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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Department of Defense by Morning Up From San Antone

DOD Has All Information I Can Supply
Fort Sam Houston Military Base Reporting Terrorism
Mobilized Panama TV Jacking or the Real Thing The Same Thing by Law
FSH Duty Officer Responded Appropriately Thank you! Security Police 09/25/2014
09/05/2014 Check - reported local Media Credible Journalist
No Answer by Duty Officer
Wrong Number That's Why
Texas Private Security Firm Espionage Hacker Framed

Do Not Give Money To Panhandling 
Ex-Police Chiefs
He Will Use It To Harm Others
When TV Hijacking is a Life Imprisonment Up to The Death Penalty

Abbott Remember Those 10,000 Texans That Had 
To Walk to New Orleans Federal Kangaroo Court Merck?

Greg Abbott - Check All The Way Through This Ordeal No Victims of Crime Assistance - Where did the money go?

Senator Judith Zaffirini (D-Laredo) - Check February 27 2006 Dear Senator CUBAS is targeting me at UTSA

Texas Governor Rick Perry (D-in 2000, R- 2000-2014) - Check March 2007

Senator Cornyn (R- U.S. Senate Texas) - Check Office Sat on VA Valid Claim 

Texas State Senator Carlos Uresti - Check
"Carlos Uresti Jr, "You should hear what Texas Senator Senator Judith Zaffirini [District 21]
said about you." I am sure glad you said and the FBI saved It.

Texas Lt. Governor Dewhurst - Check 'Beat The VA Unpluged in by D.C. (Dewhurst)' 2011 Houston Texas
Appropriates funds for District attorney Rene M. Pena to hire attorneys from graduating class UT to Prosecute Claims such as my Criminal Complaints Against the State of Texas - not to waste it on new trucks and outdated surveillance equipment

Atascosa County Texas Sheriff’s Office - Check
Police Blog Removed out of Curtsy of those innocent Sorry I can get right all the time and I am just a blogger

Alamo FBI - Check 

Secret Service Washington D.C. - Check 
"Noted" That's why they call them secret. 

Veterans Administration - Check

Pete Gallego Congressman 23rd District - Check
Would Give a Courtesy Call to Henry Cuellar 09/04/2014

Henry Cuellar Congressman 28th District - Check 
No Response To Terrorism Claims As Usual 

Texas VA Commission Federal Sworn Statement 09/05/2014

Department of Defense 09/05/2014

Next FBI Interrogation Ryan Guillen Texas State Representative Pending. "Terrorism is your responsibility (O'Dell)"

That is not What Ms Cash Asked You To Do

Issa Senate Investigation - The Honorable President Barack Obama is invited to this hearing

Senator Cornyn - Office Failed to Respond Properly To Terrorism

Senator Cruz - Office Exploited Valid Terrorist Victims Claims and is responsible for more deaths in South Central Texas - 'Manslaughter is not free speech'

Read The Fine Print
I would talk to my good friend and neighbor Ret. Texas State Representative Jose Aliseda Attorney at Law, who went back into private practice, last seen at our local Ice-house. The Senate is trying to block me from access to a 'Real Texas Attorney' that will sue them. The criminal charges are up to the FBI.

Criminal charges are up to the FBI and Department of Defense - I guess John Mc Cain 'King of Interrogative United States Citizens Torture Pork' gets his own Military Tribunal - he has been crying about on TV.

Dear Senator John McCain, when I was in Hanoi and the Vietnamese ask us to to tour their Hilton Hotel - I thought about you hanging there and all the other veterans that died there. We refused to visit the propaganda degrading the United States of America. You don't know me but you don't like me.

By Zippy "You cannot enslave a man who is willing to die for his freedom" engraved on a Zippo Lighter riffled for the pockets of another Ted Lavender - for sale in Hanoi Vietnam

Ted Lavender Reporting from the Dead
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