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Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday Even The Dallas OCR Gets Hacked Not Their Fault

To OIG Did You Get The Message? 
Congressman Henry Cuellar Gregory N. O’Dell No Access for 8 Years Includes $5,000.00 loss VA VARP
Copyright ThiefPatient Rights, Mineral Rights Thief Manslaughter and Murder

Gregory N. O’Dell 

Signature release on file
Ship (P/U) date :
Tues 11/25/2014 3:35 pm
Actual delivery :
Fri 11/28/2014 8:58 am


Several Emails Where Blocked By The RICO Perry Network - I will hand carry another to you today 09/15/2014

I have an open case with office that has yet to be resolved. Due process is guaranteed me to redress my grievances by our constitution; however, I have never had opportunity to voice my concerns because of the disability discrimination In Texas and have been denied legal counsel by disability attorneys that received Federal funds in the state of Texas. Stopping funding is not enough! You have an obligation to me and all disabled students to address these criminal acts against disabled students which include disabled veterans such as me, who attended schools in the state of Texas 2006-2009.

1) Disability Discrimination Retaliation never worked continued on and off campus until present day. Includes stalking and retaliation and refusal to disburse funds and now to credit those funds
2) Private Firm and Fusion centers sharing of information and targeting of a disabled and student and anyone associated with a disabled student
3) The disturbing reality that the State of Texas was profiteering off our loans while none of the profits that were distributed to shareholders and contributed to millions of dollars of revenue back to the State of Texas have been deducted from our loans! Newspaper 2009
4) International Stalking and $10,000 out of pocket while the stalker was paid by federal funds to go from a different schools than I was registered
5) Stalking by deadly force
6) Human Research Outside of Protocol
Recent New 2013

One Global Disaster after another No Facts Just False Beliefs Hard Bond Texas Textbooks 
First Post 01/03/2014

When Bias Opinion Changes The Meaning of Law On A Global Scale. 

Would You Still Call Me Crazy If I Went Super 'e' Man

United States Department of Education
OCR 400 Maryland Ave. S.E.
Washington D.C. 20202-100

New Docket Number 06-15-2031

Docket Numbers You Requested
Thank Dallas OCR
Texas University Systems are so Large, Any Change in Text Books be it fact or fiction, Is Sold At Auction to the Highest Bidding Publishing Companies assimilated as fact Nationally with Global impact. 

As Campuses Shootings Rose 100 fold after the Publication of The Landmark Study by a Bush Ex-Secret Service Agent 2006. 

Worse of all, Texas changes the meaning of our constitution by changing the meaning of law – When Expert Opinion and Common Law Is the Highest Bid To Paid Publishing Companies, be it fact or fiction, by authority of a supremacy law signed by the Governor of Texas, who was not elected by the people - establishing Marshal Law before the 911 attack “Did Rick Perry See It Coming?” 

Terrorism has won impunity to the 911 Patriot Act haphazardly  used to violate the privacy of all U.S. Citizens,
Terrorism has won impunity to the 911 Patriot Act haphazardly
used to violate the privacy of all U.S. Citizens,
"American privacy deregulation has become a dogmatic circulatory process of sniffing one another's tail ends

They Saw It Coming and  Still collected Billions in Bonuses  
The Deadliest Bio-Chemical Attack on The United States of America
250,000 Dead and Still Counting

 X-Secret Service Agent Allegation

Wanted To Know If I Needed Life Insurance. 

I told her I had a $100,000 dollar policy. 

She explained "They the Secret Service[?] have a better policy it pays within 24 to 48 hours of Death."

Are We Living In Russia? 

If So, let me know what the rules are and I will survive. 

Human Research Protections Not Available or accessible But Posted
As If Somebody Cared 
by law - a magistrate must see you if you are disabled and if your claim is criminal you do not fill-out a single form expect for police report [Done in each and every case until they told to report to the FBI]. 

My First request to Judge Suzanne Reyes [Donna Reyes 09/12/2014] is still the same valid claim, As if I wrote a news article in November 2013 but I wrote the complaint in November 2007 - non-stop retaliation. 
Protected Witness, Victim, Informant Actual Terrorism
Nobody Knew me I was just a potter making clay pots - Put Them All In Jail
Privacy is A Matter of National Security Not The State of Texas

The Ambiguous eye of Texas Fusion centers Texas University systems, FBI sharing and illegal hacking by the state of Texas Private Investigative Security firms - Not NSA.

Did I learn something? No? I Still Report abuse each and every time no matter what the consequences to Me personally. 

When Due Process Fails Go Get To Know Your Local FBI. 
You Will Be Doing your Community A Service

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