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Friday, June 6, 2014

Shut Texas Executions Down Today Until These People of Public Trust Tell The Truth

Roadrunners The Coyote Got You

I Forgot – the first claim of my grades being change should have been prosecute or settled but it was not because the lawyers at UTSA were also mangers of programs and everything they held private belongs to me by law. I wrote Greg Abbott and him and the FBI I did not want to get in the way of their investigation – and remained silent. One of those things is that they illegal hacked my email and every lawyer I talked to!  Why We Need NSA!

Confirmed by Phone Call by the 

Domestic and International Electronic Terrorism
It Sounds Like Kent State But It Is
The Texas Tea Party

Waiting for A Call from The United States State Department
Who Is Responsible For My Legal Services and the Heath and Well-being of Me and All Those Associated With Me
Video controlled outside my hands 
Texas University Systems are so Large Any Change In Text Books is Transferred by Publishers Nationally

 As Campuses Shootings Rose 100 fold after the Publication of The Landmark Study by a Bush 
Ex-Secret Service Agent 2006

"Therapeutic Remedies That Worked In Years Gone-by Is Now Therapeutic Discourse by
Financial Risk Attorney After the Damage Was Done"

Five Years Latter Two Federal Marshall's
Showed-up On The Farm Spewing Out Classified Information
 As Two Children Are Kidnapped 5 Miles Away
I Went Immediately To The Atascosa Co Texas Sheriff's Office "Oh They Can Do Whatever They Want" I Said By Instruction by the FBI If Anything Happens On This Farm Report It to The Sheriff If They Do Not Respond Contact Us Immediately! 
With Eight Witnessed Two At Their Guard Shack
Retaliation Still Not Address by Homeland
FAA First Respond-er and Disabled Veteran(s)
Elderly, Children, and Disabled

1.Reprisal against complainants to CRCL is unlawful; if you feel you have been a victim of reprisal, CALL US.
1-866-644-8360.Done 12/27/2013
This was a follow-up  Call They Have Never Called Me Back

The Whole Neighborhood Was Listening

Assimilated Faster Than The Internet From Atascosa County
De Rio  El Paso and Devine Texas

"The Stench of Corruption Hit Every Nostril in South Central Texas within 24 hours"

Not Free Speech Force Participation For Protection
It Is Not Our Fault Leadership Toadies Lied And Took
Credit For A Valid Criminal Complaint

by Request Letter from Senator John Cornyn
 ‘Sue the University’
I Personally went the Offices All Available Federal Funded Disabled Attorneys set-up 
by John Cornyn for Dispute Resolution without Conflict
They Refused To Take My Case and Transferred Attorney Clinic Privilege Information

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