State Emergency Response System. Anyone who holds a Valid FAA certificate can now participate from any location 24/7 adding thousands of eyes and ears to our National Security Network.

No Recognition Just Retaliation and Financial Decimation These People are Going To Prison
Too Big To Jail Bullshit

Federal Data manipulation which is a matter of national security violated by the RICO Act changed or deletes my file in the Oklahoma data base for all FAA certificate holders. Certificate holders have been tracked for 25 Years. 

The First To Be Drug Tested by Law and The First 'First Responders'
 language any language over time migrates to the complex away from FACT!

Make no assumption, it is important to know where we are at because by Federal law we must act as First Responders excluded from the Texas State wide Communications Interoperability Plan 2008 – 2010 Version 1.1 scam plan by Governor Rick Perry; however, Obama was elected cutting him off from lining his pockets with gold. Texas Governor Rick Perry still gets 98 billion - I report!

The Early Friday Edition With all the Privileges and Rights thereunto Appertaining

Disabled Veterans Severing The Disabled and 
 Who Can No Longer Protect Themselves*

*A Republican Principal Only Applied When
It Serves Their Political Agenda
Does Not Apply To Texas Disabled, Elderly or Children Already Born?
The Department of Education Knew About
This we Discussed on The Phone
Look Closer one of these people is linked to patient thief 
My Dog Pump House Takes Rattle Snake Bite For Me
Give Me Back My Guns
The Humane Society Will Be Giving  Congress A Call

The Daily Double a Logical Linguistic Link to Texas NSA Stink

Thank God The RT Underestimated 
It’s not That Complicated
Or is It Ancient Texas History
I Contacted This Senator The Day They Gave Me
Credit for Nuclear Physics
They Day They Played The "Lunacy Card"
She Has a lot of Resentment Built Up
According To A Recorded Phone Call
To  Senator Carlos I. Uresti
Is Carlos Right or is he Left Handed
We Know He Take Backhanders

John Cornyn Link To Retaliation HHS

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What Makes The Tea Party Liars?

Not To Be Shared
Reported by Neighborhood Watch to Police and To Me

It All Started In San Antonio Texas
One Criminal Violation A Day Until Christmas
Texas Governor Rick Perry

"We Must Share [Illegally] We Must Finds Ways To Do It (William Sessions)"

What Makes The Tea Party Liars?
Tea Party Spending Scam
Billions Wasted on Sharing Program That Already Existed

X-FBI Agent Sessions New FBI Program was 
A GOP Scam From Day One

My Case There Are 1000's of Others
 64065569 Fraud and Abuse by the Texas Victims of Crime Office HHS and Dallas OCR


I think we are frightened every

Moment of our lives

Until we



- Hafiz

-      Translation for a blog in  2013 O'Dell: 'Him' meaning God as you understand him or don't

Tea Party Spending Scam
Billions Wasted on Sharing Program That Already Existed

Snapping Turtle not Wanted To Every Thing There is A Reason Guru Turns 'Pot Metal' into ‘GOLD’ Skeptics Attack

No Poke No Joke Healthy Stuff
Prehistoric-looking alligator snapping turtle is not wanted in Oregon

'Dinosaur of the turtle world,' discovered by an angler, is the first of these invasive critters to be found in the state, and hopefully the last

October 23, 2013 by Pete Thomas
Non-profit Financial Stable Web Sites Corrupted Go Print 2005-2009
Ignorance Targets Humanitarian Leaders 

You Can’t Keep a Good Hindu Guru Down

Set My People Free 
You Already Cost The People I Help
Please Go Away Away Today

That Cost Thousands of Dollars To Render and Publish

The People I Help

Sharing a Painted Profile Targeting Students when CIA Secret Service Police Are Private Security Investigative Firms

Not Pretty To Look At Just Honor and Brave
Thank God For 'All American Heroes' 

OCR You Need To Contact Me 
The Things I Find In My Own Backyard
This Officer is a Fine Gentleman and a Material Witness

One Criminal Violation A Day Tell Christmas
Think of The Thousands of Disabled Veterans and Students Block From Access Traded

ADA Retaliation within the Specified Time Period
Turned Down For Consideration
Without Looking at My Qualifications for
Congressional Aid 
Who Done It?
The Things I Find In My Own Backyard
Another Material Witness
After Graduation
FBI Sharing Program [Not The FBI]
Data Manipulation
Innocent People Jailed, Suicide, and Murder
Sharing A Painted Profile without A Background Check
It Happened Its Healthy To Say Something
Shake and Bake a Bush Era Terrorist
6 Years No Employment for Me Means 6 Years of Thousands of Jobs Never Produced In Texas
No Brag Just A Matter of Fact
Why Senator Cornyn Is Trying to Make This A National Security Screw-Up
He Is Guilty