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Friday, June 12, 2015

Who's Your Dead Daddy crew members died Nov 17 2014 12:pm

FEMA Call The Real Deal 
Ex-Judge Post Describes *List of  Texans in Danger in the Devine Texas Newspaper 06/10/2015 Read It Assess It and If you need volunteers to go door to door to see if these people are safe please let us know.

*Texans Tried and Convicted and Never Stood Before a Judge or any official court of law.

Medina County Congressman Will Hurd District
No State Shall

*Texans Tried and Convicted and Never Stood Before a Judge.

**See original OCR complaint information transferred 
over state and international boundaries.  

When Sharing is Caring

Texas Baine Home Surveillance
 'You Can't Afford to Protect Us So Get Out of Our Homes'

It Took 5 Years to Extrude This Information Through Normal Processes

Don't Like It Move To Utah

De-seated Medina County [Commissioner] Judge '142 days till Christmas' Put the [retracted] criminal in jail.

See APS form 'not our problem' but it is our responsibility to bang on the FBI door One More time if communications is broken with my congressman Henry Cuellar and see Devine News Medina Judge de-seated "He has access to information about women and others in danger and it his responsibility to report it so the "Wife Beaters go to jail and the women and children are protected". This time no need to waste helicopter fuel and guard the FBI fortress with a low level military from grandma and grandpa. One of the few helicopter attacks I had no need to report. They could of had a diplomat in their office or countless other justifiable reasons. This link is sadly not the case See Surveillance picture of me saluting again on the cover of the Rolling Stones.

VA Dr(s), Pharmacist and advocate do need to be fired crew members died Nov 17 2014 12:pm
- They must be waiting for Christmas holiday! De-seated [Commissioner] Medina County Judge '142 days till Christmas' Put the [Retracted Saving  for speech in front of congress]criminal with the list that does not include the Bush's or Drug Trafficking U.S. Senators in jail.

The Texas Death of Richthofen

Watch Out for Friendly Fire!
Nothing Friendly about Homicide

Texas Domestic Surveillance
And They Did Killed Crew Members 11/17/2015 A day of infamy

'Believe half of what you see and none of what you read'

This FAA shoes are still wet from the flood while people could not leave their homes - come on by and take a look at my shoes and get a sample of the kind of bullshit you can not scrape off ...............................
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