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Saturday, July 11, 2015

VA Texas is in Default United States Supreme Court Ruling

 They only worked the Camp Le Jeune claim
For that I am truly grateful.If I knew filing as instructed for Camp Le Jejune would of delayed and wreck all the previous work i would of never filed the form instructed by The Texas Veterans Commission.
Not my problem a VA systemic Problem and Korean Vietnam Veterans Should not be delay one more day!
Rock of Ages Cleft for me

Thank you for working the Camp Lejeune Claim the only claim worked still have contentions setting on a desk somewhere and it is not a political decision it is by law 1998 and grandfathered to what benefits me the comatose applicant 456135816 the best see supreme court ruling VA is in Default.

This CP exam was 100% by a third party request as an audit check and found to be true the CP exam in May 2014 is false and had no records to review. So Just Pay the Calim.

M-M-BCS before They delineated coma 2ndary to all contentions example Ionizing scare left leg. See Criminal Investigation Still open for those involved with the big bio-chemical attack in US history killing 250,000. 

"They Died With Their Boots On" The Bush Empire Strikes Back with No Authority
When the War Spreads 
To South Central Texas
The Easiest investigation in the world – 
Who Got the Money?
'We find it very hard to believe that our previous President Bush is Aware of Security Firm treasonous acts paid for by your own tax dollars to bring all Texans harm.'

Treated for service connection up to 2004 then records lost."I could not understand after the new president George Bush landed on my airport or the abandoned Kelly AFB that still would be abandoned without our Fedex Italy Crew decided by a postcard picture of the Alamo framed and hanging on my office wall, why all my history was missing encrypted by United States State Department as Consulate Appointee ....?"
See Treatment Records VA Lake City Florida and Italy Service Connected 1978-1998 20 %
or did the Bush's Private Security Firms Hack Those Files Too from the Day George Bush Landed On My Airport Kelly AFB Privitizer 2001? We should of left it all in Alabama!

Hack now by Criminals That do not want to go to jail - 14:52 07/20/2015

Reference EOC Claim San Antonio Texas [The List]

To Penetrate the Obscure Jungle into the Light
by Gregory O'Dell 10/22/2013

See Paragraph Three

*Whistleblower is just the name of the blog so make an arrest today
See Texas State Senator Campbell referencing "Texas morals and beliefs" and my letter received by Lt Governor Dan Patrick

Who has my VA entitlements delaying my 100% USAF Service Connected Entitlements on their desk today 07/11/2015?

Weapons testing now Aggravated by Intense Interrogation and Torture in the State of Texas, and separation from family and professional associations see VC15124955 [systemic problem with numbers and the nomenclature of the crime committed no response by any advocate.] 

Had to drive to Laredo 150 miles to the Mexican border to get access to my congressman to hand carry outstanding FBI complaint by 456135816 requested by the FBI Headquarters D.C.. Received by FBI DC 4 days ago.

456135816 has had no access to goods services or education for eight years with an itemized spreadsheet of money allotted and could not be used VARP for education on UT system expanded to any campus in Texas. 

Other Valid OCR claims money stolen from me the student 456135816 and the Department of Education. 

Reference Communication and Utility Blackout Electronic Scrambling Censorship and Test Applications that fail – clearly expressed under “the strictest surveillance you cannot add on or take away from what really did happen” to the police, Judge and reports and FBI updates or all surveillances are moot.

Verizon is getting away with murder see Greg Abbott O’Dell Yahoo Microsoft vs Verizon – Who got my money?

Yes! They can hear me now and anything in my home or yours! If it is truly Marshal law you have a right to shot them on site!
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