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Friday, March 13, 2015

Wayne Wright Is Right


M-m-m- Juciy Fruit illegal hack Link changed 03/28/2015

Texas Legislatures Are Liable for All Terrorist Event Reporting Obstructing the FBI and Secret Service By Domestic Surveillance
Since 2000

Easy to find out - Who Got The Money?
The Penalty Is Life In Prison Up to the Death Penalty and in some countries 
such as Saudi Arabia Crucifixion
Still Waiting for My Response
Hillary 'Harry Kerry'
CCRS See Emails Secured United States State Department

After 12 Years of Reporting Real Terrorist Events They still Don't Got It Wright?

Offering Solutions since 2009

We Didn't Read It?
The Liablity is on the OEM and In Texas we Call them TOM like Dell covert Ops
Get Real And Heal Stop Trying to Extort My VA Entitlements and Put Some Closure To This

If and it is true 600,000 people who were never in the military lied on the VA Federal Form That Means Veterans who Actually Served in the Military Do Not Lie on Federal Forms and Private Investigators are a threat to National Security 

by Ted Lavender Resurrected 
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