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Monday, August 4, 2014

Find the geek with graph start arresting Redrum Redrum Redrum (arsi o'dell graph)

Kens5 TV KOCH Bro News
 Things That Don't Matter? 
Local News As If There Are No More 
Tea Party Illegal Militia Murder Bodies To Dig Up And They Are Digging Them Up

The Torture Team
NEPAL: Torture victims file case against police at

"It All Got Out Of Hand (Senator Cornyn)"
This is just 2004 -2005
The Police Sworn Officers Build Empires Off of Federal Funding

Pay The Money Back

Beyond Your Own Ears and Illegal
Terrorism and Espionage

First Post 05/28/2014
Bush Human Experimentation
Redrum Redrum  Redrum (arsi o'dell graph)"

It’s not my fault really; it was a human experiment that went wrong in 2007. They had targeted my brother through his computer satellite system and he transmitted or transported an essay titled “PLUTONIA” to my system. Anyways, they continued to do experimentations on my brother not knowing that they tapped into my computer 150 miles south near the Tex Mex border and what happened was awful and inhumane. So it goes when people play god and human life is treated like a cheap commodity save the wealthy few or those in power. 


by a Real Texas Cowboy Daniel O'Dell

 Dust specks were twirling about; the hard ground came upward, Tumbleweeds rolled, a coyote howled, A doctors office, nearby, Chris looked at the sign; all it said was “EXPOSED.” A dusty broken windowed doctors office, nearby; Chris turned back when the bugle on The Zillakowidic Thronmenclator was blaring out. Chris walked down to the end of the drive. Joe Oldclean said, “There you are!” Katrina Hipburn said, “We’ve been looking for you for two jovial orbits and one loudy-moon-a-tude displacement.” Chris climbed in the back seat, when he asked Dewey, “Why didn’t you just swoop down, then pick me up.” Dewey Decimal said, “What do you mean?” Christ said, “Back there at that Curved Ville Place.” Dewey looked around, “What are you talking about?” Chris said, “When you were flying; and these two were doing nothing more then enjoying the view?” Dewey Decimal Woodhead replied; “I can’t fly this thing, I don’t have my license.” 

   The Zillakowidic Thronmenclator barreled down the dusty road. Chris said, What ever you do don’t look back. Dewey Decimal Woodhead, was staring over the rear ottoman atman, they passed beneath the lonesome acidic-rained golden tri-arches. Dewey read the words out loud; “Pheasant Valley Sundown.” Chris said, “Your lucky you didn’t turn into a pillar of salt. Joe Oldclean, said, “That’s an old wives tail.” Rogenettte said, “ To narrowly project a location in space first we must project three coordinates in space; X,Y and Z. Then calculate the space time continuum developmental factor called intermittence.” Chris said, “So you admit it then, find a land mark then write what you se, then go to the next demarcation.” Rogenettte said, Chris you are so unscientific, I don’t know how I could have fallen so deeply in live with you.” Dewey Decimal Woodhead, started laughing, Katrina Hipburn turn to the back seat, telling Dewey, “Its not nice to laugh at true love.” Chris complained, “I’m not in the mood for all this nonsense.” Roganett said, “What do you men nonsense.” The Thronmenclator was gaining more elevation, when Oldclean said, “There’s something or somebody up ahead!” Katrina Hipburn was the first to say; “It’s a man walking his dog.” Dewey Decimal Woodhead, said, “Its lassie!” Oldclean, said; “No; lassie was part collie, part flat nosed black faced Pekinese’s.”  Katrina said, “No he wasn’t, he was half Boxer half long noses Afghan.”   Chris said, “That looks more like a wolf then a dog.” Joe Oldclean manipulated the small Zillakowidic close to the ground. A dark black haired man, came up to them saying; “ Vie be Jood Dooth, and this is my canine Spontaneous Combustion.” Then he said, “Vell can I have a lift or not.” Te crew was staring at the man, for his face was like a gray owl. Seeing the dog all dusty from the magnet-carter of Jupiter’s discrepancies, climbed out to meet the lone strangers. Jood Dooth quipped; “

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