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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Direct TV Looking for Jesus in Uvalde Texas

"Ask and Ye Shall Receive"
Try Using Prayer like the Rest of Us and 
Get Better Results!
They Are Going To Jail - Thank Jesus and the Uvalde Police Department

FCC Violation worth Blogging but not worth reporting but this was:
First post 01/28/2015

 “X-Gov Rick Perry is in Violation of Bail put X-Gov Rick Perry in Jail Today”

Keep Them Dogies Rolling Rawhide Port A Today 01/30/2015

Texans for Justice Posse forms Bandera Texas "The Cowboy Capital of the World" at the OST -  We going to bring X-Gov Rick Perry to Justice

Texas Sporting Term of Competition Returns ‘Handicapped’

Monday, January 26, 2015

To Identify Roadside Home Intruders Illegal Hacking Private Security Firms

New report Casing of home 3:30 am awake and check the mail find a letter from Texas Victims of Crime ambiguous question from the same source the VC numbers don't correlate to any rational reasonable investigation - a problem with a solution. 

You already have the report and the officer's name and a tapped call contacted as demanded by Texas Victims of Crime Contact Colorado County Sheriff's Office
"The Sheriff Deputy Help Us the victims and I Am Sure They Will Help Texas Victims of Crime"

"The Kidnapping and death of Ruby C. O'Dell
and Retaliation victims and material witness informant to the biggest bio-chemical attack on the United States
and the thief of trillions of dollars in mineral rights and inside trading

Stalking with deadly force across Texas international borders deep inside Mexico OCR Dallas who also has the subjects of Merck Vioxx lab reports 06152306 by UT system contact the FBI with an information request. I don't think it would be moral, ethical or legal to give you my own copy - oh that's right! Rick Perry not NSA has a hacked copy from my computer. 

Bannafatch communication leads to illegal vars and amputation breach UT Systems
"Once You understand the Texas Chinese model by the abuse you will understand  Texas corruption and wealth sharee only by the select few who are criminals under investigation for crimes against humanity"
Intense Interrogation and Torture

How they did it can be requested by from the FBI 
See Stalked Down with Deadly Force

Could of been routine patrol who are suppose to be casing the caser not my home - arresting the mail tampering roadside caser(s) is something everybody supports

Links to all information provided to the FBI 
This blog page is not where this belongs ask the hack to write their own blogs - hey! another reward leading to the arrest and convictions of see FBI US Senator Cornyn Handwritten Request. See Surveillance photograph of two witness removing a letter from the mailbox addressed by Senator Cornyn that does not mean the Senator was involved by a fellow in a brand new suburban that was bought by funds allocated to prosecute the case of Bush Mandate abuse Disabled students on Texas Campuses

This Note should be posted on mail tampering post but the browser in not in my control or any of the content because the hackers are liable for the content not me and after due process (Something the disable of Texas never See) and the convictions are those that are  felons and still have access to illegal equipment. 

"There goes Texas Right Wing Voter Privileges" 

Poetic Justice

Why Am I Still Alive 

“It’s shocking to me,” said Ron Brooks, a former director of the San Francisco fusion center, now with a Washington D.C., consulting and lobbying group specializing in criminal intelligence issues."

Irregular War Crimes Against Humanity

Who Started World War IW and Is It Like 

The War On Drugs That Never Ends?


NDAA Detention? Cut me loose! Set me Free!

Aerospace Surveillance Held Prisoner Five Years 

In a Farm House at the End of Some Dusty Texas Dirt Road


Irregular War (IW) is the domestic surveil-lance program started in 1982 by Vice President George H. W. Bush that failed to 'Keep us Safer' in place before the the Oklahoma Bombing of a Federal Building, the first international bombing of Federal Building by Osama Bin Laden in Riyadh Saudi Arabia November 13, 1995 and the 911 attack on New York. 

We cannot say nobody saw it coming, "TSWG was an original subgroup of the IG/T, which later became the Interagency Working Group on Counterterrorism (IWG/CT). In its February 1986 report, a cabinet level Task Force on Counterterrorism, led by then Vice-President Bush, cited TSWG as assuring “the development of appropriate counterterrorism technological efforts.” 


In 2007 George W. Bush declared Irregular War or IW after declaring war on Iraq to keep the funds flowing under the acronym CTTSO, which is the funding source for TSWG:

"Today, TSWG still performs that counterterrorism technology development function as a stand-alone interagency working group. TSWG’s mission is to conduct the national interagency research and development (R&D) program for combating terrorism requirements.
It also has commenced efforts to conduct and influence longer-term R&D initiatives and, reflecting the shift to a more offensive strategy,
balance its technology and capability development efforts among the four pillars of combating terrorism: antiterrorism, counterterrorism, intelligence support, and consequence management."

April 2009

Robert J. Meadows, Ph.D., chairman of the Criminal Justice and Legal Studies Department at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks.

Dear Robert J. Meadows, Ph.D., chairman of the Criminal Justice and Legal Studies Department at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks.

RE: Your Article “Why the epidemic of mass murders?”

Your closing argument that mass murder is a rare occurrence is incorrect, “While these shocking murders will unfortunately happen again somewhere, mass murder is still a rare occurrence in our culture.”

I write you to inform that these occurrences are not rare and will increase because there is a causal relation to the Bush Domestic surveillance program and a ‘free for all’ police attack on student populations on US campuses.  In part or in whole, ex-law enforcement officials are making millions on erroneous security assessment training creating the occurrences by way of hyper-surveillance.

There has been a dramatic spike in campus violence and shooting deaths and the primary cause is a closed anti-terrorism security system that has firewalled students from their own protection. See my page of personal experiences with the department of justice over the last two years at UTSA and is a open OCR investigation in process for two years.

Many journalists such as Holly Hacker with the Dallas News want to know if there is a connection, “Here's something from Holly Hacker:

Now this is curious. You'll remember we told you that Colleen Ridge resigned as police chief at UT-Dallas amid an internal investigation. School officials have not said why she left or what the investigation's about, citing personnel matters. Well, now comes this news from UT-San Antonio. The Express-News is reporting that David Hernandez, UTSA's police chief, was placed on paid leave Tuesday "pending the outcome of an internal investigation. "Adding to the mystery, UT-Pan American fired its police chief last year. Coincidence or connection?

My response

Dear Holly Hacker Dallas News

In response to your inquiry concerning ‘coincidence or connection’ 3 police chiefs suspended from the University of Texas Systems, please refer to my web page for inside facts to the justice department and failure to protect due process. I am just a graduating student of UTSA turned civil rights activist by desperation and as you will see I am not a journalist but I am a responsible reporter. All the information is true and correct and backed by academic sources.

There is a causal connection to all UT systems and a corrupt justice department exposed by the termination of Belinda Cardenas’s ousted president of UT El Paso and her political connections serving on the congressional committee of civil rights and board of regents UTSA. Although, I am angry with the police department at UTSA, I cannot believe the problem is a corrupt police force. After all, they are officers for hire and their misgivings are the blame of their employer’s legal policy writers such as Cardenas, and an overriding moral obligation to protect students after the tragic event at Virginia Tech (2007) a prelude to a series of horrific repeats at campuses across America by way of policy.

There is a solution – return the classroom back to the professor. They are professionals and as captains of the ship, all the behavioral intervention needed in adult higher education. Campus violence (shooting statistics) reflect a spike in campus homicides / suicides after policy changes in the years 2004 – present as each college applied the new polices which fire walled students from participation in their own protection who fear soliciting help from the campus police less they be identified as targets of suspicion.

Reference Article: Five Years Later "Texas Is Not Getting The Message"

An Email From The Texas Gang of Four 
"I Need Your Help?"

The Honorable Senator John Cornyn Thank you for your note, “I need your help.” I needed your help but still you don’t get it? See my story at this link:

Don’t have time for the long read then enjoy a 3 minute video of your constituents living conditions for the last 5 years, held captive in their own home in "a farm house at the end of some dusty Texas dirt road." at the following link

Your Faithful Community Servant G. N. O'Dell

Full Article :

May 17, 2013

Texas Fusion Center Threatened by Budget Vote, Could be First to Close 

May 17, 2013 08:04:33 am

In a surprising move, Texas House and Senate budget negotiators agreed to wipe out funding for the Department of Public Safety’s fusion center, part of a nationwide intelligence gathering initiative that has generated controversy, reports the Austin American-Statesman. If the House and Senate affirm the change, it could make Texas the first state to pull the rug from under one of the statewide fusion operations that began under a Department of Homeland Security offensive that has been criticized for wasting taxpayers’ money. “It’s shocking to me,” said Ron Brooks, a former director of the San Francisco fusion center, now with a Washington D.C., consulting and lobbying group specializing in criminal intelligence issues.

Despite their terrorism-focused origins, Brooks said the more than 70 fusion centers across the U.S. have evolved into “all-crime centers” to coordinate information sharing among local, state and federal agencies. Such information sharing provides “smart policing” of everything from street gangs to homicide investigations, Brooks said. He knows of no other state that has eliminated funds for a statewide center. A factor in the decision, was a report by a U.S. Senate investigative subcommittee that lambasted the fusion centers for “irrelevant, useless or inappropriate” intelligence gathering and wasteful spending on private contractors, while doing little to keep the country safer.

March 2010
Texas Fusion Centers The GOP Political Machine

"Rick Perry Should Not Be The Governor Of Texas November 2010 (Bill White)"

*Dear Bill White the Next Governor of Texas,

I just sent my final report to the White House about the abuses of Rick Perry justifying free-for-spending and Military attacks on political opponents which in my case is a matter of court record with 100 of pages of testimony as a matter of record stored in  investigation files with the following agencies: The Office of Civil Rights Dallas, Kathleen Sebelius Secretary of Health and Human Services Washington D.C., Ralph Ruiz FBI Head Quarters San Antonio Texas, and Court Documents Blanco County Texas April 23, 2010. The essay or report is lengthily but straight to the point delivering a mountain of evidence against Rick Perry Governor of Texas who retaliated against me and my family for filing a civil rights grievance in 2007. I believe, if you look the document over carefully, you will see it is your ticket to the newly renovated Governor Mansion in Austin, that should be ready for you and your family after you are elected in November 2010. The full report is located at this URL

And thank you for your personal letter to me actually signed by your own pin 

Gregory O’Dell

P.S. If you know a good lawyer in Texas that is not still practicing law in the year 1876 and might have an interest in pursuing my case, you will be doing a lot of people of favor by not having to deal with me personally!

*Actual letter written in response. I have nothing to hide including my emotional distress

November 18 2009
A Basis of un-Employment and Texas Oppression

“Obama says he met with half brother while in China"

BEIJING – President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he met briefly with a half brother who lives in China and who recently wrote a semi-autobiographical novel about the abusive Kenyan father they share.”

Mr. President, It’s a small world after to all! What an interesting enlightening story posted by the AP associated press revealing a little of your personal life and happy reunion with your brother in Shenzhen China. I believe, even the president of the United States has a right to a privacy, but we thank you for a chance to view your personal story, family, and worldly associations which  help us all to understand how interconnected each American citizen is tied to worldly affairs.

Your case is not unique, there are thousands of U.S. ex-pats as well as businessmen, students, health care professionals, and family members from almost every country of the world who live and thrive as guest aboard. 

Thousands and possibly millions of Americans live aboard in countries the U.S. media portrays as unjust or anti-American. People are people, we share so many common ethical core beliefs, if were not for the color of our skins, we would claim the whole world as our brothers, sisters, children, and close friends. Although, I detest Chinese turtle soup served in most PRC restaurants, the years my family lived in the PRC and many other foreign domains, resolved our biases or let’s say changed our view of the people of the world from a stereotype of odd, unreasonable or different people to the reality of similarities we all share as a family of mankind!

Lastly, I believe the employment criteria for working for the state department or even the Peace Corp., screen out the best people as ambassadors to the world. I have spent the majority of my working life outside of America as an individual contractor sometimes with “only buttons in me pockets” the state department labels us as an EX-Patriot. Thank god we don’t live up to the literally meaning of the term and act and behave as ambassadors for the people of America. 

Personally, I have been applying/testing  for employment with the State Department, the Peace Corp as well as other agencies sense the age of seventeen as an ambassador of good well, always to be rejected and turned away; even though, I have scored in the highest ranks of worldly knowledge. As a disabled 52 year old graduate of the economic class of fall 2008 University of Texas, I still hope and dream to one day represent the United States as an ambassador to the world in any country I may be assigned. If fortune five-hundred business can pick-up the phone, call me at home, and expect me to arrive in any country for work within a moments notice, why I am I always screened/ rejected from the people of State Department most fit citizens who after they have gained employment status, constantly complain about their assignments, conditions, and pay? Thank you for reaching out as the president of the United States of America and an ambassador of good well to the whole world. 

Please enjoy my essay contest posted in the Guangzhou PRC news paper 1993 asking visiting Americans to participate in a national Chinese Essay contest, “China through My Eyes” at the following link”

Gregory O’Dell

Somerset Texas

“Whoever intentionally obstruct the proceedings before depts., agencies, and committees, obstruct this criminal investigation and/or retaliate against me because I am a victim, you will be punished to the full extent of the applicable law in 1505 of Title 18 Obstruction of proceedings before depts., agencies & committees, 1510 Obstruction of Criminal investigations, 1513 of Title 18 Retaliating against a witness, victim or an informant, or 1514 Civil Action to restrain harassment of a victim or witness. Whoever intentionally alters, destroys, mutilates or conceals records, or documents with the intent to impair the object’s integrity or availability for use in an official proceeding will be punished to the full extent of law as defined in 1519 of Title 18 Destruction, Alteration or Falsification of records in Federal investigations and bankruptcy.”

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Supercargo Terrorist Criminal Charges Filed LaSalle Co Texas 15-00460

Terrorist Attacks There is a Correlation most are Males
Why is she Missing?

Supercargo Terrorist Knowing or Unknown

Why Discreet Prosecution Fails
Updated 02/01/2015
Red States Don't Pay Their Bills

Europe One Way Ticket To My House - No Way We Went South To The Boarder and my horse died on the other side the Sabina Creek I thought it was Mexico?
Filed With Atascosa County Sheriff and LaSalle County Sheriff Office

Don't Ask For Tips If You Don't Want Um!!!!!!!!

25 Years of Terrorist Attacks No Correlation Country Race or Religion
Texas State Sponsored Terrorism

Is Turning Texas Blue
It Is No Secret

Today, revolutionary war tactics and weapons have become
 more deadly and sophisticated; however, on March 6, 1836 the 
remaining ‘Defenders’ of Alamo did wait for a full house to enter the Alamo before detonating probably the original suicide bomb as a last act of defiance, killing hundreds and destroyed the Catholic Church the defenders were protecting.

25 Years of Terrorist Attacks No Correlation Country Race or Religion

1990 16 May : Wembley IRA detonate a bomb underneath a minibus killing Sgt Charles Chapman (The Queen's Regiment) and injuring another soldier. No one was ever convicted of Sgt Chapman's murder.
1990 20 July : London Stock Exchange, the IRA detonated a large bomb at the London Stock Exchange causing massive damage.
1991 7 February : Mortar attack on 10 Downing Street[19]
1991 18 February:  A bomb explodes in Paddington Station, damaging the building's roof but causing no casualties. Three hours later another bomb explodes at Victoria Station. One man is killed and 38 people injured.
1992 5 February : Urumqi Bombing Two buses exploded in Urumqi, resulting in at least 3 deaths, and 23 injured.[7] Unconfirmed reports indicated the attacks were perpetrated by the East Turkestan Islamic Party.[9] According to government documents, other bombs were discovered and defused in a local cinema and a residential building.[7]
1992 10 January : Small device exploded. No injuries, Whitehall Place, London SW1.
1992 28 February : A bomb explodes at London Bridge station injuring 29 people.
1992 10 April : Baltic Exchange bombing: A large bomb explodes outside 30 St Mary Axe in the City of London. The bomb was contained in a large white truck and consisted of a fertiliser device wrapped with a detonation cord made from Semtex. It killed three people: Paul Butt, aged 29, Baltic Exchange employee Thomas Casey, aged 49, and 15-year old Danielle Carter. Several people were critically or severely injured. The bomb also caused damage to surrounding buildings (many of which were further damaged by a second bomb the following year). The bomb caused £800 million worth of damage—£200 million more than the total damage costs resulting from all 10,000 previous explosions that had occurred relating to the Troubles in Northern Ireland. A new skyscraper was built on the site of the previous historic building.[20]
1992 11 April : A large bomb explodes underneath the A406 flyover at Staples Corner, causing serious damage to roads and nearby buildings including a B&Q DIY store and causing the closure of the junction. The blast was large enough to be felt many miles away.
1992 12 October : A device exploded in the gentlemen's toilet of the Sussex Arms public house in Covent Garden, killing one person and injuring four others.
1992 16 November : the IRA planted a bomb at Canary Wharf in the Docklands. The device was spotted by security guards and was deactivated safely.
1992 17 December : A bomb hidden in a litter bin in a third-floor men's lavatory of the John Lewis department store, Oxford Street, London, was detonated by the IRA just after 11 am. A second bomb exploded 15 minutes later at the rear of the store, in Cavendish Square, while shoppers and staff were still being evacuated. Four people were injured.[21]
1993 28 January : a bomb exploded in a litter bin outside Harrods, injuring four people.[22]
1993 26 Feb. : New York City: bomb exploded in basement garage of World Trade Center, killing 6 and injuring at least 1,040 others. 
1993 27 February : a bomb exploded in a litter bin outside a McDonalds restaurant in Camden Town, injuring several people.[23]
1993 24 April : Bishopsgate bombing: the IRA detonated a huge truck bomb in the City of London at Bishopsgate, It killed journalist Ed Henty, injured over 40 people, and causing approximately £1 billion worth of damage,[24] including the near destruction of St Ethelburga's Bishopsgate church, and 
1993 1  October : Over eight days, a series of IRA bombs were left in various London locations. On October, four bombs were left on Finchley Road, three of which exploded, causing damage to buildings and several injuries caused by falling glass.
1993 4 October: pairs of bombs were left in Highgate (where one failed to explode), Hornsey, and Archway, causing significant damage but no injuries. 
1993 8 October: bombs exploded in Staples Corner and West Hampstead, again causing damage but no injuries.
1994 March : Heathrow Airport, The IRA launched a series of mortar attacks on the airport, partially paralysing the capital's main air route.
1995 19 April : Oklahoma City: car bomb exploded outside federal office building, collapsing wall and floors. 168 people were killed, including 19 children and 1 person who died in rescue effort. Over 220 buildings sustained damage. Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols later convicted in the antigovernment plot to avenge the Branch Davidian standoff in Waco, Tex., 
1995 13 Nov. : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: car bomb exploded at U.S. military headquarters, killing 5 U.S. military servicemen.
1996 13 January : Lhasa, Tibet Four major attacks were acknowledged, although unofficial sources reported more. The attacks generally targeted and successfully wounded people, whereas earlier bombings targeted buildings, such an obelisk on the Qinghai-Tibet highway.[57] 
1996 18 March : a bomb exploded at the regional government and local Communist Party compound. The government temporarily shut down tourism in Tibet in response.[60
1996 9 February :  Docklands bombing: the IRA bombed the South Quay area of London, killing two people.
1996  25 June :  Dhahran, Saudi Arabia: truck bomb exploded outside Khobar Towers military complex, killing 19 American servicemen and injuring hundreds of others. 13 Saudis and a Lebanese, all alleged members of Islamic militant group Hezbollah, were indicted on charges relating to the attack in June 2001.
1996 15 February : A 5-pound (2.3 kg) bomb placed in a telephone box is disarmed by Police on the Charing Cross Road.
18 February 1996 : An IRA bomb detonates prematurely on a bus travelling along Aldwych in central London, killing Edward O'Brien, the IRA terrorist transporting the device and injuring eight others.[25]
1997 27 February: Urumqi, Xinjiang Urumqi bus bombs. Bombs detonated on three buses in Urumqi, leaving nine dead and 68 seriously wounded.[7] The Uyghur Liberation Party claims responsibility for the bombings.[7]
1998 February - April : Qaghiliq  Xinjiang A series of six explosions occurred in February and March aimed at economic and industrial targets. The following month, authorities reported that bombs exploded at homes and offices of local communist party and public security agents.[7]
1997 29 April : Britain's transport industry claimed minimum losses of £30 million after a series of IRA bomb alerts in southern England brought traffic to a standstill. In the London area, the Heathrow airport and the M25 motorway were closed.[26]
1998   7 Aug. : Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: truck bombs exploded almost simultaneously near 2 U.S. embassies, killing 224 (213 in Kenya and 11 in Tanzania) and injuring about 4,500. 4 men connected with al-Qaeda 2 of whom had received training at al-Qaeda camps inside Afghanistan, were convicted of the killings in May 2001 and later sentenced to life in prison. A federal grand jury had indicted 22 men in connection with the attacks, including Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden, who remained at large.
2000 1 June : A bomb exploded on Hammersmith Bridge at 4.30 am.
2000 September : The Real IRA, a group which had split from the Provisional IRA, launch an RPG-22 at the MI6 building in central London, causing damage.
2000 12 Oct. : Aden, Yemen: U.S. Navy destroyer USS Cole heavily damaged when a small boat loaded with explosives blew up alongside it. 17 sailors killed. Linked to Osama bin Laden, or members of al-Qaeda terrorist network.
2001 6 May : A bomb exploded at a Royal Mail sorting office in Colindale, London at 01.53 GMT, injuring one person. This bomb came just three weeks after an almost identical blast at the same office.[27]
2001 16 March : Shijiazhuang, HebeiShijiazhuang bombings
108 civilians were killed when several ANFO bombs (similar to those used by the IRA and in the 1993 World Trade Center and 1995 Oklahoma City bombings) tore through four city blocks in the city of Shijiazhang.[63] The perpetrator, 41-year-old Jin Ruchao, was allegedly motivated by hated of his ex-wife.[64] The government account was greeted with skepticism, however;[65] and some sources suggested Jin may have been a scapegoat, and that the bombings may have been the work of disgruntled former factory workers frustrated by layoffs.[66] The bombings were described in the New York Times as the deadliest mass murder in decades,[67] and was characterized by China scholar Andrew Scobell as perhaps the worst terrorist act in the history of the People's Republic of China.[16]
2001 3 August : Ealing bombing: The Real IRA detonated a car bomb in Ealing Broadway, West London, injuring seven.
2001 11 Sept. : New York City, Arlington, Va., and Shanksville, Pa.:  hijackers crashed 2 commercial jets into twin towers of World Trade Center; 2 more hijacked jets were crashed into the Pentagon and a field in rural Pa. Total dead and missing numbered 2,9921: 2,749 in New York City, 184 at the Pentagon, 40 in Pa., and 19 hijackers. Islamic al-Qaeda terrorist group blamed. (See September 11, 2001: Timeline of Terrorism.)
2001 4 March : BBC bombing: At around 00:30 GMT, the Real IRA detonated a car bomb outside the BBC's main news centre in the Shepherd's Bush area of west London.
2002 3 April : Chengdu, Sichuan On 3 April 2002, a bomb described as a "simple fuse device" detonated in Tianfu Square in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province. According to local media reports, one individual was seriously injured, and many others were hurt in the blast. Two men were apprehended: 52-year-old Tibetan religious leader Tenzin Deleg Rinpoche, and 26-year-old Lobsang Dondrub.[35] 
2002  June 14 : Karachi, Pakistan: bomb explodes outside American consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, killing 12. Linked to al-Qaeda.2003 1  May 12, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: suicide bombers kill 34, including 8 Americans, at housing compounds for Westerners. Al-Qaeda suspected.
2004  May 29–31 : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: terrorists attack the offices of a Saudi oil company in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, take foreign oil workers hostage in a nearby residential compound, leaving 22 people dead including one American. 
2004 June 11–19 : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: terrorists kidnap and execute Paul Johnson Jr., an American, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 2 other Americans and BBC cameraman killed by gun attacks. Dec. 6, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: terrorists storm the U.S. consulate, killing 5 consulate employees. 4 terrorists were killed by Saudi security.
2005  9 Nov :  Amman, Jordan: suicide bombers hit 3 American hotels, Radisson, Grand Hyatt, and Days Inn, in Amman, Jordan, killing 57. Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility.
2006 13 Sept. : Damascus, Syria: an attack by four gunman on the American embassy is foiled.
2007 5 January : Pamirs Plateau, Xinjiang Xinjiang raid Chinese police raided a suspected East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) training camp in Akto County in the Pamirs plateau near the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.[68] 
2007 12 Jan. : Athens, Greece: the U.S. embassy is fired on by an anti-tank missile causing damage but no injuries.Dec. 11, Algeria: more than 60 people are killed, including 11 United Nations staff members, when Al Qaeda terrorists detonate two car bombs near Algeria's Constitutional Council and the United Nations offices.
2008 9 March : Urumqi, Xinjiang State-run Xinhua News Agency reported that authorities had successfully foiled a terrorist attack on a commercial jet.[69] The Southern China flight departed from Urumqi, and made an emergency landing in Lanzhou while en route to Beijing. Two individuals were reportedly taken into custody after flight crew discovered flammable material in the plane's toilet.[69] 
2008 12 August : Yamanya, Xinjiang Chinese media reported that three security officers were allegedly killed in a stabbing incident in Yamanya, near Kashgar in Xinjiang.[55] The report did not specify what the attacker’s affiliations were.[55]
2008 4 August : Kashgar, Xinjiang Kashgar attack Suspected ETIM militants reportedly drove a truck into a group of approximately 70 jogging policemen. According to official Chinese media accounts, they then got out of the truck wielding machetes, and lobbed grenades at the officers, killing 16 people. 
2008 26 May : Iraq: a suicide bomber on a motorcycle kills six U.S. soldiers and wounds 18 others in Tarmiya.June 24, Iraq: a suicide bomber kills at least 20 people, including three U.S. Marines, at a meeting between sheiks and Americans in Karmah, a town west of Baghdad.June 12, Afghanistan: four American servicemen are killed when a roadside bomb explodes near a U.S. military vehicle in Farah Province.
2008 13 July : Afghanistan: nine U.S.soldiers and at least 15 NATO troops die when Taliban militants boldly attack an American base in Kunar Province, which borders Pakistan. It's the most deadly against U.S. troops in three years.
2008 Aug. : 2008 18 and 19, Afghanistan: as many as 15 suicide bombers backed by about 30 militants attack a U.S. military base, Camp Salerno, in Bamiyan. Fighting between U.S. troops and members of the Taliban rages overnight. No U.S. troops are killed.Sept. 16, Yemen: a car bomb and a rocket strike the U.S. embassy in Yemen as staff arrived to work, killing 16 people, including 4 civilians. At least 25 suspected al-Qaeda militants are arrested for the attack.
2008 10 August : Kuqa County, Xinjiang Xinhua reported that seven men armed with homemade explosives reportedly drove taxis into government buildings, in Kuqa, Xinjiang, injuring at least two police officers and a security guard. Five of the assailants were shot and killed.[72]
2008 26 Nov. : India: in a series of attacks on several of Mumbai's landmarks and commercial hubs that are popular with Americans and other foreign tourists, including at least two five-star hotels, a hospital, a train station, and a cinema. About 300 people are wounded and nearly 190 people die, including at least 5 Americans.
2009 9 Feb. : Iraq: a suicide bomber kills four American soldiers and their Iraqi translator near a police checkpoint.
2009 10 April : Iraq: a suicide attack kills five American soldiers and two Iraqi policemen.
2009 June 1: Little Rock, Arkansas: Abdulhakim Muhammed, a Muslim convert from Memphis, Tennessee, is charged with shooting two soldiers outside a military recruiting center. One is killed and the other is wounded. In a January 2010 letter to the judge hearing his case, Muhammed asked to change his plea from not guilty to guilty, claimed ties to al-Qaeda, and called the shooting a jihadi attack "to fight those who wage war on Islam and Muslims."
2009 25  Dec. : A Nigerian man on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit attempted to ignite an explosive device hidden in his underwear. The explosive device that failed to detonate was a mixture of powder and liquid that did not alert security personnel in the airport. The alleged bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, told officials later that he was directed by the terrorist group Al Qaeda. The suspect was already on the government's watch list when he attempted the bombing; his father, a respected Nigerian banker, had told the U.S. government that he was worried about his son's increased extremism.
2009 30 Dec. : Iraq: a suicide bomber kills eight Americans civilians, seven of them CIA agents, at a base in Afghanistan. It's the deadliest attack on the agency since 9/11. The attacker is reportedly a double agent from Jordan who was acting on behalf of al-Qaeda.
2010 19 August : Aksu, Xinjiang 2010 Aksu bombing.According to Chinese media reports, six ethnic Uyghur men were allegedly involved in loading a vehicle with explosives and driving into a group of security officers at a highway intersection near Aksu, Xinjiang. Seven people, including two attackers, were killed, according to police.[10] 
2010 1 May : New York City: a car bomb is discovered in Times Square, New York City after smoke is seen coming from a vehicle. The bomb was ignited, but failed to detonate and was disarmed before it could cause any harm. Times Square was evacuated as a safety precaution. Faisal Shahzad pleads guilty to placing the bomb as well as 10 terrorism and weapons charges.
2010 10  May : Jacksonville, Florida: a pipe bomb explodes while approximately 60 Muslims are praying in the mosque. The attack causes no injuries.
2010 29 Oct. : two packages are found on separate cargo planes. Each package contains a bomb consisting of 300 to 400 grams (11-14 oz) of plastic explosives and a detonating mechanism. The bombs are discovered as a result of intelligence received from Saudi Arabia's security chief. The packages, bound from Yemen to the United States, are discovered at en route stop-overs, one in England and one in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
2011 17 Jan. : Spokane, Washington: a pipe bomb is discovered along the route of the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial march. The bomb, a "viable device" set up to spray marchers with shrapnel and to cause multiple casualties, is defused without any injuries. 
2011 18 July : Hotan, Xinjiang 2011 Hotan attack Chinese media reported that 18 people died when 18 young Uyghur men stormed a police station in the city of Hotan. The men were alleged to have stabbed a security guard and two female hostages, and killed another security guard with a bomb. The attack ended when security officers shot and killed 14 of the attackers. Chinese media initially referred to the attackers as rioters or thugs, though subsequent accounts called the event a terrorist attack.[11] 
2011 30–31 July : Kashgar, Xinjiang. 2011 Kashgar attacks At least 18 people died in a series of alleged terrorist attacks in the city of Kashgar. According to state-run media accounts, the violence began when two Uyghur men hijacked a truck, ran it into a crowded street, and started stabbing people, killing six.[77] 
2012 11 Sept. :  Benghazi, Libya: militants armed with antiaircraft weapons and rocket-propelled grenades fire upon the American consulate, killing U.S. ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other embassy officials. U.S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton said the U.S. believed that Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, a group closely linked to Al Qaeda, orchestrated the attack. 
2012 29 June : Xinjiang Tianjin Airlines Flight GS7554 Chinese official media reported that six men attempted to hijack Tianjin Airlines flight GS7554 from Hotan to Urumqi, Xinjiang. The men reportedly sought to gain access to cockpit ten minutes after takeoff, but were stopped by passengers and crew. A spokesperson for the Xinjiang government said the men were ethnic Uyghurs.[81] Xinhua reported at least 10 passengers and crew were injured when six hijackers tried to take control of the aircraft.[82] 
2013 1 Feb. : Ankara, Turkey: Ecevit Sanli detonates a bomb near a gate at the U.S. Embassy. Sanli dies after detonating the bomb. One Turkish guard is also killed. Didem Tuncay, a respected television journalist, is injured in the blast. Unlike the bombing at the embassy in Benghazi last September, the U.S. government immediately calls the bombing a terrorist attack. According to Turkish officials, the attack is from the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party, which has been labeled a terrorist organization by the U.S. and other nations.
2013 15 April : Boston, Mass.: multiple bombs explode near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Two bombs go off around 2:50 in the afternoon as runners finish the race. At least three people are killed. One is an eight year old boy. More than 170 people are injured. Three days later, the FBI releases photos and video of two suspects in the hope that the public can help identify them. Just hours after the FBI releases the images, the two suspects rob a gas station in Central Square then shoot and kill a MIT police officer in his car. 
2013 24 April : Xinjiang 2013 Xinjiang ethnic clashes. It was an incident of ethnic clash that took place between Muslim Uighur and Han Chinese community.As reported by BBC[84] nearly 21 people were killed in the incident including 15 police officers.
2013 26 June : Lukqun, Xinjiang At least 35 people were killed in clashes between ethnic Uyghurs and police in the deadliest altercation in the region since 2009. Chinese official media reported that a group of 17 knife-wielding Uyghur men attacked a police station and government building. Chinese authorities pronounced the event a terrorist attack, and blamed separatists and overseas forces for fomenting tensions.[85] 

Terrorist Attacks on Americans

Terrorist Attacks on the British

Chinese Terrorist Attacks

Let There Be A Cry! Let There Be A Cry! Let There Be A Cry!

Remember The Alamo
"We are paving a path to justice, who is seated in every man's Heart, if he knows Her or if he knows Her not. May Justice shine Her torch lighting the way for all Texans to walk about freely.
Bite the Bullet
Texas Bar Association RICO

No Access To Due Process, Court, or Attorney in Texas
"I would represent You but I don't want to be killed"

Just The Facts Jack
There Are Hackers trying to clean up what the FBI has saved - God Bless America!
Before The First Shot Fire

"When Due Process Fails Corruption Prevails"

No Access To Due Process, Court, or Attorney in Texas
U.S. Veterans of the highest honors, held prisoners in South Central Texas by the same security firms that protect Human and Drug Traffickers, and abuse your children on Texas Universities and Colleges!

"Mam, I am her in the your court room [Wilson County Texas District] ringing that bell, so if i am found dead on the floor, you will know why! (O'Dell)

"There is something fundamentally wrong with our politics" - Time Man of the Year President Barack Obama

Let There Be  A Cry! Let There Be A Cry! Let There Be A Cry!

Monday, January 19, 2015

VARS Texas Motor Vehicles 'What you say can be read on the web'

Don't Text and Drive?

Idiopathic Constipation SAPD Internal Affairs
These Officers Where Trained and to avoid Investigations Lie to the victims 
Several Deaths and Suicides In Texas Reported with Police Reports Intense Interrogative Torture by RAD VARS in Homes and Motor Vehicles Vehicular Manslaughter 

Dan Paxton Paradox

Not To Big To Jail

See R131787 Texas VC09141261 88,000 Deaths Reported To Greg Abbott Attorney General the actual amount 250,000 biggest Bio-Chemical Attack on the USA

Senators that do not pay their bills blame it on 
Social Security they dip into to pay back China
These People Are Not Above The Law

No If's and's or Butts 

They will be de-seated or the money comes out of their own pockets

Pay The Money Back!
11/08/2014 first post on this blog series

Idiopathic Constipation SAPD Internal Affairs
Obstruction of a FBI Terrorism Investigation
Terrorism Was Already Reported To The FBI by Gregory O'Dell
Whitey Burger was an accident all other terrorist reports came from me first the Victim, Survivor and now Bounty Hunter
Obstruction by RICO Governor Perry
12/27/2014 O'Dell Buys a $3000.00 Dell System Corrupted by RICO 
No State Shall Not Even Texas

Police Brutality Oppression
Funding Waste

11/02/2014 News4 San Antonio SAPD under investigation by Homeland Security "Guns Ground Zero San Antonio," Not the Border District. Last year it was "The War that is on Drugs". This Year, those 
who live here know it as Quicksilver wars, a Big Oil Media, and 
Texas Governor RICO Rick Perry Race to escape justice
 - a deadly combination.
First Post 11/01/2014

("Well if you ask any police Chief if they need more officers they will say yes." Congressman Henry Cuellar and I tripled the number of first responders without increasing the budget added note 11/13/2014) 
FCC Violation Note To Myself

Reference CRS Congress R13187

Internal Affairs the Quality Assurance Department of The San Antonio Police Department Tried to resolve with MS Cash and I Gregory O'Dell outstanding police brutality complaints, similar to what was just reported on the local news Kens5 TV credible complaints by me and
others concerning irrigative nonlethal devices including TV Jacking and I have complaints on file including connections to terrorism brutality, aerial attacks with time date location and electronic attacks by SAPD but no resolve. He said he was with Internal Affairs SAPD and 
will not respond by letter. 

Both Ms cash and I talked to SGT Trujillo Badge Number 3038 of San Antonio Police Internal Affairs including homicide, suicide and police brutality of the disabled in housing. He failed to take us seriously. He was kind and passed the buck to the Department of Homeland Security.
03:31 10/31/2014. 

The systems set up as protocol in place failed to accept valid terrorist evidence by me that has led to the arrest, conviction, or death of said known terrorist wanted by the FBI and unknown by the FBI. The delay of other Federal departments that have my case to protect 
me by any means has failed over and again. Establish Evidence Tried to give him the report numbers; however the Sgt kindly refused kindly as follows: 06-09-2132, 06-09-2127,  06-09-4041, 06-14-002, and DHS C1403411, C1307209, C1307206 including the use of military 
force R13187 that is Police Brutality: Turn it back over to Department of Homeland Security who told me to contact the DOJ and I 
This will Resolve It

have followed protocol with no resolve whatsoever.

"Data Mining Brings Harm to Thousands of Texans"
First Posting Open Homicide Case 08/04/2013
Reported To FBI and Police Got Threat First by Hacker Face Value 'e' 
"you been to your homeboy's house"
Three Days Later They Call and Say He Is Dead When I Got there He Was Dead for Three Days. I had no clue or which homeboy.
The Following DHS Report Some Hack Was Trying To Block Was In Reference to SAPD Homicide and other Deadly Threats
When Hacking is Manslaughter I hope they find the people that block and distorted that DHS Official Report and Go To Federal Prison for Manslaughter by Obstruction Retaliation by Hacking A Witness Gregory O'Dell trying to get the police to do a Homicide Investigation

Ted Cruz Political Targeting Brings Harm To Thousands of Texans  
First Posting Open Homicide Case 08/04/2013
Reported To FBI