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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Ticket "What do you think Sheriff?"

Boeing George Bush Laura
Vioxx Murders

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Death Valley Days
Is There a Lawyer in Texas Do the World a Favor Not Having Confront Me Personally
As A Matter of Court Record 
Why Is RICO Perry Not Behind Bars?

Dear Bill White the Next Governor of Texas,
May 2010

I just sent my final report to the White House about the

abuses of Rick Perry justifying free-for-spending and Military attacks on political opponents which in my case is a matter of court record with 100 of pages of testimony as a matter of record stored in  investigation files with the following agencies: The Office of Civil Rights Dallas, Kathleen Sebelius Secretary of Health and Human Services Washington D.C., Ralph Ruiz FBI Head Quarters San Antonio Texas, and Court Documents Blanco County Texas April 23, 2010. The essay or report is lengthily but straight to the point delivering a mountain of evidence against Rick Perry Governor of Texas who retaliated against me and my family for filing a civil rights grievance in 2007. I believe, if you look the document over carefully, you will see it is your ticket to the newly renovated Governor Mansion in Austin, that should be ready for you and your family after you are elected in November 2010. The full report is located at this URL

And thank you for your personal letter to me actually signed by your own pin 

Gregory O’Dell
1290 Mc Coy Road
Somerset Texas 78069
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