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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Gasoline Prices to Rise Misappropriations Nueces Watershed Damaged

Ecology is not just about saving the Whale 
Grab The MOPA
Gasoline Prices to Rise Misappropriations Nueces Watershed Damaged Private Sector Drilling Operations

Operation Jade Helm Grab A MOPA 
Mop It Up

Texas Operation Jade Helm 15?

Reported By Pony Express on Site by FAA
No Luck Just good military training 

Cowboy Wake-up Call

According the Front Page of the Devine News "About 60 people rescued from homes RVs and cars in Moore" beginning around 10:30 p.m., Frio County dispatchers were receiving calls for stalled vehicle and rising water in the Moore Area on Saturday, May 23.  No Deaths Reported.

The Texas Land Commissioner and Texas  Department of Agriculture were informed of the coming flood and misappropriation for earthen and small concrete damns in the Nuecues Watershed see link:  'The River That Flows'

Only in TexaS
Knows a Reservoir of Opportunities When He See's It
The River That Flows

BWS Males a claim that they own the water - we would like to see a receipt for the purchase of the rain and who throw in to the deal for the canals and 2ndary dam waters to public access owned by the Federal Government. Walk the line you will find historical markers that we based our research with empirical facts, Rock Hard Concrete Facts

We are also seeking your taped story or ethnography if you worked on the repairs of the Medina Dam

'Even if you just picked and shoveled too...'
this ethnographer can do anything you want him to do

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