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Thursday, October 29, 2015

You Better Look Closer Before You Hang A Man

Hang 'Em Hang 'Em High —

I Told U
Why The United State Department Must Render Aid
John Kerry Not John Wayne

Why Didn't You Tell Me, bringing back the life of Fallen Soldier Engraved on a 
Zippo Lighter was Bad For My Health First Post 11/03/2013
I Really Want to Meet California Girls........

You Better Look Closer Before You Hang A Man

Sworn to Place My Own Body in Harm’s Way to Protect the Executive Branch

You Got to Go Through me first and that is not Going Happen

In Any Crime That is Protocol
Still Waiting For That Call or Appointment
How About In-front of A Congressional

Dear Senator Cruz and John Cornyn 
How Can I Save Your Asses?

*Why This Torture of Ssgt O'Dell is life imprisonment up to the Death Penalty

Unbelievable Courage, Stamina, and Honor by this Ariman
That Hurts, unbearable pain and leaves Scrares
Hang 'Em Hang 'Em High —

Why The Police Don't Want Me To Go After Them Myself
Or Why I Disarmed myself so nobody can make claim i did it - I am trained and wouldn't Waiting for Justice
Who Done It is up to You!
I am just another victim
You Can Choose You Friends But Not The Criminals

Nobodies Fool I'll Be There Before The Next Tear Drop Falls
How Can I Help You If You Don't Have An Investigator Interview Me?

Why District Attorney the Honorable Rene M. Pena Wilson County Texas, has yet to respond to my legitimate valid criminal complaint, which endangers the citizens of the Texas 28th and 23rd District by not pursuing such allegations. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, explains that they will take the lead, investigating such claims if the justice department refuses to prosecute high ranking officials.

Treason is the Reason Tea Party Insurrection and Rebellion Fraud Billions of Dollars 
Governor Rick Perry is a Criminal Harbored By The State of Texas 

Texas Rangers are Harboring an Enemy of the United States of America
Texas Governor Rick Perry

When you want to talk about Fort Hood Let Ssgt O'Dell Know Make Sure The Secret Service is Standing There and Gives Ssgt O'Dell Leave to Say It!

Texas Rangers Harboring an Enemy of the United States of America
Texas Governor Rick Perry
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