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Friday, November 1, 2013

The Great GOP Snowjob It Was Good For Me Was It Good For You

 Snowden Releases Transparent Information Already Assimilated By The Media Sense 2009

Prosecute Crimes Against Texans By Corrupt GOP Bush Era Regime  

Texas Governor Rick Perry founded the Texas Tea Party Rebellion in retaliation of the rule-of-law, which threatens the Texas GOP with Public Trust disclosers of criminal activity and covert abuse of innocent citizens.  Texas Leadership has blundered its way over the last 36 months, creating diversions and obstructing justice, which has disrupted global peace efforts, national economic recovery, and border relations.   
Christiane Amanpour asks Mexico's Ambassador to the United States Arturo Sarukhan, "What do you make of Texas Governor Rick Perry's suggestion that U.S. forces should come across and help you out with this [Drug War]?" Sarukan responds, "It's a nonstarter and smacks of fundamental ignorance of our history of our two nations." 

See Video and full article at source: 

The question of demographics and the growing Hispanic mini-majority is the real threat to the GOP, which has little to do with border relations, or last weeks' failed investigative attacks by Rick Perry backed Drug Lord Joe Arpaio, attacks on the President with a final resolve - President Barack Obama is 100% USAD Certified Prime Butt, and will be on the ballot in every state in the Union! 

Most importantly, we all understand the abuse of convert operations over that last ten years by the GOP is used to illegally hold seats of power, "Most significant were reports that he used his investigators to launch criminal investigations of his political enemies - including mayors, judges and journalists." 

See "Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Knucklehead of the week" 

Today's documentary with Mexico's Ambassador, only adds fuel to the fire concerning covert operations used for political control in the State of Texas, which is the biggest concern of the people who live on both sides of the Tex Mex border, such as gun/ drug walking, non-lethal weapons, electronic harassment, and bias illegal Private Investigation firms used for Political Control, which violates the rule-of-law. 

"The Great GOP Hope" is to conceal covert operations by the State of Texas, against the people from public domain for just five more months, which may save the Texas Republican Supermajority. If the ACLU finds a way to release this information, it will end the abuse of covert acts against innocent victims, and balance power in the state Texas. 

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