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Thursday, August 21, 2014

In Texas Are You Crazy

Further Your Education On Line?
In Texas, a state that cannot be trusted with petty cash at a hot-dog stand. Sure! Write with Microsoft word and publish your own newspaper or maybe write a book or patent a design for trolls to steal.  Not to worry the Ethics committee is on your side “nobody is above the law.”

Who’s Law? The RICO psycho terrorist or Murphy’s Law “if can happen it will happen and did.”

Further your education on line, when you receive emails from dead people that are scanned over by the  “Robocoptic Finger “ or you find out a family member has committed suicide from human experimentation or integrative techniques that have been illegal in every state of union sense the 1950’s? 
Robocoptic Finger of Fate
Hell No!

When You Get I.T. Fixed and Put The Texas Criminal Hackers in Jail, 
Let Us Know!

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