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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Delivers The Goods Today the Hacker Gets Killed

'South Texas Police
From Lone Wolf to Target Somebody Alone and Weak"

This Cowboy Cannot Leave the farm for one Minute without Texas Hackers Hacking and Jacking the TV, P.C., of Children, Disabled, and Elderly in Atascosa County Texas area
Suicides and Homicides Already

Police Chief in Somerset Texas Fired Once Who Is Next?

Today the Hacker Gets Killed
One for the good guys!

Evidence Given To Law Enforcement Is Copied To Henry Cuellar Congressional 28th District

2. FAA Lasered Eyes See Atascosa County Sheriff's Report
Intense Interrogation and Torture
Contact The VA OIG Advocate Mr. Black
And Texas HHS who Contacted Atascosa County Sheriffs Department Who Has A File
Texas Victims of Crime Responsibility 

To Get the Paper work

"While penetrating the obscure jungle into the light, savages heaved hard on their blow gun tubes, and with a pop and with a laser green accuracy; the darts perched both my eyes logging deep within my skull."

All the following Incidents are marked By a Presence Test or Sworn in a Texas Court of Law

This Artist's work marked the following  events by the project they were working on at the time. All information has been given to Law Enforcement
for details contact the FBI 'They Help Me and I Sure They Will Help You.'

Received a phone call from Express News and referred them to the FBI Press Office and to Texas State Senator Uristie who this blogger has signed a privacy release. Unfortunately, the sharing system failed again - the documents failed to reached associated agencies and almost caused another homicide and obstructed Justice. The VA was informed to get their act together before contacting any Veteran who is a victim or witness to any terrorism case or anyone who has made a claim of 'intense interrogation' George Bush Mandate. Anyone harmed by intense interrogation related to military status or a Veteran receives by law a debriefing with the Veteran Present.

In the State of Texas That Process failed. The Veteran Administration has been informed and will relook to make the adjustments to these cases outside of protocol "so a plocity of protocol can be written to match the law[Hacker should write his own blogs too late for this one they already knocking on his door and has him in handcuffs." 

Hacker in System 06/16/2015 11:57 PM

When hacking interrupts communications to law enforcement

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