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Monday, March 30, 2015

When Texas Universities Commit Criminal Trespassing

When Texas University Commit Criminal Trespassing Your Home

03/28/2015 "The Red Pony"
Texas A&M Ordered By Rick Perry To Steal Patient and Copyrights
Two Witnesses To Atomic Blast Given the "Ticket'
The Presidency 2016
Abuse of Power X-Governor Rick Perry and 
X-CIA Agent Congressman Will Hurd

Remove Congressman Will Hurd from oversight by Law

More To Come See A&M Brooks Campus Should Be Tapped off with yellow Crime Scene Tape as the FBI Investigates

Don't Blame it on Campus Police
But Do and I did "Report by Any Means"
Veterans blocked from access billions in Federal Funding Will be removed Veterans denied access an agreement between VA A&M for Quadriplegics 
Federal Funds Provided 
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