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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Talks Dirty To The Telephone Monitor

BCI Fails the Spelling Bee 

Wiat a minte, I could not spell before BCI!

Henry Cuellar and John Cornyn Try To Find 30,000,000.00 in Funding

Welcome To Jungle "It All Got Out of Hand (John Cornyn)"

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hog Tie Private Dicks Blocking Phone Calls

Houston Se There Is Problem
My Lawyer Cannot Call So I Can Sign The Paperwork that You Are On
Let's Start Out Low And Work From There
   Disrupted My Web Page
Since 2006
Continuously Over 8 Years a Known 
And Reported 

Penetrating The Obscure Jungle Into The Light

Or Can The Veterans Hospital Contact Me
Witnesses and Noted

The Problem is Texas

Ted Lavender Reporting From The Dead

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Real 'Country Hick'

While I am writing the Book
Book 'em
The Smoking Gun

Explain the nature of your problem: __Background 2011__ I just sent a message to this person thinking that email was a friendly trying to help me at this URL: Check my deleted emails 
 the day before the Osama raid and you will find an email from Owens 18 hours before the kill 'Watch out Country Hick Some Shit is going down' with an attached 
video of what appeared to be a Hindu funereal. I just sent you a tip one hour ago that was valid. You will find other emails from Government offices in my deleted email account 
delete basket such as ‘I am Glad you finally said that’ which was concerning my pressing of criminal charges of threats to our farm by two agents that identified themselves as Secret Service
and CIA in 2008. Everything that has happened to me has a logical reason. I will be glad to testify or give you any other information that you need, anytime you ask. But you must ask me first; 
otherwise, I will assume that all my problems are in your good hands. These things are a job for the FBI not me the victim.  See Attached 2 pages mailed to the OIG and my State Senator Carlos 

I authorize Senator Ron Wyden and/or members of his staff to make the appropriate inquiry on my behalf. Privacy Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-579) became effective September 27, 1975.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Does Not Play Games

The Spider Game
Don't Play You Cannot Lose
But You Are Obsessed By Games
Tea Party Terrorism Brought Down
The Republican House
That is a lot of Green The ACLU Needs No Disclosure From The FBI
Known To Border Residents for Over A Decade
Reported But The DOJ Failed Each and Every Time
Do Bohemian Garden Presidents Who Use Top Secret Equipment Not Authorized For Their Use
Have Impunity
HEll NO!
Did They Do It

So Try and Find The Lawyer That Has A Billion Dollar Claim Against The State of Texas
Representing Real Texas Border Cowboys

Does The Tea Party Reported For Terrorism Use Unauthorized Top Secret
Devices To Fool The Public

Is That Against The Law

HELL YES Crimes Against Humanity!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Shut Texas Executions Down Today Until These People of Public Trust Tell The Truth

Roadrunners The Coyote Got You

I Forgot – the first claim of my grades being change should have been prosecute or settled but it was not because the lawyers at UTSA were also mangers of programs and everything they held private belongs to me by law. I wrote Greg Abbott and him and the FBI I did not want to get in the way of their investigation – and remained silent. One of those things is that they illegal hacked my email and every lawyer I talked to!  Why We Need NSA!

Confirmed by Phone Call by the 

Domestic and International Electronic Terrorism
It Sounds Like Kent State But It Is
The Texas Tea Party

Waiting for A Call from The United States State Department
Who Is Responsible For My Legal Services and the Heath and Well-being of Me and All Those Associated With Me
Video controlled outside my hands 
Texas University Systems are so Large Any Change In Text Books is Transferred by Publishers Nationally

 As Campuses Shootings Rose 100 fold after the Publication of The Landmark Study by a Bush 
Ex-Secret Service Agent 2006

"Therapeutic Remedies That Worked In Years Gone-by Is Now Therapeutic Discourse by
Financial Risk Attorney After the Damage Was Done"

Five Years Latter Two Federal Marshall's
Showed-up On The Farm Spewing Out Classified Information
 As Two Children Are Kidnapped 5 Miles Away
I Went Immediately To The Atascosa Co Texas Sheriff's Office "Oh They Can Do Whatever They Want" I Said By Instruction by the FBI If Anything Happens On This Farm Report It to The Sheriff If They Do Not Respond Contact Us Immediately! 
With Eight Witnessed Two At Their Guard Shack
Retaliation Still Not Address by Homeland
FAA First Respond-er and Disabled Veteran(s)
Elderly, Children, and Disabled

1.Reprisal against complainants to CRCL is unlawful; if you feel you have been a victim of reprisal, CALL US.
1-866-644-8360.Done 12/27/2013
This was a follow-up  Call They Have Never Called Me Back

The Whole Neighborhood Was Listening

Assimilated Faster Than The Internet From Atascosa County
De Rio  El Paso and Devine Texas

"The Stench of Corruption Hit Every Nostril in South Central Texas within 24 hours"

Not Free Speech Force Participation For Protection
It Is Not Our Fault Leadership Toadies Lied And Took
Credit For A Valid Criminal Complaint

by Request Letter from Senator John Cornyn
 ‘Sue the University’
I Personally went the Offices All Available Federal Funded Disabled Attorneys set-up 
by John Cornyn for Dispute Resolution without Conflict
They Refused To Take My Case and Transferred Attorney Clinic Privilege Information

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hook 'em Horns

Hook 'em Horns
We Own Texas Stand Your Ground
Positive Intelligence Never Pays
What Does It Matter When it Has To Do with
 National Security

Department Mission Statement
Shape and sustain a peaceful, prosperous, just, and democratic world and foster conditions for stability and progress for the benefit of the American people and people everywhere.
--From the FY 2013 Agency Financial Report,
released December 2013

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hillary Clinton Used a Device that Carries a 25 years Sentence Arrest Today

When You Need A Friend 
And One Can't Be Found
The United States State Department
Take The SOB Out Yourself

A Mountain of Light
Hillary's Secret Lunch at The White House
We Want These People Brought To Justice
These Attacks Were Not Foreign 
They Were The Abuse of Power
Women Children The Elderly and Disabled
1/2 The Federal Budget Used By People Not Authorized 
To Use It.
Unforgettable Unforgivable
By The Fly On The Wall The First To Know
See Private Correspondence DOJ
Waiting for the End of 5 Year FBI Investigation
Dear Eric Holder, it is with my deepest regrets that you're honorable position as the United States Attorney General, has been attacked by the most depraved souls elevated from the depths of Hades to lead the great state of Texas, sense her annexation into the union, in the year 1845.  

Human Exploitaiton With Weapons
Kowon To Man Sense War Wrold II
"Real Jews In Real Ovens"

Senator John Cornyn has just transmitted another email that jeopardizes national security with classified information, who as a member of the United States Senate has sworn to keep secret, is in violation of that oath with the intent to regain monetary pecuniary status of inside trading partners, defrocked from their lofty positions as lords of Wall Street.

Senator Cornyn last letter is demanding your resignation and impeachment for moot allegations, which you had no control over; inherited by you from a Republican GOP takeover in the years of 2000 to April 2009, which corrupted the whole global economic system. The GOP plans were finalized by the illegal dismissal of honorable Federal Judges by George Bush, who would not co-operate with a scheme of deregulation for easy access to large sums of money by the hands of greedy politicians. 

Most disturbing, The remaining bias appointees, produced legislation that is contrary to our State and Federal constitution and deprives the citizens of the state their own pursuit of economic prosperity by hard work, ingenuity, and innovation. 

The level of panic of those demanding your resignation will only increase, as investors that once had privy to lucrative inside market information, pressure and lose faith in the actors in this vicious cycle of corruption that has been going on for the last twenty-five years.

Very few people know, the 2008 financial collapse root cause was from inside trading by those of public trust, who  benefited by creating a false belief of "Global Terror" or those in congress that signed off on legislation that created the mega-trillion dollar white elephant "Top Secret America." The majority of this costly legislation passed in the name of National Security Justified by the 911 Patriot act is an unnecessary expense and burden on the American people with global consequences.

Certainly, there are many other factors associated with the financial meltdown that peaked in fall 2008 such as the housing collapse, 741 billion dollar U.S. personal credit card debt, and market deregulation: however, the main causal factor was the blank check authorization for Private Security Firms prior to April 2009. 

In fact, economist will tell you what saved the market and banks after the market collapsed, was the investment in Private Firms and Domestic Surveillance for fear of rebellion by the citizens of the United States!  

Trillions of dollars invested in Domestic Surveillance to watch Billions of Invisible People; raped by their own representatives is a ridiculous notion which manifested into reality as "Top Secret America" by those of Public Trust that hold leadership positions in Congress and the Senate.

Compounding the problems are the ungodly crimes against the citizens of Texas and the United States of America, who have boldly step forward and reported these crimes to the proper authorities, also cor-rupted by a culture of dishonestly and in fact have retaliated against those that speak out. I am just one of those citizens that have pressed your office for justice, while hindsight tells me that just maybe doing the right thing was wrong.

On June 13, 2012 I made my way to the Honorable District Attorney Rene M. Pena, 1327 Third Street Floresville, Texas without any legal consul and pressed for criminal charges to be brought upon the State of Tex-as. My request was met with laughter,  I am not trained in law; however, the context of my allegations shows just one more victimize citizen of Texas, with crimes similar to those of Nazi Germany in the late 1930's. Make no mistake about it, my allegations are not an exaggeration and bring shame upon the state of Texas, to allow such treatment of peaceful citizens including women, children, and the elderly.

Let it be known, that I have filed criminal charges against the state of Texas that implicate people in the highest offices of State and Federal Government which includes, State Sponsored Terroristic Threats, Stalking, Retaliation, and the use of ungodly Non-lethal Weapons of the mind, that If not for God Almighty, I would have not sustained my sanity to protect those that I love.

Again, I am just one of many citizens that have pressed your office for justice, while hindsight tells me that doing the right thing was wrong; however, now it is the case, my life as well as others, and those we love have been put into jeopardy as we all live in fear.

Lastly, If you pursue these criminal charges, the attacks by people such as Senator John Cornyn, threatened by those who have had a long history of monetary advantage over the stock market, will only increase the attacks on your integrity by Texas leadership and the Republican GOP.

So Use Military Force If That What IT Takes To Bring These Criminals To Justice - Treason is The Reason and the Justification But we Never Had Legal Representation and Do not know the law other than the dead bodies in coffins at funerals we Attend. 

We beg that you stay on to the last moment of your term and pursue every criminal charge, if the whole Texas legislative branch is indicted and brought  before a justice demanding bail or confinement until their scheduled court date, then so be it - God have mercy on all our souls.

OCR Dallas, Washington HHS, IVERP, The FBI, Homeland Security Are Responsible Texas Victims of Crimes is one of the Office That Attack Us, So It is the FBI Responsibility To Issue Warrants For Arrest and Prosecution of the People That Used These Device On Us Who Are Known To Us and The FBI. 

Your own families are at risk of this same illegal behavior including the families of the agencies mention if you do not do your job -  Issue Warrants For Arrest and Prosecution of the People That Used These Device On Us Who Are Known To Us and The FBI. That include any device a simple as Television Hacking Should Not Be Thought of a Benign When Several Suicides Are Known. We are tired of going to funerals.