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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Given This Copper Coin When We Open Up 6000 Jobs In Texas I Wish We Took Them To Montana

Mount Saint Helens

Mount St. Helens awoke from an 18-year slumber roughly ten years ago. Now, scientists are saying it looks like Mount St. Helens 'is getting ready to erupt again and it can happen in the order of years to decades.'

By Tom Paulu, Associated Press  September 29, 2014

Federal FAA First Responders No Pay No Benefits
 by Law 
Rewards Must Be Paid 456135816 Congress Wrote The Law and This FAA Won!

Who was the first to Apply Ceramics to Medicine by Gold Plating A Rock?
I Think Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Was Doing A Fine Job

When Your Life and Others Are In Danger
Kick Howler and Scream
Still Waiting Request Hanoi Consulate
Sign In Sheet
Presence Test My Signature
Fifth Name Down
George H. W. Bush
Or Why They Attack Me!

The Resurrection of Ted Lavender 
“The Things We Carry For The U.S.”
 “Lavender, Come Forth” 

"Even the Jews who were there said, “Behold how he loved him!” The people rolled away the stone, at Jesus’ command; and He lifted up His eyes and prayed to His Father in Heaven, and then cried with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth.”"

“The Sleeper”

"The Smoking Gun that led to the Arrest and Conviction of Criminals Involved in the Texas Conspiracy against the United States of America"

A UTSA Police Officer ask me one day, what I wanted to do with my diploma? I told him,  "I wish someone would send me to the biggest sh*t hole of a public school that nobody wants to work. I believe I can make a difference."

A month or two later, I received a letter with picture of the graduating class of 2008 South El Paso Texas and a hand written note explaining, “We are looking for a dedicated English teacher; however, we have little funds.” 

The letter went on to explain, “We can provide you with decent housing and an allowance for necessities. The only requirement is that you complete your diploma at any accredited University, most of our teachers never finished high school. 

Most disturbing, “half the girls and all the boys shown on the enclosed picture will be in prison before summer is over.” The price they paid because the Dallas OCR failed to act on a valid complaint.

I hung the picture of the children of the graduating class of 2008 South El Paso up on my bare wall, whose only crime was to be born with dark skin.

The Discriminatory Educational Privacy Deregulation Act
Was Shoved Under The White House Carpet by George Bush Before Barack Obama Step on It October 2008
I Still have 32 Known Federal Privacy Violations That Are Open Under The Grand-Father Claus and I am a Grandfather!

Every day I thought of ways and means to get there up-close in their faces sharing my own story, that they may live a decent life and perhaps raise a family without the guns, the drugs, and destruction I and thousands of South Texans have come to know.

UT Data Mining made Me Out To Be A Chinese Spy
Look At The Company Name Tag Closely 'AIC' Incorporated 

The University of Texas made me out to be a Chinese spy, and here I still sit Spring 2014 and think about the class of 2008 in prison that I could of stopped but because of the corruption on the University campus, I have been held prisoner in my own home by a court I never attended or ever had a chance to speak for myself; probably just like the Hispanic kids in the “Class of South El Paso High School 2008” wonder what they have done wrong to be locked up in a Texas prison for profit.

Unlike My Father's Graduating Class of 1942 Cotulla Texas
They Live Successfully then one day they found out that
Big Oil Stole All Their Mineral Rights
Reported To Alamo FBI

There is no power greater than the power of love, and I had forgotten my place in history in a long deep coma from a VIOXX overdose taken under supervision as the Doctor and Merck Rep. prescribed! 

At the time, I was paying for my fathers farm with rent money as I worked for Boeing, but on that day my father became my caretaker and me bedridden watching the grass grow up to window seal.

Another Story of Love and Hope
No Power Greater Than The Power of Love

Mother of Comatose Girl: Jahi is 'Blossoming into a Teen'

By Newser | Parenting – 1 hour 34 minutes ago

No Power Greater Than A Mother's Love

Newser) - Jahi McMath spends much of her time like any other teenage girl: she sits cross-legged in bed, listens to Rihanna and Beyonce on her iPod, and gets a manicure and pedicure every Friday. 

This according to mom Nailah Winkfield, who yesterday gave her first interviews since Jahi was moved out of Children's Hospital Oakland. Winkfield tells NBC Bay Area her daughter is "still asleep" but "very responsive," describing her as moving in bed, bending at the waist, and moving her head from side to side; her "energy level ... is way up." Winkfield adds, per NBC Philadelphia. "If somebody was totally, 100% brain dead, I don't think they'd be able to move as much as my daughter does." 

Winkfield's interview also revealed what kind of care Jahi is being given, though Winkfield wouldn't say where or who is paying for it. Jahi undergoes physical therapy three or four times a week, while her mom paints her nails and gives her vitamins and fish oil "to feel useful."

Overtime, my memory came back and I slowly realized who I really am and the people who took advantage of me in my awaking comatose sleep, as I struggled to earn my degree. I had forgotten that I am a first responder and top secret veteran, whose duty it is to serve my country and sworn to place my own life in harm’s way so others may live. 

Little did know I held a secret, not from the world but lost in my memory from the overdose of the prescribe amount of VIOXX Miracle Drug to Replace Morphine, which would help bring down a network of criminals tied to international and domestic terrorism. 

I finally found my way to the Alamo FBI, who took the time to try and understand the secret hidden in the darkness of my mind. The FBI and the enemy could see and I could not – “I was blind but now I see” by penetrating the obscure jungle of my mind into the light!

I Think Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Is Doing A Fine Job

Empathy is something learned and not a day goes by that I think about those who are blinded by an accident, disease, or even a defect at birth. The cruelty of what the disable go through by those who care for no one but themselves, feeding off their innocence like my short stay in a comatose amnesia of a life forgot. Some may call "a sleeper."

I often wonder what potential is hidden in the minds of the 2008 South El Paso high school graduation class locked in the darkness of a Texas prison for profit and think of ways that I might help them penetrate their own obscure jungle into the light.

What potential resources are hidden in the minds of a classroom of kids I will never meet by darkness only skin deep?

There is no power greater than the power of love, and I am thankful to those who made it possible for me to penetrate my own obscure jungle into the light providing material and substantial evidence to the Alamo FBI that saved thousands of lives from a network of Texas domestic terrorism and international terrorist acts of mass destruction. 

The story could have ended in a sad way, “They Killed Our Dreamer (Quahadi warrior)” the Comanche nation surrenders to united troops 1875.

History can tell us how important the privacy of every United States Citizen is to national security, or this story could have been the end of the of the United States of America if they had killed our dreamer- the American Dream!

Sri Gregory O'Dell 03/23/2014

Vallero Public Utilities Fire "They Burned Down Texas"

Sunday, September 28, 2014

'They're Trying to Kill Us (John Boehner)!'

Did He Sober Up?
"We won't pay veterans compensation until we pay back the money we borrowed from the Chinese (Boehner)" 

Now he is saying, "They're Trying to Kill Us!" 

Some of Which Started Business with illegal Drugs Sales

250,000 Dead

Five [Correction] 747 Loaded Deadliest USA Chemical Attack 250,000 Dead Still Counting

Illegal FDA Sign Off

Senator Tea Party Ted Cruz is In

Violation of Federal Law

Merck Printed labels in Porto Rico before VIOXX Samples were approved. They Manufactured and loaded three 747 left running on ramp waiting for an illegal sign off prearranged by an FDA representative. The samples rose the mortality rate to a spike higher than any war since War World II.

Complete Details were sent to the Department of Justice and not one of compensation has been paid and the Federal Government pays out by Social Security and Medicare and offers no rehabilitation for victims
Who Pays?
We Did

The Witnesses, Victims, and Informants

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Nothing Worse than a White South Texan

By G. N. O’Dell Rev II 09/27/2014

That's what Texas politicians has been saying since the day they stole Texas from Mexico claiming a separate nation in 1836.  Texas stood as a sovereign Republican nation for less than George W. Bush’s term and corruption led to economic collapse, forcing an attractive annexation of Texas into the Union as the 28th state. 

The disputed territory south of the Nueces River was sold as a bill of goods by Texas, claiming to be within her boundaries land still occupied by Mexican ranch owners who were made up of indigenous tribes and European immigrants, who did not recognize Texas as an independent nation. Hoping for a resolution of the boundaries in the future, Texas was annex as the 28th state of the United States December 29, 1945, sign by President James Polk December 29, 1845. 

The annexation claimed all the land south to the Rio Grande as public land owned by United States, and angered South Texas landowners who did not accept Texas independence. The loss of property triggered the Mexican American War that ended in the fall of 1847.  

The Mexican American War displaced families, made up of all ethnicities, leaving South Texans destitute and penniless, just like in the fall of 2008, the year of global economic crisis.  Those of color were treated brutally and many escape south of the Rio Grande. White Mexican citizens were considered traders, and those that remained were never trusted or accepted as United States Citizens, hence the phrase was borne “Nothing Worse than a White South Texan.”  

As an independent voter, not associated with any party, I believe that Ron Paul would make a good president and Mitt Romney would make an Excellent Republican. If you're like me and the last three years or your life have been the hardest, not just economically but a constant stress of anxiety about the world crumbling in front of our own eyes, then you can bet I am staying with the man we all started down this long road of uncertainty, until we reach our goal of a better stronger America – President Barack Obama.

Am I the only guy that reads the Presidents letters? Oh! That’s right, the Washington Post says, "Democrats Don’t Know How to Write Stories.” If we are going to depend on what is said on Facebook or a gripe from a blogger like me, to inform us on what is taking place in the world, why do we need journalist?  The Washington Post must have a new X-box generation of journalist, who expect somebody else to write their stories for them.

All we can do, just like President Obama, is lay out the facts, and spoon feed it to the media. What professional journalist do with that information, nobody knows, except those that have years of experience, usually backed by years of classroom education, and apprentice work. Perhaps there are no more journalists in the world, and bloggers are all we have left to rely on to get the news. It could be, want to be journalist all took an on-line degree program, and have no social skills what-so-ever.  

We all know what the problem is; these journalists do not want the facts. They are looking for what is popular and the occasional sensational feature, like the police officer charged with cannibalism eating another’s human’s face. He was acquitted of the crime just like many others who are saying “Nobody is above the law.” In a way that is what really makes the weak and poor strong - we have done no wrong and it is just a matter of time these loudmouth braggarts concerning the resignation of Eric Holder Attorney General get the message, a sealed indictment is waiting for them too!

How can voters make rational decisions about their future and families’ future, if they do not have a clue what went wrong between the years 2000-2008. Sure, we can forget the past and move on, but the past corruption is being played out today, and probably tomorrow, the same way producing the same results.

“Dear Eric Holder, it is with my deepest regrets that you're honorable position as the United States Attorney General, has been attacked by the most depraved souls elevated from the depths of Hades to lead the great state of Texas, sense her annexation into the union, in the year 1845.  

Senator John Cornyn has just transmitted another email that jeopardizes national security with classified information, who as a member of the United States Senate has sworn to keep secret, is in violation of that oath with the intent to regain monetary pecuniary status of inside trading partners, defrocked from their lofty positions as lords of Wall Street.

Senator Cornyn last letter is demanding your resignation and impeachment for moot allegations, which you had no control over; inherited by you from a Republican GOP takeover in the years of 2000 to April 2009, which corrupted the whole global economic system. The GOP plans were finalized by the illegal dismissal of honorable Federal Judges by George Bush, who would not co-operate with a scheme of deregulation for easy access to large sums of money by the hands of greedy politicians. 

Most disturbing, The remaining bias appointees, produced legislation that is contrary to our State and Federal constitution and deprives the citizens of the state their own pursuit of economic prosperity by hard work, ingenuity, and innovation. 

The level of panic of those demanding your resignation will only increase, as investors that once had privy to lucrative inside market information, pressure and lose faith in the actors in this vicious cycle of corruption that has been going on for the last twenty-five years (O'Dell who is waiting in line with criminal charges against the State of Texas).”

I sat down in my easy chair and took a good 45 minutes to read the president’s proposals for the future of the country. Let me tell you, there is no fairytale story in the four long pages that must have taken him a week to prepare. 

Sometimes, I receive a letter or two with his name printed on the bottom that is not his work, but when I get one that was written on a note pad left for two days on a bed stand in the Washington Room, or one burnt from the morning sun through the front window of a lonely Oval Office, I can tell, and take the time to read it. But why should you struggle through another boring Democrat’s Story? Let me do your homework for you:

“My Likely opponent in this election will tell you that investing in our future together will make our country weaker. I disagree.  When we guarantee basic security for the elderly, or the sick, or those who are actively looking for work, that doesn't make us weak.” Love is power not some abstract notion of weakness! 

“What makes us weak is when fewer Americans can afford to buy the products that businesses are selling.”  The real reason why fewer can’t afford the products selling is because those products, patients, copyrights, and mineral rights were produced over a lifetime by those that are now the subjects of care - our family members, stakeholder, and friends. 

Many struggled through the Great Depression, war, illness but once in while what was taught by hard work, innovation, pays off with economic prosperity earned by the sweat of the brow and shared with the truest indicator of our nation’s economic health “How well we care for those who cannot care for themselves.”

 “What drags our entire economy down is when the benefits of economic growth and productivity go only to the few, which is what’s been happening for over a decade now, and the gap between those at the very, very top and everybody else keeps growing wider and wider.” 

“In this country, broad-based prosperity has never trickled down from the success of a wealthy few. It has always come from the success of a strong and growing middle class. And our future prosperity must be built from the middle out, not the top down.”

“That’s why I’m always confused when we keep having the same argument with folks who don't seem to remember how American was built.”

“These folks keep telling us that if we just weaken regulations that keep our air or our water clean, or protect our consumers, if we would just turn our investments in research and education and health care into tax cuts, especially for the wealthy, then somehow the economy is going to grow stronger.” 

“Here’s the news: We tried this for eight years before I took office. At the beginning of the last decade, the wealthiest Americans got two huge tax cuts. Insurance companies and financial institutions got to write their own rules, or find their way around rules.”

“We were told the same thing we’re being told now: This is going to lead to greater prosperity for everybody.”

“Guess what? It didn’t (Barack Obama)”.

Read full article at this link:

And Guess what it won’t unless more people get involved with the facts, come out denial, that we were betrayed by those we elected to protect us, who favored the wealthy over our constitutional rights, just like in the Republican State of Texas in 1836, the great Depression, and the Republican collapse of the economy in fall 2008. The banks were bailed out and the stock market made a comeback by the wealthy few investing in domestic surveillance security services to watch us, while our own representatives set the rules of the game by inside trading. 

The moment our new president steps in to office, he kicks back hundreds of justice department bills that would secure the Wealthy few on the backs of the majority of Americans by taking away all our Civil Rights and liberties and immediately went into action to “guarantee basic security for the elderly, or the sick, or those who are actively looking for work, that doesn't make us weak.”

Those inherent rights, guaranteed us by the United States Constitution have been violated by the state of Texas to avoid a long stay in a federal prison. Texas Governor Rick Perry founded the Texas Tea Party Rebellion in retaliation of the rule-of-law, which threatens the Texas GOP with Public Trust disclosers of criminal activity and covert abuse of innocent citizens.  

Texas Leadership has blundered its way over the last 36 months, creating diversions and obstructing justice, which has disrupted global peace efforts, national economic recovery, and border relations. 

Christiane Amanpour asks Mexico's Ambassador to the United States Arturo Sarukhan, "What do you make of Texas Governor Rick Perry's suggestion that U.S. forces should come across and help you out with this [Drug War]?" Sarukan responds, "It's a nonstarter and smacks of fundamental ignorance of our history of our two nations." 

See Video and full article at source: 

The question of demographics and the growing Hispanic mini-majority is the real threat to the GOP, which has little to do with border relations, or last weeks' failed investigative attacks by Rick Perry backed Drug Lord Joe Arpaio, attacks on the President with a final resolve - President Barack Obama is 100% USAD Certified Prime Butt, and will be on the ballot in every state in the Union! 

Most importantly, we all understand the abuse of convert operations over that last ten years by the GOP is used to illegally hold seats of power, "Most significant were reports that he used his investigators to launch criminal investigations of his political enemies - including mayors, judges and journalists." 

See "Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Knucklehead of the week" 

Christiane Amanpour documentary with Mexico's Ambassador, only adds fuel to the fire concerning covert operations used for political control in the State of Texas, which is the biggest concern of the people who live on both sides of the Tex Mex border, such as gun/ drug walking, non-lethal weapons, electronic harassment, and bias illegal Private Investigation firms used for Political Control, which violates the rule-of-law. 

Conditions worsened over time as our Texas leadership conducted convert operations that benefited the select few while punishing the majority with judicial and economic constraints turning Texas into a Republican police state.  They also destroy good border relations over the last three years diverting attention to the threat of illegal aliens and drug trafficking which is totally false.  

While like these Texas Republicans say “Nothing worse than a White South Texan” and for what I see in my small corner of the world of South Texas,  is a wide open booming economy based on alternative energy resources, Oil, Gas, Agriculture, and Foreign relations with my nearest neighbors Mexico and South America. These successes are not mentioned in the media but they are the results of Barack Obama’s Blue Print to a Secure Energy Future.

San Antonio will be celebrating its 500th birthday in just 6 more years. The last big Fiesta was fifty years ago when San Antonio hosted World’s Fair HemisFair 1968. The funding for the fair was mostly contributed by South American interest and today there is a need for South American Airport Hubs that would pay for the construction.

I put the following proposal forward that was ignored by Texas leadership that is the road map to the success of Texas by building stronger relations with our South American Neighbors as follows:

Proposition 3: Build a World Class International Airport South of San Antonio designated for South America’s Hub to the United States. San Antonio ranks as the seventh largest city in the United States; however, the existing airport rates at forty-eight in the country. 

Means: San Antonio will be celebrating its 300th birthday in just 6 more years. The last big Fiesta was fifty years ago when San Antonio hosted World’s Fair HemisFair 1968. The funding for the fair was mostly contributed by South American interest and today there is a need for South American Airport Hubs that would pay for the construction. South Americans are looking for a niche into air transportation inside America as well as international.

Jobs Now: Similar proposals have been put forth before, but there is no better time than now with an expected passenger growth rate to exceed 30 percent in the next five years and South American companies looking for niches in the United States aviation industry. The construction of a 400 acres World Class International Airport on the South Side of highway 1604 with an underground tram stretching to downtown or the existing San Antonio Airport, would slow the construction on the water shed north of San Antonio and spur small business growth in historically underdeveloped areas. Example: Highway 1604 south of San Antonio is older than the Hemisphere Fair tower built in 1968 and is still a four lane highway while the north side of town has spent billions to modernize that stretch of highway.

Oh! That’s right, the Washington Post says, "Democrats Don’t Know How to Write Stories.” If we are going to depend on what is said on Facebook or a gripe from a blogger like me, to inform us on what is taking place in the world, why do we need journalist?  The Washington Post must have a new X-box generation of journalist, who expect somebody else to write their stories for them.

And I just Did! You can take off points for grammar and spelling but the content is a recipe to success!

Gregory O’Dell  Texas

Go to this link and find a Congressman that is not a democrat but Texas Governor Rick Perry best friend or why he says the things he does : 

When a Congressman offers Amnesty while Blaming it on the President

Hang 'Em Hang 'Em High —

I Told U
Why The United State Department Must Render Aid

You Better Look Closer Before You Hang A Man

Sworn to Place My Own Body in Harm’s Way to Protect the Executive Branch. You Got to Go Through me first and that is not Going Happen

In Any Crime That is Protocol
Still Waiting For That Call or Appointment
How About In-front of A Congressional
Investigation So We Can Put This
Bullshit Behind You!

How Can I Save Your Ass?
Just got word and I can't help you

*Why This Torture of Ssgt O'Dell is life imprisonment up to the Death Penalty

Unbelievable Courage, Stamina, and Honor by this Ariman
That Hurts, unbearable pain and leaves Scrares
Hang 'Em Hang 'Em High —
Why The Police Don't Want Me To Go After Them Myself Or Why I Disarmed myself so nobody can make claim i did it - I am trained and wouldn't Waiting for Justice
Who Done It is up to You! I am just another victimYou Can Choose You Friends But Not The Criminals
Nobodies Fool I'll Be There Before The Next Tear Drop Falls
How Can I Help You If You Don't Have An Investigator Interview Me?
Why District Attorney the Honorable Rene M. Pena Wilson County Texas, has yet to respond to my legitimate valid criminal complaint, which endangers the citizens of the Texas 28th and 23rd District by not pursuing such allegations. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, explains that they will take the lead, investigating such claims if the justice department refuses to prosecute high ranking officials. Treason is the Reason Tea Party Insurrection and Rebellion Fraud Billions of Dollars  Governor Rick Perry is a Criminal Harbored By The State of Texas  Texas Rangers are Harboring an Enemy of the United States of America Texas Governor Rick Perry When you want to talk about Fort Hood Let Ssgt O'Dell Know Make Sure The Secret Service is Standing There and Gives Ssgt O'Dell Leave to Say It!

Texas Rangers Harboring an Enemy of the United States of America Texas Governor Rick Perry

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Knows a little bit About Geology

All It Takes is Pressure and Time
Texas Senator Carlos Uresti
Did You S.A.W.S. 
The Money They 
Owe Us?

He That Makes A Map Knows Where His Markers Are

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Poultry Farmer Recognizes Murders at U.S. Post Office
Postmaster “That’s funny the screen ask are you shipping chickens!”

Farmer: “You're right that is funny I been saving every green return receipt to the Department of Justice.”

Postmaster: “What?”

Post Master: “What?”

Farmer “No I won't be shipping chickens today, there letters to the Department of Justice Criminal Division”

Postmaster ‘What?”

Farmer “Oh nothing chicken in bread pan pickin a lot of 
dough - cash due me!”

Post Master “That’ will be $11 dollars and 50 cents”

Post Master: "Your Funny"

Postmaster: "Will that be all!"

Postmaster: "What is gill fishing?"

'Let's not worry about the law. Let's just figure out how to get the job done,'" says a former intelligence official who has worked with both men. "That caused General Hayden some heartburn."
Poultry, Fish or Seal give him heartburn?