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Friday, February 26, 2016

Cowboy Wake UP Call Going Some Place In the Morning?

FAA 342 1964 Waits Sign Off bin Laden by DOD 
Morgue Team for Bush Bond Money Payable On Demand 

"You Know Darn Well That Elk Are Mine

Merry Christmas Will Penny
(Will Penny)"
Osama Bin Laden Body Identified By 456135816

Aerospace Surveillance Talk to Bane
OEM Orignal Equipment Manufacture Texas Illegal Covert Operations

Barbra Shop Threat Reported
Barbra Phobia

SAT Radio Targets Reference FBI Report Kens5 News 2014 "They [Criminals] Can and Do Target." 
Example: "I Don't Think It's Funny and Do Find It Said"
Request Was Made To the United States Marshall To Make Arrest 
Criminal Charges Have Been Filed FBI Head Quarters
Just Some Examples as Follows Every Attack Was Submitted To Correct Authorities 
You Don't Got To Prove It Just Show It
Not seen under the most sophisticated surveillance by 'Betsy Palmer'

Stolen Out of PC. Foreign Espionage

"Oh Lord I didn't Steal Nothing Half the Time I was Putting In Something"
Listen to song "What Do You Do"

Or an Alien Named Paul via UTSA Small Business Contracts
See Valid ADA Complaints
The College Killing Fields 

Time Line 36 Months Intense Interrogation and Torture
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