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Saturday, November 8, 2014

South Central Texas Bedroom View of The World

We all saw it! 
First Post 10/26/2014

Abuse by the Governor of Texas is just the tip of the iceberg that ripped the hull of Titanic failure by all members of the United States Senate – “It all got out of hand (Senator Cornyn).” 

Now we have a freshman Senator in New Hamster, who makes a claim that we must secure our borders in South Central Texas concerning Ebola infestations, while he sits in a state 1,700 miles away and Russian Sub debris lays within the boundaries off the coast of his own state!

His ignorance of the disease Ebola compared to tuberculosis, which is much more of threat from cattle as volunteer infected TB patients stay in quarantine in several institutions, sometimes the remainder of their lives, already established for over 50 years, so they do not infect others. 

Using his Mit The Twit Romney logic, the same guy who left gun on an airplane and is still walking about freely, would mean the crisis would warrant that every head of Beef be destroyed today across America. This is same type of political debate that has harmed or brought death upon thousands in South Central Texas over the last decade, including torture of the Disabled and other innocent United States citizens.

Tejas 51st State of the United States We Will "Keep U Safer"
And Pay For Herself and Balance the Budget so John Boehner can pay Veterans Compensation before he pays back the money the GOP just bragged about Mitt Romney plan, Borrowed from the Chinese for the Titanic Failure of Domestic Surveillance

Criminal Complaints by Gregory O'Dell and disabled persons associated with Gregory O'Dell filed criminal charges against the State of Texas Reported To The Secret Service - Criminals Embedded in Texas State Government in positions of Public Trust. More RICO Act Violations and Extortion one notable case the man a prominent business man in San Antonio, is dead reported before his death to the FBI. The majority of Air Force Troops knew him well.
New  Substantial Material Evidence Against the State of Texas including torture and attempted murder see 06-09-2132, 06-09-2127, 06-09-4041, 06-14-002, and DHS C1403411, C1307209, C1307206 including the use of military force R13187 that is Police Brutality.

They Come Throw my Bedroom Window Starlight 
DOD Take Out of the Sky
Nuke 'em
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