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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Intense Interrogation and Torture Broken Bones not by any other name but Torture

The Day They Gave Texas or Medical Records Governor Greg Abbott Needs to step Down and Pay the Victims Today

Texas Congressman Lamar Smith Tea Party Congress And the Bush Babies
Still Active and Deadly 

Impersonation of a United States Secret Service Agents
and CIA Operative  
Recorded in a Blanco Texas Court of Law
How Did We Know And When Did We Know It?
I Forgot The Indian Burial Ground for FBI HQ who Requested The Detailed Complaints Thanks to DPS SAT AT&T TV security Busted Texas DPS! 
 Your Operations brought Death of Elderly and Children but that was not enough- So You Had to Get Caught first?
Shipped To The FBI Today Fedx "Texas Yellow Sky XII"
Won't Ma Bell Be Proud of AT&T!
15:42 12.30.2015

"Toshobi" was never a name on any Gun Smoke movies He was a CEO in Tokyo Mass Tort Tires: Texas DPS threw one to many stones
SAPD TV Jacking links to Homicides and Suicides Confirmed
Gun Smoke Series 72 Hour Marathon Still Smoking
Yellow Sky, Texas
VA DVD Death Valley Days
The Subject of Intense Interrogation Torture
98 Billion Dollars Federal Fraud Reported 
before the Fraud
 DPS SAPD Ever-so-green Reads, "To Protect and Serve Not Serve Yourself"

'These people working for me need to find a new-line of work - O'Dell 456135816 was instructed to go the FBI office with Terrorist Information Concerning National Security (U.S. Senator Texas John Cornyn)'

See: You were looking for job when you found this one start looking for another one*

Hackers Obstructing a State Sponsored Terrorism Investigation 07:52 AM 09 21 2015
Homicide 09 20 2015 Aerial Tracking of Grandma to Wall-greens to develop pictures while 456135816 was in Mexico. 20 Images are missing and no negatives for his priceless contribution to cultural anthropology:
'He Noses What He Likes Hondo'
by a recovering quadriplegic comatose service connected Vietnam Combat Veteran protected by the Brady Act - In the line of fire*

  Gregory O'Dell - YouTube
We Are The Lost Story - Tellers! Lost and Forgotten Stories of Antiquity! Unique forgotten, lost, or modified original stories important to the way we view world...
Can You Read The Writing On My Own Wall?

New Niche Photograph Developed In Your Own Darkroom -
 "We are going backwards not forward i am supersized the Terrorist have not killed us all!"  

Texans now have to carry two policies such as ‘GEICO’ and 
‘Tri-Star Big gun Kick-Back TX-Gov RICO Perry Insurance' ISIS whoops i mean ESIS OnStar OEM General Motors Insurance Adjuster Hacks PC while Victims Wait GM 5th Inspection
"We Cannot insure any driver in Texas until they turn It off
"Take it on line (DPS)"
So I Did

Bexar County Texas Victims of Crime District Attorney La hood Assassination Case Bexar County Texas Victims of Crime Homicide Dept. Request to 456135816 to keep a log retaliation by Military Aircraft within the no-retaliation zone expressed by State and Federal Law No. VC-1516166 210-333-2311 and Reference Non-correlating Ken Paxton Texas Attorney General VC Numbers; but Now an FBI Investigation and a big mess for Recently Jailed X-Governor Rick Perry and Texas Governor Greg Abbott, concerning executions without a court appurtenance or legal consul. A New Company Opened Up last week, we now have to carry two policies ‘GIECO’ and 
‘Tri-Star Big gun Kick-Back TX-Gov RICO Perry Insurance'

How Many Elderly Died From
 'Smart Grid' Electricity 
Valero CPS Public Utility is Liable and one of the Vectors Allocated in 2004 Still in Operation
Each Count Carries 25 Years in Federal Prison 
And We Are Counting
Billions Wasted On TV Applications That Kill Children
"Elderly Man Found Dead After Signing A VA Form As Material Witness Agent Orange Cloroacne 'E' Make Claim To Murder these hackers believe the form is tied to Bush and Osama Bin Laden. Dying Declaration made by murder victim is no longer a statement but put the VA in Default and ties to first Federal Bombing Ryadia Saudi Arabia "

Texas Bush Hacks 14:20 09 10 2015 The Same Private Security Firms That Protect Drug and Human Traffickers

Dear Lamar Smith I Asked You To Come Clean With The FBI

'Don't Eat Yellow Snow'
The Texas Edward Snowball Effect

Testimony of the Judge Blanco County Texas April 2009
Convicts Texas CIT Police 'Release The Prisoners'
Don't Blame It on Obama It  is 'Tea Party Terrorism'

Any Prosecuting Attorney in any state but Texas would Hang The Judge

What was said i must of been late the bond man sounded as if the Judge already convicted before asking are there any witnesses 

Buy The Song and Here the Rest
What Do You Do 
~ What Do You Do? 

Good Place To Start and End The Investigation
The FBI 48 Months
Read the Police Reports Not My Blogs 

Congressman Lamar Smith United States Citizens Weapons Testing  Including  Bio-Chemical Attacks 
Texas State? Makes me worry See Federal Calendar

Texas HHS was Alerted To Get Statements from all the Victims and Report To Comal County Sheriff's Office 2011
Congressman Lamar Smith United States Citizens Weapons Testing  Including  Bio-Chemical Attacks 
New Ways And Means To Protect Incumbent Politicians

Block Access To Federal Police By Same Devices and Military Force

Upgraded To Severe Original Posted 11/27/2013

The Ongoing saga of Texas Torture of 
United States Citizens Weapons Testing 
Bio-Chemical Attacks 
Starr County, Texas, Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested and Detained on Bribery, Extortion and Drug Charges
Second Starr County Deputy Arrested in Bribery and Extortion Conspiracy
Privacy Why It Should Concern Them !
The Texas Human Experimentation
Program and use of Bio-lethal Devices
Including White Collar Crimes of Theft of Billions
In Oil Rights
De-Seat District Judge In Jourdanton Texas Today
Six Years of In-Action Billions in White Collar Crime
The Use Of Bio-Lethal Devices 
On Texas Citizens Bush By-Passed Congress
Limited Use In Texas
Dear Congressman Lamar Smith,
21 Smith, Lamar   R 2409 RHOB 202-225-4236 Science, Space, and Technology, Chairman
Homeland Security
Let it be known that at least one torture victim from electronic testing is in your district and any move you make to block what is in public domain, you well be held accountable for war crimes against the citizens of Texas.

I called your office today and hope you get message and are not blindsided by this post

Open Torture Case in District 21 
‘Frivolous lawsuit?’ 

Congressman Lamar is trying to protect criminals 
that tortured my brother and thousands of others.Torture and rape by electronic devices 
and any other means, including attacks by military aircraft  are a Bio-hazard and carries 25 Years in Prison for each count. 

VA Issues Red Pills 2014 Puts out Warning After The Dose was Taken

This law has been on the books for over 45 years in Texas and a German Sovereign Salamander in the grass is pleading  in defense of Corporations like Nuremberg principles, “There is no law against torturing or killing Jews in Germany.” 

Waiting weeks for the German defendants to come up with their defense, their statement shocked the convention, who thought they had a seal tight conviction and were already building the gallows before hearing the defense statements that force a one month recess fearing the case would be thrown out because their was no law against torturing and killing Jews and a backroom landmark decision was made that is still used in Texas Courts of Law.  Supreme Court Justice of the United States still brags about a recession made by his own staff member who represented the United States at the Nuremberg convention, which had severely impacted and delayed our nations recovery after the "Global Economic Meltdown of Fall 2008." 

Texas Disabled Vietnam Veterans Stalked
Now Protected by The Same Lethal Force
Who Is Bulletining Who?

Most importantly, created a conspiracy financed by two Dixie Cup billionaires known as the Tea Party Rebellion and insurrection against the united states by the same neonate mentality of the Jewish Holocaust.

A well noted case example of  Nuremberg principles was a Texas Decision made by Attorney General Greg Abbott in the backroom of a Austin Court house with the defendant present, "Three 747 Loaded Deadliest USA Chemical Attack 250,000 Dead Still Counting" probably the most fatal attack of the Irregular war (IW). 

Australian as well as British victims and counsel now wish they had let the German's go, because they had no foresight that a bigger monster could manifest by applying the Nuremberg principles in Texas. 

Domestic Terrorism now hits New Braunfels Texas? Rooted in the White Supremacist Movement sovereign citizens do not believe State and Federal Law apply to them and will use any means including recent murders of officials, or paid lobbyist to avoid being prosecuted for Crimes against Humanity. 

Last week the FBI release a preview investigation into a group of sovereign conspirators that have been found to manipulate data and deny access to goods, services, benefits, employment, and entitlements similar to many of crimes committed against the people of Germany. This includes the very district that salamanders it way through the Texas hill country grass to hold power to a regime of corruption lasting over a decade as World War (IW). 

 Texas GOP Lamar Salamander Sovereign District Still In Legal Dispute
 As If They Are Above The Law?

How unsettling to leave Congressman Henry Cuellar District 28th office this morning after filing for the third time to remove a lawless Judge appointed by the RICO Perry network, profiles identified as Sovereign Domestic Terrorist by the FBI!

“After accepting the post of chief prosecutor of the Nazi leaders, Jackson flew to London where he would meet to plan the trials with representatives from the other winning countries in World War Two--Britain, France, and the Soviet Union. Their meeting became known as the London Conference. And while the words "Holocaust" and "Genocide" weren't yet in the world's vocabulary, the Conference in London set the course for what should be done with the Nazi leaders who committed these crimes”

Even at that early date, torture was well defined by the Geneva Convention including times of  War or Irregular War (IW). Privacy and medical attention was of the up-most  importance; name, rank, and serial number, which was a matter of National and International Security protected by several agencies well known to be unknown. 

To date, I still have no representation and had prompting of threats to me my integrity and my family or have we received proper medical treatment for abuse that is now "categorically torture" and we are still being accused of “Suspicious Criminal Activity” by Texas Fusion Center surveillance just closed down and revamp by a congressional committee in October 2012 at the request of an unknown party.

 I have a letter from Senator Zaffarini in response requesting the police to stop using non-lethal devices that are a bio-hazard to me and also unlawful discovery. These same devices and techniques are not applied on the Sovereign Few or Congressional members with impunity to their own families. Where is the rule-of-law Tea Party Ted Cruz stood-up for eight hours reading Dr. Suez if he believes Dr. Frankstien Human Experimentation does not apply to the sovereign few?

I requested legal representation from the district attorney’s office to investigate at no charge to me the victim, and to press for criminal charges to the fullest extent of the law of those known and unknowns to me that committed such hideous crimes with full protection of me, my behavior from the continued abuse that is categorically torture as seen in the High Court of the Hague or any civilized nation of the world.

Texas Lamar Smith Rep Congressman, Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act house Bill HR 2655 will be soon reading from Dr. Suez like Texas Tea Ted Cruz and laughing like a Nazi wearing an aluminum hat mocking hideous human experimentation like at a beer fest in a Nazi concentration camp.

“By encouraging additional legal maneuvers and requiring unnecessary court orders, this legislation would harm people with valid claims,” said Christine Hines, consumer and civil justice counsel for Public Citizen.

“It is another backdoor tactic by corporate lobbyists seeking to make it difficult for consumers and employees to hold corporations accountable for wrongdoing.”

Murders Squads is not a 
Frivolous Lawsuit Matter - 
Get Serious! 

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