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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Attended College Fort Sam Houston 1992

Ramblen Man My Right Foot That Was Operated On At The Audi Murphy Hospital
1998 Request for new C/P Exam VA Is In Default 
So Pay The Claim Today
VA records Shipment only go back to 1998
Don't Show Right Foot This Operation or Other Prior To All The Way Back 1979
They Stole The Information from a USBPORT-Key
Don't Show Other Locations Outside of Texas
Waiting for the Sun
Contacted Bexar County Homicide Reported 02.27.2016
Received OnStar Crash 826622 Add To Inventory

Who Ever Is Holding My VA Entitlements Today Are In Federal Violation of the Law Period Make Arrests Today
VA Electronic Malpractice
VA Accounting Medicine
Loco Motives
When Your Algebra Professor is a Moonlighting NASA Employee Langley AFB 

Makes 456135816 A Space Cowboy

Friday, February 26, 2016

Cowboy Wake UP Call Going Some Place In the Morning?

FAA 342 1964 Waits Sign Off bin Laden by DOD 
Morgue Team for Bush Bond Money Payable On Demand 

"You Know Darn Well That Elk Are Mine

Merry Christmas Will Penny
(Will Penny)"
Osama Bin Laden Body Identified By 456135816

Aerospace Surveillance Talk to Bane
OEM Orignal Equipment Manufacture Texas Illegal Covert Operations

Barbra Shop Threat Reported
Barbra Phobia

SAT Radio Targets Reference FBI Report Kens5 News 2014 "They [Criminals] Can and Do Target." 
Example: "I Don't Think It's Funny and Do Find It Said"
Request Was Made To the United States Marshall To Make Arrest 
Criminal Charges Have Been Filed FBI Head Quarters
Just Some Examples as Follows Every Attack Was Submitted To Correct Authorities 
You Don't Got To Prove It Just Show It
Not seen under the most sophisticated surveillance by 'Betsy Palmer'

Stolen Out of PC. Foreign Espionage

"Oh Lord I didn't Steal Nothing Half the Time I was Putting In Something"
Listen to song "What Do You Do"

Or an Alien Named Paul via UTSA Small Business Contracts
See Valid ADA Complaints
The College Killing Fields 

Time Line 36 Months Intense Interrogation and Torture

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Senate To Pay The Money Directly To The Victims
Pay The Money Directly To The Victims

If You Worked Outside The U.S. During the Clinton Administration

You have no Questions of what went wrong and await Payment of Moneys stolen from your person or each victim paid back not another State or Federal Agency
Barbra Phobia
Is a Real DVM Card Fear of Barbra Shops

Is This Justice or Justin?

This Claim is Still A Valid Criminal Case Removed Illegally from the Federal Court Docket That Links to Disabled 'e' Murders

Wyatt Earp Knows the difference from a Chevy and A Dodge

OnStar Investigation by United States Senate -

Note Old Phone Number Reported The Phone Abuse of Citibank Retaliation
Reported To the Bank Examiner
And International Bank Examiner
Pay The Insurance Claims The FBI Can Sort Them Out Later GM New Adjuster ESIS 'No state limitations on these cases they are Federal "Aerospace Vehicular Homicide"
But in this case OnStar was reported within 24 months of the attack see The College Killing Fields and  the complaint is for continuous abuse not just one event see United States Investigative Committee Senator John Cornyn or just pay the Insurance damage claims.

Texas State Senate: 'We make decisions on who lives and who dies (Alpha Doe Texas State Senator Zaffirini)' –*The Texas Anti-Terrorism Task Force *TATF : "That's Right"

Texas State Sponsored Terrorism
Wyatt Earp Teams Up with Dr. Holiday 

Wyatt Earp: “I thought I told you to stay out of Dodge!”

Texas Terrorism Task Force: “Right Dr.?”

Dr. Gregory O’Dell: “No! This is a Chevy!”

Texas Yellow Sky Big Gun Down

Texas Anti-Terrorism Task Force: "Hey Doctor That Bad Blood is under the bridge and Forgotten - Right?" 

Dr. Gregory O’Dell : "No!" "Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law” which is the death penalty!

Wyatt Earp: “No Cow needs stealing but some men need killing” Texas common law!””

Dr. Gregory O’Dell: "We an’t written a book we are booking them in jail!" 

Wyatt Earp:  "Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law which is the death penalty!”

The victim Insured was never invited to the closed door collaborations and has always been protected by the Brady Act and now by an act of Congress the Nugent Act and has more protections than any member of the U.S. Senate or the Governor of Texas. You wrote the law and 456135816 won!

Don't believe it Just click your heals together three times 'VA Kerrville Texas Terrorism Victims Treatment 1998 Osama bin Laden, So they gave me a first class train ticket to Texas

Penetrating the Jungle Into the light
why my records were not matching the digital DEERs base. And Why This VA Case Is In The Jurisdiction of the FBI. Probably the first one in history!

The Path
On the first night, while sleeping in my warm soft bed, I strayed upon a beautiful fountain bubbling up from a small mound atop a hill in the
mid day sun.

I stood there gazing at the surge of rising sparkling bubbles breaching the mounds’ rim, spilling its crystalline icing over the hill top sand.

Thinking of my friends, I turned and called to them as they sat resting in a hollow out of the sun.
They stayed in the shade not wanting to come.

On the next night, while sleeping in my warm soft bed, I found a second fountain just as beautiful as the first and again called to my friends.

I could still see my friends squatting with their hats over their eyes and gave out a yell that echoed back off the canyon run.

They stayed in the shade not wanting to come.

On the third night, while sleeping in my warm soft bed, I scanned my own horizon realizing what I had been shown- All Must Walk The 
Path Alone!

I straightened my stance as loneliness cut to the bone, then walked a trail leading into the evening sun:
Never looking back to see if my friends had come, then
I Made A List of Those Missing and Dead For The FBI

Castroville Texas Chevrolet 
Photo By Mary Park Ranger Castroville Texas
When Coach Was First Class

The Texas Death of Richthofen

Texas Yellow Dog Day Afternoon San Antonio Texas
The End of Aerospace attacks on the People of Texas

Some Criminal Acts Belong To the Texas Police,FBI, DOD, and 
United States Secret Service
Those things that belong to the FBI, DOD and United States Secret Service
Belong to the agencies mentioned

"When you take a way the rights of the people they can do no wrongs"

So They Stop Experimenting on Dogs and Started Using Veterans They are Cheaper

Monday, February 22, 2016

Floating Title Credits and Backdrops LAGO Mining Company

The High Planes Drifter Still Haunts Those Hallow Halls
Electronic Malpractice Without a License 
We Once Had To House, Feed and Pay the Expense for Experimental Dogs Now They Use Veterans We Are Cheaper
No Expense To Feed or Care For the Veteran Reduces the Cost of Caring for the Dogs

Why Would Anybody Ride A Horse If He Did Not Have Too

Still Today No Investigator Has Contacted Me 
On These Acts of Terrorism?
We Went To Bexar County Texas Homicide 
Several Times 
While They Sat There and Ate Tacos

Albert Garner International Terrorist Material Witness Knew Steve Earl who Went to Holmes High School. Earl along with other UA were Targeted By Rick Perry and was Censored by X-Governor Rick Perry. All 5816 Communications are to the SAT FBI Makes no Money from web Posting or is a paid informant, "Dear Ms Lynch DOJ Attorney General United States of America We Must Find New Ways and Means To Report Terrorism."

'e' Murders United Artist Patents San Antonio Texas Artist
I Have Not Got My Insurance Money or the 500,000 out of my bank Texas Stole!
Texas Mason's Grand Lodge Right Wing Extremist Group ‘Cult’ Localized
The Person of Interest was indited 'The Land Commissioner of Medina County Texas' and made a claim that all historical Markers on Federal Irrigation Channels Would Be Identified and Marked. That was last year. 

Then It Don't Really Matter Does It?
Get up off your ass and walk it see Briggs Road Medina Lake Irrigation Channel. the Location of Two Homicides Reported

(Grapes of Wrath

Ma  "How am I going to know about you Tommy, why they could kill you and
 I would never know. They could hurt you and I'd never know."

Tommy "Well, maybe it's like Casey says. A fellow an't got a soul of his own, just a little piece of a big Soul. The one big Soul that belongs to everybody, then..."

Ma  "Then what Tom?"

Tommy "Then it don't matter."

Tommy "I will be all around in the dark; I will be everywhere wherever you can look. 
Wherever there's a fight so hungry people can eat, I will be there. 

Wherever there is a cop beating up on a guy, I will be there. 
I will be in the way guys yell when they are mad.

I will be in way kids laugh anytime they are hungry and they know super is ready. 
And when the people are eating the stuff they raise, and living 
in the houses they build, I will be there too!"

And Terminated by

Blocked By Hackers to compete this page
Too Bad

You May Have a Claim To The Trillions They Stole
Start Here With Your Electric Bill Just Small Claims Compared to what Valero Corporate CEO's Are Going To Pay Back To 2004

Texas Mason Grand Lodge Right Wing Extremist Group ‘Cult’ Localized

Fire Creek
"Maybe that bullet in your leg will slow you down (Fonda)"...Jimmy Stewart "Nope you gonna die."
In Reference to the Simpleton who last name was Author that was hung without a trial.  
See the Movie Fire Creek Do Your Own Homework

Contact Texas Public Utility  Commission 
TX CP2015010767
Torture Cases Have Been Filed
You would know It By the Abuse
Verizon Failed To Fix and 
Note Retracted but filed with the FBI 06/29/2015

"When Texas Law Enforcement Fail it places the Burden on the FBI - So 
More Budget Money from Texas Police To the FBI Until The Texas Police 
Start Making Arrest

These Laws and human experimentations have been on the books for 50 years and the experimentation was a grant plagiarizing theft or disclosed Hacker using old weapons now shoot on site weapons by Private Security Firms who Protect Drug Traffickers or anybody with money

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Arrest U.S. Senator Cruz The illegal Exclusion By The Senate of U.S. Wardens

I Will Show You The Baby
Congressman Henry Cuellar District 28th Sends An Aid to Do My Bidding [No Problem But Where Is My Money]

Where is 456135816 money today!
Received from the White House Administration
I Live In Texas So Please Have the FBI
Deliver My Money Before Texas Steal That Too!

Ryan Guillian Texas Is In Federal Violation of the Law
Arrest Today
I. Overview of the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission

1. Introduction
The Foreign Claims Settlement Commission (FCSC) is a small, independent, quasi-judicial agency organized for administrative purposes within the Department of Justice that has a high profile and important mission in FY 2014: distribute to U.S. victims of international terrorism monies paid to the United States by foreign governments. Currently, the FCSC is in the latter stages of a historically large program to award compensation to U.S. victims of Libyan terrorism in which the Congress has taken an unprecedented interest. 

Additionally, the Commission is preparing to conduct another claims program to distribute compensation to U.S. victims of Iraqi actions during the Saddam Hussein era (Iraq has already paid to the United States approximately $400 million to satisfy these claims). Depending on the movement of events internationally,
other, similar programs can be anticipated. 

The work of adjudicating claims and awarding compensation is necessarily labor-intensive, requiring legal and factual research on the part of Commission staff, and adjudicatory work by the members of the Commission. The vast majority of its budget is necessary for personnel costs (notwithstanding the fact that the FCSC’s budget request does not include a request for additional positions); the bulk of the remainder is for fixed costs including rent and guard service. Electronic copies of the Department of Justice’s Congressional Budget Justifications and Capital Asset Plan and Business Case exhibits can be viewed or downloaded from the Internet using this Internet address:

The operating expenses of the Commission ultimately are borne only partially, if at all, by the taxpayer. In virtually all instances, the legislation authorizing the adjudication of claims has provided for deduction of 5% of the funds obtained from foreign governments for payment of the Commission's awards. This amount is deposited to the credit of miscellaneous receipts in the United States Treasury to defray administrative expenses. The Commission understands that approximately $20 million has been so deposited into the Treasury from the funds obtained
under the Libya Claims Program alone.

The Commission is prepared to provide any further information about the background of the Commission, its existing programs, Congressional interest in these programs, and the basis to support this budget request.

To date, the Commission has administered and completed 45 international and war-related claims programs involving claims against 18 countries: Yugoslavia, Panama, Bulgaria,Hungary, Romania, Italy, the former Soviet Union, the former Czechoslovakia, Poland, Cuba,China, the former German Democratic Republic, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Egypt, Iran, Albania, and the Federal Republic of Germany.
The Commission consists of a Chairman and two part-time Commissioners, who are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate [The illegal Exclusion By The Senate of Wardens Appointed by the President Overseas such as 456-135816], as well as legal and non-legal secretariat staff.

The Chairman and the part-time Commissioners receive compensation at the Executive Level V
rate of pay for performance of official business of the Commission.

Add To List of Yellow Sky XII Received By FBI HQ
I already Did The Labor MERCK CASE Still Valid
1. 979000.79 Merck-Medico-Texas Blue Cross
Reported Fraud on Death Bed 10% as Bush Mandate
2. DOJ Reported Criminals That Killed Me Reward Are Do Quai-Quam but no legal because of Rick Perry Will Hurd
3. Never Received a Penny due The Full Payout 
From the Merck Case 2,500,000
4. BICE Hit on 456135816 See Columbus Sheriff's Department Report

What Happened When Rick Perry Blocked Legal Access
No Legal Access So In This Case The FBI or Secret Service Needs To Collect The Moneys Due 456135816
*Any Give The Money To 456135816

The Fallacy of Robotics