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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Roadhouse Steaks

U.S. Senatorial Abuse
What Does The Eagle FM Call Torture?
UT Amputation Breach

DHS Funded Now I Can Have Meat With My Potatoes
Thank You Lord For Thinking About Me
Still Alive and Doing Fine
First Post 11/04/2014

DHS Funded Now I Can Have Meat With My Potatoes
Have Not Gone Fishing Since Greg Abbott Fails To Live Up to his Phone Call to Victims of International Terrorism
All My Reports are Face Value: What is 'Face Value'
Camera Hacked GPS In Surveillance Hot Spot where Pigs Wallow In Federal State Funds
1st Malaysian "Did Not Meet it's Destination" my news is hacked cannot find out if they located this aircraft or not - Learn to Report Face Value Go to this link - Reported:

Hondo Texas Criminal Charges Filed 
Secret Service Notified
 Criminal Charges Filed Leads to Trillion in Larceny that Can Be Paid Back
To Avoid Another Global Economic Crisis
Criminal Charges Filed Number 15-01-4275

1. Material Witnesses Do Not Need to Research or be coach into What Really Happened

The Following Attack Prompted by Hacks is Nothing Compared To what Followed:

The Above is  Blake Farenthold District - Hackers Like to place Two or More People in Conflict with false information that may or may not be associated with each other.

Do I Need to Go to The District Attorneys Office Port Aranasas Texas? No I think Congressman Farenthold would like to do it to himself.

Two Texas Rangers Where There
Why Don't They Report It?
Starting to look like a conpsericacy (Hacks mispelling) against the United States of America

Then The Meat of Torture Post Toasties

Perry's Drug Cartel Drug Partner Hires Iranian Terrorist Now Called ISIS. Cases disabled Vietnam veterans home Rifle with Laser. Bounces off Living Room Mirror Window of Wounded Warrior who Led Seals to USAWMA
All Reported To The FBI

Fort Hood Shooting
State Department FBI Arrest Iranian 
Al-Qaeda ]Terrorist Rick Perry Tries To Time Arrest of Terrorist Political Debate in Texas. His plan goes Sour. H. Clinton Transports the Terrorist Suspect to New York.
TXHHS 03262013II4 Perry Thinks He Is Arrested In Texas to Make The Political Statement for the Presidency, then 
shows Up Drunk.

Bexar County Sheriffs Office and SAPD
Investigating Rapid Fire within 200 Yards of Day Care
Caretaker Comes Back From Reporting Death of
of MS Patient by Remote Telemeter
UTSA MoonLighting Private Dick Suspect
Tied To William Sessions X-FBI Director Fraud Report
UTSA and Audie Murphy Hospital

Senator Cornyn Cover-up
Veterans Try To Report Back To Senator
After Given Orders To Report To FBI
On Shit I was thinking too much
"Given orders to report to the FBI"

Senator Cornyn's Signs "The Sign Said Long Haired Freaky People
Not Allowed To Protest In This Building's Venue"
This Atomic Veteran Does Not Meet That Profile

This Atomic Veteran Does Not Meet That Profile
Senator Cornyn's Aids On Navarro Street San Antonio Texas Hide Under Desk Keep Door locked 
The question still remains how did he know?
And wouldn't Federal Security Like To Know How he Knew?
s-h-h-h--h You Might Need Us One Day and You Did
No Access To Vietnam Veteran
ITVERP Three Years To Process Claims

Senator Cornyn Blames The ITVERP Delay in Claim Processing for Terrorist Victims on Obama
Texas Pays Claims But Not To Card Carrying Democrat
Pays Those Loyal to His Personal Agenda Attack the President of the United States

It All Ties to The Tea Party Rebellion April 2009 
As Perry Declares Holy War on The United States of America

 ISIS Tea Party Terrorism Backed By Iran

Privacy Why Should It Concern Them
It Does Not Concern Me I Filed 32 Violations UTSA That Need To Be Worked

My Intel reported in the office of FBI is good
BING browsers throws-up pics at Texans a violation of federal law R13187 and the information was shared and is false. 

This information came from or went to foreign elements and transferred over Texas State lines see OCR UTSA complaint 2008 - Dear Mr. Stick "32 Open Privacy Violations" that hurt our Country that was reported by me. Concerning privacy it does concern me. 

WE All HAVE KNOWN IT and Many have reported IT.

R13187 when this system is used on United States Citizens it brings harm to innocent people and has no intel value - Malpractice at the least manslaughter at the most by those we should trust The Texas Department of  Public Safety and SAPD 

Data miners and hackers Year of Doom.

What makes it worse SAPD they all saw "something and did not say something"

Full Disclosures By The Senate and DHS

The Do Nothing GOP Republican Senate
They Cannot Bullshit Anybody Anymore

O'Neill Treanous Seal Get VA Benefits 

Reporting Face Value Helps Forensics Experts
Learn to Repot Face Value
The O'Neill the Red Headed stepchild thinks it safe for him
The Beach Boys Publishing Rights Company
Tied to General Betray-US And
Mitt The Twit
Texas Governor Rick Perry Meeting Scotland Yard
Violation of US and British Law 
The British Secrecy Act and 911 Act
See Linken Links Britian Media Reports Perry's Activity 

How do I Know They Harm Me 

[We All Saw It We All Heard It 11/04/2014]

Obstruction of a FBI Terrorism Investigation by RICO Governor Perry
First Post 08/29/2014
 A Fist Full of Dollars
A Fist Full of  Dollars Series 'e'

"The Whole Gambit
 Pena' Puts Them In Jail DA Texas Jurisdiction 82th District Court 
Trevino DA office is Right "I Don't Mean Shit" Compared to Dead Babies by Texas Murder Squads.

The Hanging Judge

The Federal Government Must Find 
The Missing PersonS Now
Buried in Shallow Graves In Texas

Wilson County DA Retracted Removed Not Relevant
Leadership Paper Clipping and Historic Account Police Blog Removed

Military Espionage 1 or 100's of Texas DA Cases DOD Handling Separate Case

Espionage Hacker Framed
 Posting On This Page by law IVERP read the Fine Print

If You See Something [A Dead Body] 
Say Something!
Criminal Allegations from Patient Thief, Copyright violations, Endangering Censorship Required by Law Post, Billions in Mineral Right Thief Multi-state, Manslaughter, Bloody Murder
 Computers Don't Lie People Do 

ISIS Tea Party Terrorism Backed By Iran

Perry Starts War Mexico Request Read Before Congress by Proxy Constituents

Elderly Disabled Children Not Present During Juridical Court Room Proceedings

Official Request To Henry Cuellar Read Before Congress by Proxy Constituents

Rick Perry Phone Calls Freedom Of Information Act

Dewhurst Asked About Texas Allegations Reported to His Own Personnel

Prosecute Crimes Against Texans By Corrupt GOP Bush Era Regime

The GOP Communist Little Red Box

The Burden of Proof Radio Microwaves Used on Texans for GOP Political Control

Prosecute Texas Bush GOP Covert Ops

Governor Rick Perry Texas State Sponsored Terrorism

Prosecute Texas Bio-Lethal Attacks Low Altitude Drone Stalking

Saturday, August 30, 2014
Chapter 2: Privacy Why It Should Concern THEM!

However it is FBI Director Robert S. Mueller who should answer for crimes against Mary and me. As FBI director he is mandated to:

Protect the United States from terrorist attacks;
protect the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage;
protect the United States against cyber-based attacks and high-technology crimes;
combat public corruption at all levels;
protect civil rights;
combat transnational/national criminal organizations and enterprises;
And combat major white-collar crime.

Fortunately, some Texans have come forward putting themselves at risk of more abuse, to insure fellow citizens are aware of the hazards, protect themselves by any means, and resolve harmful events of the past by reporting damages to the United States Attorney General.

One Rogue FBI Agent Does not Make Then All Bad Called Me Last Week Fire Him

Obstruction of justice threatens and extorts an FBI informant of Terrorism
Fire him that's all
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