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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Go Ahead Let Um Grown Up To Be Cowboys

Warriors Never Forget The Wounded and Dead
'There is nothing wrong with applications that work'
The Nuclear Talks Have Ended

The Stench of Texas Corruption Blazing Saddles 

Blazing the paperless VA Texas Trail
Localized not A national Political View as legislatures try to expand the focus as a national problem when it is a Texas problem with *Texas Solutions

August 2009 Town Hall Meeting Jurdonton Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar met with over 500 disabled veterans and survivors who had waited 48 months to eight years for a VA appeals. In many cases these veterans have waited another eight years for VA appeals processing as laws and rules were passed ordered by the United States Supreme Court concerning Agent Orange and Atomic veterans of World World II Korea and Vietnam Era. 

The Domain by general consensus where discharged without any medical records and before 'Your Right To Know Laws' form 00099 concerning hazardous work environments in the military were applied such as high risk noise environments, dangerous chemicals, asbestos, and weapons testing. Most had received a letter that their records were burned in fire in 1978 the actual numbers can be requested from 
Congressman Henry Cuellar offices. 

Still today the same number is gridlock by inaction by congress, who used detail information provided by they same veterans to write to laws that may or may not of benefited this domain the United States Supreme Court Rulings clearly expressed to  benefit not take away and make this domain the priority over any other group and yet we all still wait in gridlock as the VA tries to match a paperless systems to records destroyed in fires or dry storage or records never in the hands of the veteran. 

My personal experiences by working with other veterans and the Texas Veterans 'Beat the backlog commissioned" it seems to be any veteran discharged prior to 1981 from active duty Nation guard records Prior to 1986. 

The following actions were illegal solutions and caused death and harm by inaction and inappropriate Action by the State of Texas

A contract called '1,000,000 veterans for human research' have been ask to sign a statement that they met none of these conditions unknowingly by the veteran and possibly unknowingly expressed by the Veterans Commission. Many of this domain have been given instructions not to use e-benefits but to personally go to the nearest Texas Veterans Commission or other offices to have their already assign Power of Attorney speed up the process, not slow it down. 

Many that met with Henry came from Atascosa County Texas depriving the County of social welfare while waiting 16 years for entitlements due them some living in improvised conditions or homeless attacked by the previous incumbent X-Governor Rick  Perry orders given to the Sheriff Department by x-governor Rick Perry just arrested for abuse of power  tormented these people with intense interrogation accused of being free riders and subjected to the worse forms of Surveillance. 

Many cases, These veterans owned mineral rights in Eagle ford Shale and had the added pressure of Private Investigative Firms case and stalk their whereabouts on campuses and and tracked wherever they moved. Including illegal intrusive  devices in their own homes reported to HHS and FBI including victims of Terrorism and *unsolved homicides and suicides waiting for the process of paperwork for 16 years for entitlements due them by law.

Lytle City Hall
14916 Main
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Lytle, TX
Office Closed 456135816 requested to represent Atascosa County in proxy of the Congressman absenceHave a question about neighborhood office hours? Call my toll free number at 877-780-0028

Many of these case have still not been heard and the veterans has been blocked from making a plea to a federal judge access guaranteed by law.

Reference:  Dallas OCR On The Same Page
Tuesday, 05/26/2015, By End of Day
You Got It Prosecute It

Unlawful Targeting of Texas Disabled University Students 2000-2015

On October 18, 2008, the first thing I said was, “Did you know another campus shooter killed a librarian today in San Antonio? They all shrouded their shoulders, as if it was nothing; however, campus violence was the whole purpose of the meeting! I sat down and started reading a document I prepared listing every single time I was denied a service or access and each and every time they invaded my privacy to show them the retaliation and discriminatory practices for anybody on the Disability roster “Schindler's List.” A data manipulation of interest, they gave me credit for nuclear physics classes that I never attended and reported it immediately to the Omnibus-man signed “Whistle Blower” Gregory O’Dell. 

The Weaning Alma mater Mothers Milk drys


Dear Friends, 
This weekend, I was humbled to have Bexar County's newest all-digital library named after me, the Dr. Ricardo Romo 

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