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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Texas Hacks Blocks Newspaper Print Central Censorship

Take IT Underground

The Right To Post Printed Bills
Freedom of Press Printed Material

The Battle Forgotten

Aerial Attacks Texas USA

First Post 08/24/2014
When You Get The Internet Fixed 
Until Then Enjoy A Read Published Without Electronic Devices

'The Pan Am Expressway News'
Mainline Blood and Ink News from Deep In The Heart of Texas

Texas Endangering Censorship Forces The Return of The Underground Newspaper

To be attack by military force that stops the constitutional right of Freedom of the Press and the Right to Print and Publish Bills of Public Notice on facts and true documentaries brings back the Free Press. 

The Texas Tea Party wakes up in morning with a notion preaching and protecting your right to bear small arms, counting on your ignorance of the law - No excuses. Your pea shooters will not protect you from printed Facts!

Texans Thought Prism Hacking By the State of Texas Was Bad 

Every electrical device can and is hacked if your are targeted by the State of Texas

Notice on a DVD titled "Ghost" Paramount Pictures – So not just somebody knew, but everybody at the corporate level was spying and stealing from you, the moment George W. Bush Swore into office.

The Contents of this Device [or any Devices] are protected under copyright [or other applicable laws such as hacking the device from a remote location] and other intellectual Property laws. This Video device is licensed for only non-commercial private viewing in homes [Your home not the hacker's domical] any distribution outside [Means Any including unknowing or uncontrollably hacked from a remote hackers domeical] licensed territory copy transmission,  public performance, Alteration, or reverse engineering, is strictly prohibited, and may result in criminal and civil liability. All rights reserved [Including the purchaser of the dvd that is considered the owner of the DVD device as early as 2001]

And you thought Microsoft prism was a bad thing for the state of Texas to hack not National Security

Texas Email Hacking [All State level hacking] connects to Suicides Isolation Decimation and Homicides.

When to use the 911 Patriot Act as self-defense!

It was spring time in Las Vegas as I dreamed about the blue bonnets in Texas, when the jolt of a Boeing 737 landing gear over-center bar broke and woke me and I could clearly see the runway of the McCarran International Airport Nevada. I rubbed my eyes knowing anything can happen in a dream, even the truth. 

I realized that I was without shoes, and reach under the seat remembering the pain they gave me all the way from Hong Kong. Like a homeboy, I went to every shoe shop to find a pair of 12 ½ D to match my handmade suit that cost me just under two-hundred dollars and was ready in time before my final departure.

Unfortunately, all the money in the world could not buy me a big enough pair …. Or any man walks around with a pair like mine. This is good reading material; however, by now someone has already hacked it! So Why Bother?

I own a commercial version of Microsoft word and the complete package used as a business, the Republican GOP refer to as the ‘Private Sector’ is protected intellectual property by the FBI under the 911 Patriot Acthowever, the law is applied by the state of Texas according to the states political views and direct violation of Civil rights that are not process thorough means of "due process" often times escalate to harm you and your family.

Ted Lavender In The Business of Balls Sense Bush Breach Encrypted Data in 2006 Denying Valid VA compensation claims, then starts a war Never Considering A Need To Pay The Surviving Veterans of Vietnam, Iraqi Freedom or Afghanistan 

Its Not My Fault I Did Not Die
Until Then Back to The Future

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