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Thursday, August 28, 2014

No Means to an End Some Hacker is Obstructing Justice Now
Texas Victims People of Means by no Means

A very inspiring story of bravery and commitment is the battle of the Alamo on the day Col. Travis drew a line in the sand, asking the 200 defenders to cross and stand against Santa Anna would be death, but would give time for General Houston to gain the time he needed.

Me? I would not know if this story to be true. Travis ordered me to deliver a message to General Houston, and his choice was not based on what he told me, "You are light agile and the fastest rider we have." 

"Mount your pony and let no man stand in your way." 

I resisted, overhearing Col. Travis and the other men talking about me, not wanting a sixteen year old boy to die with them. Travis pulled his pistol and ordered me, "Mount that horse or die where you stand." [See the Alamo FBI They Helped Me and I Am Sure They Will Help You. Some Hacker is Obstructing Justice Now 12:43 hours 08/28/2014 and missed up my cowboy novel. that makes 7 books Houston Se Owes Me]

I placed the letter inside my shirt deep and jerk the reins as my pony, jumped and cleared the wall of the Alamo, “Never looking back to see if my friends had come.”

After delivering the message waiting in the Robert E. Lee Hotel lobby; a bellhop drops a note in my lap that read, "You don't lead enough organized crime to be considered effective." Across the fountain that decorated the lobby, a dark haired gentlemen’s face was peeking out an open door.  His eyes tell me to drop the message in a wastebasket just like the trash that dropped the note in my lap. He jerked his head to follow, leaving the door part way open. I got up and made my way to the entrance. 

I walked around the fountain toward the door as body bumped up against me.  I said, “excuse me’ to the bellhop righting his vest  with a tug or two, while staring back with contempt that pushed me further to the door that open to  the stairwell leading up to the sound of the gentlemen’s footsteps.

Ted Lavender Rev IV 08/28/2014 
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