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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Texas Yellow Sky The Last Stage Hold-Up

Then There Was This Miracle of A Sort...
'Yellow Sky'
Of course everything would of been alright if Fedex Covert Ops did not throw my $90,000.00 personal savings account check in the front field of dreams. 

The money was withdrawn for the Property next door with a small cabin and 6 Oil Producing wells that just needed a disabled veteran for fire guard - they pump sweet oil 24/7 and was the final offer before my neighborhood watch passed the responsibility to 456135816 expat went back overseas 2008.

Last week a man selling my copyrighted statelite pictures use to survey the property to me confirms and submerges any argument that we are not the Real McCoys. See Paul Ryan Buchman Wendy Davis Richard Perry Digital Signatures statement below.

See 15,000 gals fuel tank set a fire while two Combat Disabled Veteran evacuate the community ADA complaint and murder investigation Texas VC-15116768

VC-1511768 Leads to Texas Grand Larceny

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