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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pony Express District 28th Texas San Antonio Congressional Thank You!

Pony Express Hand Carried
Dead End - No
Just The Beginning of The Texas Prosecutions

Return To Laredo Texas 28th Congressional Office

Pony Express Again because People Died 06/16/2015 To Laredo to Get Access To My Congressman, the San Antonio Office is Always Closed. OCR Dallas Response Departed - Laredo, TX, United States, Friday, 05/15/2015 no response from the Dallas Office of Civil Rights.

Communication Black Out Still no Arrest of Verizon Personnel and Verizon Has not Completed The Repairs 
TX CP2015010767

212.50 Still not credited to account 

60.00 X 6 Months 360.00 Over Charges for Landline 01/01/21015 - 06/17/2015
20,000.00 Loss Year 2014 
Other Texas Elderly May of been affected and do not know it. 

Atascosa County and Alamo FBI 13-06038 15-01097 TX CP2015010767

The Next Time Somebody Calls US I Appreciate That You Tell The Truth

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