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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Quick Silver Wars South Central Texas

Is Quick Silver A Fast Buck?
10/15/2013 Does NSA know who '*friended' you on social media? 
He Thinks LinkedIn won the war

Dear Cryptozoic Maniacs, How Can We Serve You?

When Your 'linkedIn' Friend Is a Beetle Nut [Koh Samui Island Thailand after the bombing of a brand new 737] Lockheed personnel, we did not know and many could not break the depression that we may of failed those passengers but we did not] Two Americans Died and It is my Responsibility as a United States Consulate Warden to let those people know - Hilary Clinton got my message and so did John Kerry but the failed to render aid to the dead, the families or to protect their own Gregory O'Dell

I dropped my last dime [Old Saying Like a FBI Hawaii Five O tip "Drop a dime in the pay phone"]

My Grandfather is my Grandmothers Brother and My Father is My Grandmother Ramsey - O'Dell's First Son
The and Probate proceeding is a fraud by a distant step son stolen from my Father. But the Thieves did not know of all the rights including gold in New Mexico. He Filed with Suzanne Combs and we were all threatened by death still waiting for the FBI because Texas Failed to Act as people died. So all rights belong to My Mother and my Father by law no matter how you twist it

Me I have always been sufficient and have my own global investments, while being held prisoner in Texas by experimental electronic surveillance that robbed this me, this county, Texas, and the United States of America of those enterprises and interest.

Quick Sliver Wars South Central Texas
This compound the problem as the Bush Empire Tried to Secure all Oil Rights some of which are due the Coptic Queen S. Cash Demoralized by her own family and the first on the scene of a homicide of her husband Jerry West, who left her 1,000,000 on a probate will stolen - Friends of Mr. Finger that Gave San Antonio City Counsel Hell when he got up to speak. 

Oil Rig explosions benefits Stakeholders 
*Reference Quicksilver Wars last research in 1901 by an A&M student then the commodity of trade changed

Regulatory Agencies Miss the Obvious

He Voted For Eisenhower Thinks LinkedIn [*See LinkedIn Social web site] Won The War [Shipwreck companion stranded on Koh Samui Island Thailand after the bombing of a brand new 737] 250,000 professional contacts I am blocked from accessing my own associations to Minerals and Agriculture. We know the Beans out of Houston. 

How to Help Out the Fire Marshal
In Texas we know How to Do It
Ring that fire bell until the fire truck shows up

Enjoy your stay don’t drink the water
I returned to south American 50 Miles South of Mexico City and Stay with the Prosecution attorneys home who is still waiting for my return and dinner table conversations. 

*"Couldn't be the Whiskey Must have been the *Ice " [Ice Cubes in the glass of whiskey or water] *An Old Saying to Justify a Alcohol Hangover

The following is old news see Drake, Tice and then Edward Snowden out of Corpus Christie the Same Texas Rangers home Town who Certified my Ceramics Shop (face value identified himself  Hacked My P.C. He justified on a religious bases within NSA) Reported before the Media Blasted what was already disclosed by the Honorable Barack Obama. See Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, while the Texas Police Targeted Austin Women Associated with Wendy Davis Campaign. While under Rick Perry's Orders "Operation Brush Country Texas Game Warder Operation" Sat Over My Motel Room as I just left the FBI Alamo Office for a Vacation thinking everything would me automatically processed and over but no.....

Does the NSA know who '*friended' you on social media?
Christian Science Monitor 10/15/2013
By Arthur Bright 4 hours ago 
       "The Post article, published Monday and based on documents leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, says the NSA uses a collection program to intercept contact lists from email and instant messaging services – including major companies like Yahoo, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft – as they are transmitted through international servers. The aggregated lists, which the Post calls "a sizable fraction of the world’s e-mail and instant messaging accounts," is then analyzed by the NSA to map relationships and search for connections with specific foreign intelligence targets."

– A daily summary of global reports on security issues.

My QuickSilver Reference Block by A Private Security Company not NSA - where a hand written request for a grant to solve these problems before the the Great flood of 2015 that damaged the Oil assets and production in Eagle Ford Shale.

These Texas Private Firms Including Rick Perry, Ashcroft, and William Sessions Owe me Millions of U.S. dollars  - why don't you just mediate and pay me. I cannot do anything about the homicides you committed talked to the FBI.

By A Mountain of Light 

The Lunacy Pandemic a virus that only attack assets holders and heirs on every other page of the Catulla Texas court records prior to 1994 

He Who Owns His Own Library is King. He Who Owns His Own Digital Library Is Lost

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