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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Watches PYSOPS Reruns Gun Smoke Still Smoking

Disgusting Texas CIT

I Guess I Have To file Another ADA Complaint 04/15/2015
So I Did
Tracking Number: 70133020000239523651
Government goes to sleep 11/17/2014 Texas Border Districts Pounded Aerospace Electronic Attacks 04/15/2015

Police Refuse to Cooperate
First Post This Page 08/20/2014
Dear Lord 
Somethings Take A Real Texas Cowboy

That Makes 4 Books You Owe Me
Old Hat Nice Try Houston Se

Let there be one day I do not need to contact FBI protective Services

Let there be one day Houston Se does not 
try to frame me

Let there be one day I don’t have to post espionage to Amazon to get the CIA’s attention

Let there one day I don't have to watch Rawhide without a subliminal commercial 

Mostly, let there be a one day the VA actually takes a 
sample of my Non-Hopkins in my ass or why I do not wear pants

For all other things – God Bless America

by Rawhide 08/20/2014

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