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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Drunk Driving Deaths Justify Mass Transportation San Antonio Texas

A Way to Jobs Now

The South Central Texas Passenger Railways Existing and Planned 

A Way To Jobs Now Pan American Northern Orient Express
“A Way to Jobs Now” reduces traffic deaths by the same proceeds generated by tragic losses of life and limb, by fines and insurance securities today, now, and tomorrow!

The Pan American Railways is Grand Picture and Diplomatic solution of the Countries Involved, stakeholders, Investors, Texas and the United States State Department. 

The Pan American Northern and Southern Orient Express
"Where East Meets West"
 A Way to Jobs Now

"A Way to Jobs Now" Is a Small Portion of That Grand Picture and a solution to State and Federal Agencies including DHS for Safer Borders, Not Defending Border Lines; an Abstract Conception of those who do not live on in TxMx Border Districts. 

United States Citizens as well as South American nationals want a safe way to cross the border and come home safely again. “A Way to Jobs Now” cuts the coyote out of the Transportation business and other illegal human trafficking networks, who take in $5,000.00 to $15,000.00 a person to cross the border without any guarantees or protection of the people they transport. 

Others, desperately try to walk across the deserts border Arizona and many die of thirst, including pregnant women, children, the ageing, who should be able to buy a train ticket along with a stamp temporary, permanent, or work visas to enter the United States as well as United States workers to pass safely into México for work or pleasure under the same conditions. 

How can we protect the people of both countries, if they do not have a way to identify themselves through the U.S. States Department and come and go legally, which is not an immigration reform problem it is a transportation problem, that can be solve by engineering safe transportation across the Texas Mexican border – “A Way to jobs Now.”

Most importantly, traffic deaths after a fun evening out in the river city should not be a death trip home as reported in the Burnt Orange Report as follows:

The City of Austin launches "Know before You Go, Get Home Safe," Council to Consider Rideshare  
by:  Joe Deshotel  
Fri May 09, 2014 at 03:30 PM CDT 
On May 4th the City of Austin  -- reeling from several recent highly publicized drunk driving deaths -- launched a new page on its website aimed at helping residents and visitors find their way home safe at night. It includes every current legal means to get home along with their contact information, plus some basic helpful tips. 
One thing you won't find any mention of is rideshare. That's because the City of Austin has so far not approved any, but on May 15th the Council will consider a pilot program to do just that. 

I spoke with Transportation spokeswoman Samantha Alexander -- see what she said below the jump...

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