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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sony Sunset on the Texas Verizon

Sony Hook Line and Sinker
Old News Traveled Fast

Sony Sunset New Year Verizon 
"Nothing Dies Harder Than A Government Program"

Texas University Cyber Security Bane & Co Se Digital Signature terrorizes innocent victims. 
Note Compliant Veterans Data Breach Linked to William Sessions and John Ashcroft inside Trading
Security Breach and Deadly Harm Reported OIG by deadline Date- Incoherent Staff to Corresponded with DOD, VA and FBI and will infer Criminal Charges against them that will make them “Unhappy.”

By Ted Lavender See Post

Beginning in 2006, NSA’s domestic security program started to go completely out-of-control by reacting to bogus reports from private security firms, who get rewarded for producing negative intelligence about United States citizens. Positive intelligence does not pay. 

The best example, Private Security Firms hired by billionaire Donald Trump. Donald Trump did not get what he wanted when he visited the White House and hired a Private Security Firm to dig up bogus dirt about our President of the United States to discredit him.

Positive, valid and sound intelligence reports of a person of interest, just does not pay. If anyone knows, how I and others feel, who have been targeted by Private Firms, which includes the bi-lateral co-operation with sworn law enforcement officers, agents, and covert intelligence officers is President Barack Obama.  Not long ago, these mercenaries were commonly referred to by many names such as pencil dics, hotel dics, or private dics.

While living in Thailand, a restaurant owner established behind my bungalow, was debating if he really could afford twenty-four hour armed personnel security protection, and had given the company reasonable notice. A once peaceful quite Island beach resort, overnight became let up with gun fire, break in attempts, and the owner received many anonymous threats to himself and family!

I wish I could have told him what was happening; as I watch the scams take place by his own paid security personnel, out my back window in the early morning hours. Successful expatriates, those that live to a ripe old age to write their memoirs, learn quickly to keep their nose out of other people’s business.  Positive intelligence just does not pay when you’re in the private security business.

'Eight Pages of Hate'
Is All Criminal Programmers Had Written

I could of quoted eight pages of biblical versus or the first eight pages of Moby Dick, but what they were after was this from "Why we are losing the war on drugs"

"Contact your congressional
representative for a more open and decisive plan on the “war on drugs” before
we have another loss of American lives on American Soil- Billions of Federal
dollars wasted on domestic surveillance
that can only report the destruction
and never predict or stop a single criminal act." 

Like I said, all the money in world invested in domestic surveillance could not prevent this criminal act upon me and the passenger of the vehicle! [These helicopters are operated by the State of Texas and trigger by Military Intelligence upon command of Texas Governor Rick Perry RP08.]

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