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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Don't Shoot Vet Looking Up Air Bases For Medical Records

EL188592691US In D.C. Wed 25 2015
"He Only Had a Hay's Dollar to Make It To Next Wednesday"
Hackers play stereo over and again remotely as my family is there

Delivered The List 

See Intense Interrogations by the State of Texas Harming Other People They Did Not Know Was There
"No Jimmy Don't Shoot! I Did not know she was there (Jesse James and Trillion Grand Larceny )" 
'This is Texas Vet Job But They Failed'

See Criminal Report Texas Breach DEERs and thousands of Veterans wait for Appeals

If your records are missing from the VA or you get a threat like below then report the hack to the Local FBI
Phone Call from 502-566-4104 Alamo FBI Give Them a Call Thank You - They Don't Respond - 20 Years waiting for appeal is VA Accounting Systemic Malpractice

Explosion Gulfport Florida Reported at Time of Threat To Alamo FBI SAT Texas View By My Whole Family
"Any bomb is a Terrorist Act (Obama 2014)"
This Explosion should be on the FBI Terrorist Date Line
A Data Miner Is Key and His Creed is all Greed
Auditory MSsgt. Reviewing My Hearing Loss Dies In Explosion
The Record Is Important to Investigators not me the veteran I am not an Investigator
Privacy Release Already Signed By This Veteran

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