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Friday, May 22, 2015

2015 Christmas Black Out

2015 Christmas Black Out 

Will not Happen In Texas Again
Prosecute To Fullest Extent of the Law

Steve McQueen Survives Apache Attacks Hondo Texas
The solution "knock on Doors" 
The last man out of  Vietnam takes them all out Somebody needs  to send HHS to see if Laura Bush is ok after they find out the guys 
they harmed where underneath their house the whole time!

Just like the Hanoi Consultant fifth name down from George
 H. W. Bush check Texas Governor Mansion log The last man out of  Vietnam takes them all out

My pappy use to say never play poker Mav-e-rick Perry Congressman Will Hurd Are:
'Call a White Supremacy A White Supremacy'

The last man out of  Vietnam takes them all out
by The Flying Ace of Spades
Everybody Knows Its Windy
The G. W. Bush Association
'blogger&passive' - Malpractice = Deaths
Sony on the Verizon Sunset
'Private Security Firms Failed Over and Again
So Here lays Jesse James. 
Who was creeping under you door way - or how did we know?

Miami Retirement Success Story No. 1, ‘My business was destroyed by fire’

Miami Retirement Success Story No. 2, ‘My business was destroyed by a flood’

Miami Retirement Success Story No. 1, ‘How Do you start a flood?’

U.N. Complaint Supported By Bill White see Research "We do all that [Voter Fraud] with computers (Rick Perry)." So Why Vote? Texas is a Bad Example to Countries That Justify Incumbents to Auto-vote themselves into office, "How Can the U.S. Condemn our African Country for Doing The Same Thing They Do In Texas?"

We Need To Applied Voter Laws That Already Exist That Make These Application Vote For you or you to vote for an application not the candidate

Hack Another Voter Fraud Felony Hacking See Programmers in  Witness Protection Hired by the GOP to write Program Applications that actually Kill
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