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Friday, July 10, 2015

DVD Death Valley Days They did know then what they knew now.

Republican "Death Valley Days"
Human Exploitation and Military Demoralization

Can Only Be Seen By The Abused
Produced by Patricia Tracey and Ann O'Dell

VHS Death Valley Days

VHS Blazing Saddles and Kool Hand Luke FAA Communication Illegally Tapped By Bush H. W. Mandate Shipped To Riyadh Saudi Arabia from Lake City Florida After the First Bombing By Osama bin Laden 1995 "Too Many Witness To Kill"
Anyway you twist it this Cowboy 456135816 Gets Paid And Anyone Associated with 456135816 get's paid

Read the Police and FBI Report Not my Blogs The Ones I submitted not the ones they lied about

“Sen. Campbell has done a great job in leading senators to advance the laws that protect our basic rights from infringement. SB 531 upholds Texas morals from foreign laws that contradict or violate our laws and our beliefs.
 By Texas law I am still married to Anne Paterson - O'Dell

They did know then what they knew now. 
"There is no such thing as a non-lethal weapons"

Cocked 12:37am 07/11/2015
A Sledge Hammer
Takes Both Hands To Pull Back and Cock
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