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Monday, January 5, 2015

Has Congressman Henry Cuellar 28th Violated His Oath?

Has Congressman Henry Cuellar 28th Violated His Oath?

Henry Cuellar cannot swear in until the DOD charges are resolved to my satisfaction [Because I have not disclosed all the abuse] and DOD's who lost personal for nothing. He may not be able to swear in after the investigation. 

It don't matter me who runs the country but he is now being stalled to take another term or seat in congress like he stalled U.S. for 12 years. I cannot say the same for Senator Cornyn he has certain protections as the senate.

See Link:

I hold no resentment I am just another Brady just like any other terrorist victim. Instead we use those resources in co-operation with the FBI after going to the RICO Texas police to make sure they all Framed and hanging on my wall

U.S. Alerted By SA Hackers
A Image of me and Retired U.S. ambassador along with the In coming French Embasador to Panama
Sorry HaCK IN SYSTEM NOW 08:55 01/05/2015

Now hanging on the New Atascosa County Jail Art Donation by Gregory O’Dell. See Report to FBI DOD US Congress

Why waste such talent and resources earned by the experience of the abuse they used to harm my family and me.

Senator Cruz is an FBI problem not mine; the use of devices on me that considered torture in any civilized country not to mention the physically abuse by devices, death threats, dogging real bullets and broken bones.

The Retired Secret Service "The Brady Bunch" all do respect to Brady I know how feels to be a victim of murder attempts. 

I have no respect for X-Secret Service Agents that go Private and use "proprietary equipment" or belonging to the Secret Service, connections, and training that does not belong to them. We expect these people "The Brady Bunch" to live up to their oaths and they can think about it in jail.

I have Secured 1/50 of PRIME Eagle Ford Shale and I expect wells to be plugged [Later FEMA Resource] and minerals to be extracted from My Mothers, my Fathers and Grandmothers and also my Grandfather who is my grandmothers brother and untie that time and back to 2004 before the kidnapping of death of my grandmother. All Profit sharing and dividends from wells that do not sit on my parents’ rights to go to my parents after suffering from the "Brady Bunch" abuse in part not whole.

My Parents will use the money to help others because they are the elite in Texas! The Tea Party is not the Elite they are stupid people with too much money - they don't help mankind. Criminals are clever so the use of term stupid still applies to the Texas Tea Party - Clever is not smart.

There are numerous domestic ecoterrorism cells the "Brady Bunch" is just one that cause the “College Killing Fields.”  Most notable the Texas Tea Party and others reported.

I cannot do what I spent my lifesaving going to college [UTSA kept my FASA and my VA entitlements] every semester from 2007 and have law Enforcement Intervene to get paid.

Lastly, within the last months I lost $8,000.00 in Federal VARP to get off of Social Security and been denied access to goods services and education by UT systems and Private Security Firms, while my congressman speaks for me to his own benefit not mine or the Elderly i protect.

VARS and V-Chips allow interference but this is basic electricity and human exploitation at the extreme. Right now 01/05/2015 radio transmissions from San Antonio Texas where we reported under the strictest surveillance attacks by Texas Aerospace. Just last week, we did exactly what the FBI intake specialist told me do:

Behind me [Was Ship Out and Intercepted by Texas Black Ops] on the floor is a Mountain of Dell computers shipping back cost over 2,500.00 a felony and goes with my original complaint about Judge Bradley and Henry Cuellar - 12 year of abuse.

Who gave a politician the right to use VARS Surveillance of everything spoken or done by radio audio devices on a Korea Combat Chosen Few and Vietnam Veteran's?

UTSA Private Security Firms Bain &Co is /was just one

Both Twice Over Honorable Service and Victim of Three Terrorist Bombing including Osama Bin Landen First after the Oklahoma Bombing

Surveillance Used for Political Gain with Military Force is A Federal Violation of Citizens vs. United 

Bill Clinton Came Unhinged and Killed more Americans then he proposed to save
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