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Friday, December 18, 2015

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Texas CPS Pays For Your Electric Bill They Used You Don't
"You Sound Like Goodman," Fedex Broadway SAT Texas before the Federal Mail Thief of copyright application

Last Hail Storm 04.2016

05.02.2016 The Removal of Land Line Communications A FEMA Verizon Violation
"When The Lights go out the telephone shall function or causes anarchy and loss of property and life" CP2016050013 and CP201510767

The Cause of Fires and Blown AC Systems CPS Smart Grid is not Smart It Kills
Texas DPS to Pay Damages
Already Reported To Local Enforcement 
in Coordination with the FBI
Threat By Fire and They Act on That Threat Several Times
Same Aircodintion Maintenance Family member could not figure it out 
Torture by High Heat Under CRS 13187
See Sheriff's and Victims of Crime Reported on Offical CPS Complaint during the statuary Period for state and Federal Civil and Criminal Prosecution
And Phone Monitoring not the FBI the State of Texas
Complaint CP201501076

Hello Kitty Just one device HP Printer Next ect...
Texas Torture Abuse of Power The Tip of The Iceberg

The Texas Senate 'The Maginficant Seven" Reported By FAA342_1964 To FBI HQ "We make decisions on who lives and who dies (Senator Judith Zaffirini)"
Has your home been Breached Bombed or Burned
Texas CPS Pays For Your Electric Bill
They Use You Don't

'e' Hackers Are Deadly

03/09/2015 07/13 am VARS Texas Challenge to 
Neutralize Something Already Proven In Court
To Many Witnesses to Kill

"The Sky is Falling The Sky is Falling" Bullshit


ITVERP Reporting Victims for Reporting Terrorism


They Are Domestic Terrorists
And A Major Concern To Voter Fraud 
Republican GOP Programmers

Don't Be Fooled Both Democrats and Republicans have Use These Techniques that were Outlaw 25 years Ago

The Eagle FM Radio What is Torture?

It's All About Texas Radio Monopoly and a Bad Computer Application A Solution is To Import Entertainment and News

I do not believe that the FBI and CIA knew This Was Going On In Texas
Now You Do!

And Know What Do I Do!

Don't Worry 'The Eagle FM Radio Transmissions' Are Not Free Speech Your Going Pay Billions in Mass Tort Texas 

Criminal Charges Filed Against the State of Texas for Torture, Murder, Aggravated Assault, Espionage Reported To The Secret Service Washington D.C. Not the Texas Secret Service that has no affiliation To the Secret Service or CIA whatsoever 

"If They Come To Your House You Have The Right To Shot Them On Site"

HHS Already Put Out an Alert
See SAPD Police Report Caregiver Opens Door and Finds Dead Body

The Dallas OCR Failure To Stop Terrorism Reports
That is not what the the Official Letter said
Before a 6 weeks Blackout
The Letter Tries to Discredit The People OCR Dallas is Suppose To Protect
Request To Congressman Fire them All!
Ask and Ye Shall Receive

China Southern Bombing Posted in Paper By Law ITVERP

 Saudi Bombing Posted in Paper By USA Law ITVERP

Still Under Investigation by the FBI Witness Still Coming Forward - Posted by law

Tea Party Rebellion Extends Over International Borders - Posted by law

Tea Party Rebellion Extends Over International Borders

Note: CRSR131787 Nonlethal Attacks on Texans
(There is no such thing as a non-lethal weapon)

Political Prisoners
Why Embassy Wardens Are So Important to 
National Security
Tea Party Terrorism Backs Iran Terrorism 
with Hard Cash 
Why Senator Curz Voted 'No' for a Linchen

Mexican police shoot US teen near border : NOVEMBER 12, 2014 : Updated: November 12, 2014 8:56am
The U.S. Embassy in Mexico said it was aware of reports that an American citizen had been shot in Reynosa, 
but could not provide further details.

First Post Monday, February 18, 2013
ITVERP The Investigation is Over Arrest Them Now
To Bill Texas for Home Utilities 
They Use My Electronics I Don't
You Pay TV, Satellite, Phone
Send Your Receipts to Texas Comptroller for Payment

Keep Your Receipts and Send Your Satellite, Television, Telephone Bill, Cell Phone and Electric Bill and invoice to the Texas Comptroller.

If everything you do is hacked and in my case it is by Texas Private Security firms, they should pay for the service that they use. Only you would know, if the same situation is happening to your family and certainly you would report it to the police

I have several valid criminal complaints filed in a Texas Court of law that are getting stale because of another election and the disruption of communications affects the necessities just to live.  
Monday, February 18, 2013
"I cannot write book, or make a clay model cook, or purchase a boat to get your Tea Party goat." 
Not A Political Statement The Tea Party Are Terrorist

The Damage Done By The Texas Tea Party
The Tip of The Iceberg

Transferred To The Texas Victims of Crime
Who Retaliated With Deadly Force

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's a Wonderful Life Bane & Co Cold Case Murders Solved

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Takes A Trip And Never Leaves The Farm

The Origins of the Term

"Darwin Teilhet is the originator and exclusive manufacture of a wired and fearsome device known as the TRIP (The Teilhet Inverted Ribbed Pipe), which he distributes to his friends and which, to their astonishment, turns out to be a smoking implement of unprecedented efficiency and pleasure."

Teilhet, Darwin L. The Mission of Jeffery Tolamy. New York: Sloane, 1951. Print. "Darwin Teilhet is the originator and exclusive manufacture of a wired and fearsome device known as the TRIP (The Teilhet Inverted Ribbed Pipe), which he distributes to his friends and which, to their astonishment, turns out to be a smoking implement of unprecedented deficiency and pleasure."