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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Congress On Vacation Now The DOJ Can Make Arrests

Ted Cruz Was Delaying the Inevitable 
with Dr. Suez Grid Lock

Now the Gaseous Vapors can not Stop Due Process From Moving Forward
Whole Towns Wipe Out Does Not Hit Local or National News
This Still Going Today

I would not worry about 'Neurol monitoring' it does not enter your body there are other things to worry about
see this link:

They are Sharing More Than You Think
And Information is Bringing Your Harm
If The Information is True or Not
The Senate Wants To Hold Seats Not Matter Who The Kill They are Exempt from The Same Human Experimentation That your Own Kids Go Through

Loves A Challenge FCC FBI Hack Come Out At Night Still Hacking 0455 07312014

There Was A River That Flowed

On the Second night as I slept in my warm soft bed 

I found Another Fountain That Was Just as Beautiful as The First

All Prompted hacked and blocked to some hackers own means not mine 

Title 1: Washington Human Health Services Meeting in Pete P. Gallego Office San Antonio Texas 2012 in Regards to Several Thousand Elderly, Disable, and Children, who  Own Property and Mineral Rights and many have had death threats if they try to claim them.

Title 2:  HHS Washington Meeting concerning the mineral rights of the elderly, disabled, and children to South Texas bashed by the Tea Party for collecting SSI SDI Social Security, 

when they Own Texas!
Got His/ Hers Its Ping I Hope

This is my post about farm and ranch
The river spring started in Los Angeles Texas and flow above Ground to Artesia Wells Texas now it is a wail or a dry creek bed dry creek 

Geologist know why the Los Angeles River no longer flows and it is not consumption it is an engineering problem with solution by changing the flow of effluent of the City of San Antonio and the extensions of the irrigation Medina dam was a way to divert rain and effluent that was treated in the right direction but those plans by the Army corps of engineers was voted out for real state mongers. Now they are finding feces  in the drinking water  

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