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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Edward Snowden Snowball Effect

The Great Escape By Steve McQueen
The Boston Terrorists Strangler
No Fight X Governor Perry 
is Going To Prison 
Read The Police Reports Not My Blogs

What Fight? Belly-Up X-Governor RICO Perry You Not Only Lost the Battle But Perry's Tea Party war Against The United States of America.

"When Treason Is The Reason"

By a Service Connect Recovering Comatose Quadriplegic, Who Got Sicker Everyday the DOJ Failed To Act - 7 Years of "Money Pissed Against the Chinese Surveillance Wall", when witnesses come knocking at the Police Doors and turned away in Texas.

"We Must Have New Ways And Means To Report Terrorism and Protect Terrorist Victims, Witnesses, and Informants(G.N. O'Dell)."
First known Post 12/21/2013
Read The Police Reports Not My Blogs
The Police Help Me and I Am Sure They 
Will Help You!

We Know Who They Are 
By Name Go To Jail
Edward Snowden Scam 
Chinese Hack What-a-burger

Russian Espionage Case

Port Aransas Texas 

NSA Edward Snowden Hacking 
Reported In Texas First
Just Like the Runaway Sikh Temple 

Texas NSA Killer,_the_Russians_Are_Coming

Again and left 01 29 2015

 Espionage Case Port Aransas 

Texas Police Department 
201500000 Badge XXX
Evidence In My Glove Box Waiting for an Investigator
Snowball was from Corpus Christie The Same Place Rick Perry
Has My Home In Atascosa Swatted Twice by Texas Rangers
Reported Under Surveillance Camera and Deputy Confirmed

First post 12/21/2013
Tea Party Terrorism Backed By Iran

Updated How Many Times Are You Going Change The Name of the Enemies of the United States of America

Latest Breach of my Files 
They Never Go Away

Bio-lethal Weapons Testing Latinos in Texas 
By-passed Congress 
Supported By Texas Tea Party Congressmen!

The Men In Black Are Back
Why just keep it in the family?

The New Niche Watch Them Before They Watch You! 

In June of 2013, A Federal Aviation First Responder, Identified a break in National Security and worked with Congressman Henry Cuellar to now include Federal First Responders single point reporting with the Texas State Emergency Response System. Anyone who holds a Valid FAA certificate can now participate from any location 24/7 adding thousands of eyes and ears to our National Security Network.

Knowledgeable of the change, South Central Texans are still waiting for a complete audit to the last dime requested from the Texas State Comptroller spent by the State of Texas for every chase or “No-kill Flight” coined ‘Joy-coptying’. This is not a shot at professional pilots who are triggered for a mission on orders by the DOD.  These Pilots know what they are doing and any FAA certificate holder can be a blessing if in the right place at the right time. 

It was part of the economy drive in preparation for hate week.
The flat was seven flights up, and Winston, who was thirty-nine,
and a varicose ulcer above his right ankle, went slowly, resting several times on the way.
It was one of those pictures which are so contrived that the eyes follow you when your move.
Big Brother is Watching You, the caption beneath it ran (Orwell)." 

The audit request is in regards to the abuse of the Texas Department of Public Safety on a leak concerning political stalking by Greg Abbott’s fusion centers of thousands of Texans from 2000 to April 2009. The political targeting started out with blue and white police helicopters, then with black domestic helicopters that were given to the state of Texas to protect and serve the public. 

The Chief of Police Bexar County is well aware of this abuse and holds statistics of the stalking. The DPS records office also has documentation of the rough amount of billions of dollars in fuel, maintenance, and needless over-time spent is State and Federal dollars that finally came to a complete end, sometime after June 25, 2013.  
Attorney General Greg Abbott just made a statement that he cannot go back and change legislation that was taken from Texas education but the police can go back and investigate every penny of abuse and fine the state of Texas and compensate victims or even better transfer the fines to the education system. 

Most of victims were poverty stricken minorities, many high school students in Texas major cities and rural farmers south of the Medina River; stretching all the way to Falcon Lake. During month of June 2013 Texas Governor Rick Perry had targeted Senator Wendy Davis and supporters by DPS full alert leaving only Texas Game Wardens to stalk others, who [Yours truly] happened to be in the right place at the right time! 

June 25, 2013
Texas Game Wardens Seize 10,000-plus Feet of Gill Net 
The two operations – which involved dozens of game wardens — focused on detecting and reducing criminal activity including apprehending poachers, trespassers, human smugglers, and drug smugglers in rural areas along the south Texas border region.

Operation Brush Guard took place near Kingsville and Falfurrias while Operation Tilapia focused on Lake Falcon, near Zapata.  The combined operations included integral support from the U.S. Border Patrol, county sheriffs and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

One of these operations was not the case of protecting and serving the public but a political attack that involved Congressman Blake Farenthold because of a “Before It Is News” article concerning the arrest of his sister, busted at a huge meth operation with weapons more sophisticated than our own police! Blake Farenthold is a Tea Party Member and it is a fact that the Tea Party brought harm to thousands of Texans. 

Texas Tea Party Congressman Fast and Furious Obstruction of Justice Revealed
Update: The Burden of Proof Radio Microwaves Used on Texans for GOP Political Control
by: Arctotraveler
Mon Jun 18, 2012 at 06:53 AM CDT

Note: The Date Corresponds To The Smoke Screen Attack on The United States Attorney General "Terry's' Family Asked Congressman Farenthold, Blake Judiciary Oversight and Government Reform and Senator John Cornyn  To Stop Using His Death As A Political Statement" but a movie was made titled "Fast and Furious", which was a smoke screen attack on the United States Attorney General. 

This congressman stalked me and my extended families with Deadly Force without due cause and cut my vacation short in Port Aransas Texas. Not an allegation but reported to authorities. All together my extended family is near over 25,000 South Central constituents of Henry Cuellar, who by consequence has many of his own relatives working for law enforcement, who should be willing to share the story to the FBI. Why just keep it in the family?

Full Article At This Link:

Forced Participation for Protection! Why Be Obscure When People Are Tortured, Abused and Murdered?

The following essay was true when wrote it in 2008 revised with new information as the media corrected it and is as true as the media statements from credible journalist, which i am just a victim.

The Fishing Trip From Hell 2007 - 2013
George W. Bush Mandates That by-passed Congress
Real Texas Criminals 
The phrase 'Secret Service" includes FBI, CIA,  NSA, and Secret Service
 any Classified Service including The State of Texas along with 
Congressional Abuse
Page 002

Page 003

Page 004

Part II 

BCI Is another Oxymora Locked In- Pretty Bad

Now Maybe we Can Use the Tech to save lives
Not Torture Them

"You Guys Give Edward Snowden two much credit"

The Things People Say and Why They Say Them

The Last Man Out of Vietnam Takes Them All Out

Show Down At The Dew Drop Inn

A Real Texas Cowboy

"Looks and Sounds Dumb a Master at 
Deception and Espionage" 

"Alexander tended to be a bit of a cowboy:

The Cowboy of the NSA  

'Let's not worry about the law. Let's just figure out how to get the job done,'" says a former intelligence official who has worked with both men. "That caused General Hayden some heartburn." 

The Cowboy of the NSA 

Inside Gen. Keith Alexander's all-out, barely-legal drive to build the ultimate spy machine.

Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden had been running the NSA since 1999, through the 9/11 terrorist attacks and into a new era that found the global eavesdropping agency increasingly focused on Americans' communications inside the United States. At times, Hayden had found himself swimming in the murkiest depths of the law, overseeing programs that other senior officials in government thought violated the Constitution. Now Hayden of all people was worried that Alexander didn't understand the legal sensitivities of that new mission. 

"Alexander tended to be a bit of a cowboy: 'Let's not worry about the law. Let's just figure out how to get the job done,'" says a former intelligence official who has worked with both men. "That caused General Hayden some heartburn." 

Inside Gen. Keith Alexander's all-out, barely-legal drive to build the ultimate spy machine. 

The general didn't say how exactly to make this determination, but it was all the justification Alexander needed. "Hayden's attitude was 'Yes, we have the technological capability, but should we use it?' Keith's was 'We have the capability, so let's use it,'" says the former intelligence official who worked with both men.

 NSA Veterans: The White House Is Hanging Us Out to Dry
'There has been no support for the agency from the President, and this has not gone unnoticed.' 

"The President is uncomfortable defending this. Maybe he spends too much time reading blogs on the left," Baker said. "That's fatal in cases like this. You have to make the case because nobody else will." 

Former intelligence officials who remain in regular contact with those still in government say that morale at the NSA is low, both because of the reaction to leaks by former contractor Edward Snowden, which put the normally secretive agency under intense scrutiny, and because of budget cutbacks and the continuing government shutdown, which has left some employees furloughed without pay. 

You Guys Give Edward Snowden two much credit. Maybe Alexandar spends too much time reading blogs on the left? 

What's Missing?
 Connection and Memberships To The Aryan Brotherhood Texas (ABT) To Texas State Offices Associated with Neoconservative Texas Leadership

Texas Fusion Centers Used To Target 
Political Opponents 

My family gets stalked by a low attitude border drone under the control of Governor Rick Perry and deadly force for five years, 
While Aryan Brotherhood Murder Squad Is Assisted By the State of Texas?

How Many Work In State And Federal Offices That Have Access To and can Manipulate Federal and State Data?

We Do Know Of One - How Many More Are Embedded In Government Agencies? 


Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs
Friday, May 10, 2013

Reputed Aryan Brotherhood of Texas Gang Leader Pleads Guilty to Federal Racketeering Charges

An alleged general of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas gang (ABT) pleaded guilty today to racketeering charges related to his membership in the ABT’s criminal enterprise, announced Acting Assistant Attorney General Mythili Raman of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson of the Southern District of Texas.

Charles Lee Roberts, aka “Jive,” 67, of Beaumont, Texas, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Sim Lake in the Southern District of Texas to one count of conspiracy to participate in racketeering activity. 

According to court documents, Roberts and other ABT gang members and associates, agreed to commit multiple acts of murder, robbery, arson, kidnapping and narcotics trafficking on behalf of the ABT gang. 

Roberts and numerous ABT gang members met on a regular basis at various locations throughout Texas to report on gang-related business, collect dues, commit disciplinary assaults against fellow gang members and discuss acts of violence against rival gang members, among other things.  

By pleading guilty to racketeering charges, Roberts admitted to being a member of the ABT criminal enterprise.

According to the superseding indictment, the ABT was established in the early 1980s within the Texas prison system.  The gang modeled itself after and adopted many of the precepts and writings of the Aryan Brotherhood, a California-based prison gang that was formed in the California prison system during the 1960s.  According to the superseding indictment, previously, the ABT was primarily concerned with the 
protection of white inmates and white supremacy/separatism.  Over time, the ABT expanded its criminal enterprise to include illegal activities for profit.

Full Article:

Bibliography of The Scam 
Don't Blame The President For Your 
Criminal Tea Party Acts

i. Kissing Up Is Not Going To You Save Now Too Late The Great GOP Snow Job
Gullible Fast and Furious Travels from Benghazi to Bullshit Island
Texas Se Houston are Criminals a Matter of Fact

ii. Texas Six Years of Torment Torture Manslaughter Grand Thief in Billions and Murder
Texas Gang of Four Face Corruption Charges and Prison Sentences!

iii. The Great GOP Snowjob It Was Good For Me Was It Good For You
Snowden Releases Transparent Information Already Assimilated By The Media Sense 2009

Don't Let Another Office Christmas Party 
Get In Your Way!
Video is better than what I had posted in 2013

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