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Monday, November 24, 2014

Why Own a Landline?

Update Police Report Not Fixed 
with TX CP2015010767 Texas Investigative Authority
I owned a land-line before now it is a cell phone with same number. 

Why Own a Landline? 

i. When the electricity goes off the phone stays on if it is a landline

ii. Satellites are good targets for hackers foreign or Domestic

II. T-line DSL 

III. Protection from Radio Hackers

IV. Robo Calls Can Be Deadly
Some Robotics are Good the VA phone call to remind of appointment. 

Some are bad Killer Robots

The number of personnel is measured by the robotics that means less HHS personnel, First Responders, Firefighters, Police checking on the Elderly and Children and they find them dead.  Just to prove a failed system or electronic exploitation. 

Verizon Employee Repair Ticket Number TXDU02UFX9
See Atascosa County Sheriff's Office for Criminal Complaint 

Texas Blocks Return Phone Calls Feds D.C. Concerning Terrorism

Just got a Suicide Phone Call and Can't Call Back to Help Her - when nobody-else gives a damn about her!

Veteran Calls of the same are easy 
just give a ride to the VA

What Hindu Gurus Do Help Others
Don't Read My Blogs Read The Police Reports

ADA Compliant No Break In Retaliation over 90 Days What I Asked is 'I.T. Find It, It Was A Kens5 Broadcast' and they already did and these words are corrected due to hackers 05/31/2015

Order a Congressional Investigation to Texas State Phone Hacking and monitoring because you cannot afford to protect us all so go back to the constitution or bankrupt yourself!

Privacy Why The Wrote A Law In 1974

Verizon is A Fortune 500 Company 

If Robocoptics Don't Work Talk to a Professional Verizon Employee Repair Ticket Number TXDU02UFX9
Thank You Verizon!

Updated 06:23 11/28/2014 The FBI Should Have Track Every Phone Call I Made and Those That Did Not Call Me Back and Those Who Call and Misidentify Themselves or those who make Up the "Big Texas Pecan Pie." What the FBI does is none of my concern.
This Is Picture Graphic Does Concern me

Revised 06/01/2015 90 day communications blackout crew members dead is not a tradition these were crimes and some are high crimes

Why Do You Slam Me and Why Do You Cram Me

05/31/2015 I Removed The Phone Number List That Was Blocked That Is All - 90 Day Christmas Blackout with dead crew members crash investigation so leave this blog statement be.

I reported the suspended phone of disabled person and fraud by the third party 'New Century telecom' or WorldCom to Atascosa Police Department who cannot call me back because you suspended my telephone; although on Friday 11/24/2014 the account was paid.

Most importantly, I am a caregiver and the phone of a disabled man laying in his feces was jacked and blocked or as you  like to call it 'Texas Cramming' blocked an emergency phone call and lost valuable time to get the patient to the hospital [See 911 call from 4410 Trailwood Drive 2011].

The 2nd time on Friday November 21, 2014 an angry man screamed at me "I want to ask you just one question" then he hung up and suspended our phone and I am expecting return phone calls concerning terrorism from my congressman and the Dallas OCR [Add it to the on-going ADA Criminal Charges against the state of Texas]

Verizon End of Survey:  Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. This will help us continue to improve the service we provide to you.

*In addition, I reminded them of the settlement Microsoft, Yahoo Corp., O'Dell vs Verizon 2007 reported to Greg Abbott Texas Attorney General as 'Internet Hijacking' but I never received my settlement check. Please send a check or money order to Gregory O'Dell address  XXX  XXX XXX

05/31/2015  Who Got The Money? I Never got a return answer from Verizon

The shuttering blocking of web pages by Verizon who had the contract to shutter and block websites the Bush Admin Mandate or why I was in the lawsuit and I am still waiting for my check. 

Verizon is Thief at the least and Financial Decimation at the worst and if not put in check by the DOJ turns into grand thief of the elderly in the Billions. See post Landmark Study was not recorded in the Bush Admin Mandates or expected X-Secret Service Agent "Landmark Study" Campus Shooting publication “Veteran age 56 warns college students not to hack his web pages because they were his only source of income and one day grab a rifle and went on a campus shooting spree. “ After the Bush Admin Mandates and Landmark Study Virgina Tech and U Illinois. 

The denial of access to legal representation is inherent in the state of Texas and is the common plea from thousands, who have been oppressed and abused. This is a problem with a solution that can help the thousands with valid complaints or representation and due process is the solution to pleas of relief for thousands of Texans.
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