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Saturday, May 2, 2015


Quicksilver Wars
Prompted By Texas Hackers

LSC How About Just a Lawyer 
'It's Cheaper and more effective'


Appropriations, 2004 $335,282,000
Budget estimate, 2005 329,300,000
Committee recommendation 335,000,000
The Committee recommends an appropriation of $335,000,000. The recommendation is $282,000 below the fiscal year 2004 funding level and
$5,700,000 above the budget request. The Committee recommendation includes $312,251,000 for basic field programs, to be used for competitively awarded grants and contracts, $13,900,000 for management and administration, $3,400,000 for client selfhelp
and information technology, $2,600,000 for the Office of the Inspector General, and $2,849,000 for grants to offset losses due to census adjustments.

The Committee recommendation continues the administrative provisions contained in the fiscal year 1998 appropriations act (Public Law 105119)
regarding operation of this program to provide basic legal services to poor individuals and the restrictions on the use of Legal Services Corporation [LSC] funds.

Grantees must agree not to engage in litigation and related activities with respect to a variety of matters including: (1) redistricting; (2) class
action suits; (3) representation of illegal aliens; (4) political activities; (5) collection of attorney fees; (6) abortion; (7) prisoner litigation; (8) welfare reform; (9) representation of charged drug dealers during eviction proceedings; and (10) solicitation of clients. The exception to the
restrictions in a case where there is imminent threat of physical harm to the client or prospective client remains in place.

The manner in which the LSC grantees are audited through contracts with certified public accountants for financial and compliance audits are continued along with the provisions on recompetition and debarment.

'Hello Kitty Kidnapping Murder Grand Larceny' 
Dear Congressman Henry Cuellar We Will Be There

Jourdanton County Courthouse
May 7, 2015
1 Courthouse Circle
12:30pm - 2:00pm
Jourdanton, TX

Why We Need NSA:

We Must Find Ways And Means To Protect Privacy Out of The Hands of the State of Texas
Hackers and Data Miners Year of Doom

Greg Abbott Monitoring of War-games is not the same Attacks by X-Governor Rick Perry when they pull the shingles off top your house and people die in Atascosa County Texas Rene Pena Presiding DA Wilson County Texas

Comal County Homicide Texas Has 
Several Homicide Cases To Work

Typesetter Tale Tale Signs of Public Corruption Read More Buy a Copy of "The Devine News"

See the Monarch Butterflies

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Texas Keystone Cops Code There is A Magic in It

Forced Participation for Protection
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