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Monday, June 8, 2015

Hops a Freight Train from San Antonio to Laredo

To Make a Congressional Request
I Know My Caseworker Won't Let US Down
Private Security Firm Illegal  Mail and Wire Tapping

Witnesses saw that the UPS package shipped 5/27/2015 was tampered with to the Dallas OCR
And it is reasonable to believe that the Congressman's Fax was hacked by 
Texas Private Security Firms Texas Governor Rick Perry Abuse of Power
I expect a phone call back from the Dallas OCR and Laredo Congressman Henry Cuellar Officer Now!
My phone number is in Facebook oh no i mean the Phone book Like everybody elses 

7 Years Is Way Too Long For An Investigation Put Them In Prison

Laredo Texas Watering Hole Number No. 3

Sorry It took so long to post but that last terrorist bomb is still ringing in my other ear , but i got a peaceful easy feeling you won't let me down
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