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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mission MODELO

Yellow Sky

See Harry Joe Brown Mission Accomplished 10.13.2015
Confirmed 10.30.2015 13:35
Throw The DOD Book At Them Too
We an't Waiting For Christmas
and another military attack
So Arrest The Knowns book Them In Jail
And Call Me When They are Behind Bars
"Just when I thought my summer vacation would finally begin"
Mission MODELO

Texas and U.S. Citizens who are Data Miners Hackers or OEM (Original Equipment and/or Applications Manufactures of Robotics Applications are Liable) and the supreme court ruling 'To Big To Jail' set in motion a disaster that can be stop by Prosecuting Today and paying the victims. 
Steve Jobs is good hacker example and ironically he produced no jobs. Windows parent patient is PRIME Incorporated and there are material witness with personal contact still living today.

All FACTS Delivered To The FBI Is information by Personal Contact With The Predators
The informant is protected by the same act that protects a President or Senator
and many other laws if the were applied the harm would of been minimized
'Killing the Messenger 456135816 is like the USA shooting itself in the foot and loosing the war."

The redistribution of the criminal booty to the victims is most crucial to economic stability placing the money in trusted sources - the victims who will invest in the United states of America.

Texas and U.S. Citizens who are Data Miners Hackers are a National Security Treats
And If we cannot take them out today
We Have lost War World III before It started
'Yellow Sky'

Even Private Security Firms are a Causal Link To Foreign 'e' attacks because they are money driven. Moby Dick Cheney is not just a white whale - His Time Is Up

"He only had a Hay's Dollar To Make To Next Wednesday"
Auto played this song over and over again reported to the appropriate authorities at time of events - 'in action' EO violated

We an't Waiting For Christmas
and another military attack
So Arrest The Knowns book Them In Jail
And Call Me When They are Behind Bars

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Reference Sources: 

  • 'The Specialist 1929'

Excellent Source it reaches back to what happened before and points to Causation of grand larceny and multiple murders. Copy found at estate auction doctors library in South West Texas. Artifact

A rare book find in print, the author and a carpenter by trade becomes a specialist in manufacturing and engineering design of Outhouses. An Outhouse is a wooden outdoor toilet that moved indoors as plumbing and Electrical advances, made it feasible to defecate indoors.

Applications Still Active: The Solution is apply the law Similar to the MIT application of the outdoor defecating Brit on YouTube Attacking advertisement Applications. 
[A Felony Count Used By Mitt Romney who left a gun on a ATA aircraft putting the secret service in jeopardy. Tea Party members are Stupid People with too much Money]

The Uni-bomber Front Page Essay of 'the dangers of specialization' were common college paper themes of 'one hand of a corporation or Government agencies does not know what the other hand is doing' concerned the carpenter and author of "The specialist" 50 years before like essays were written. Probably motivated by the specialization of doctors who previously practiced holistic medicine. 

  • 'Rouge Trader'

Fact: The Collapse of Asian Market 'Rouge Trader' My Guru's Music was contracted for this first movie. His Homicide may be Associated but not yet known within the realm of human reasoning. I Can Only Say What You Can Understand. I am not an investigator these experts should be working this at the federal level because 'Treason was the Texas Reason'

Fact The Collapse of Asian Market: Not by wit but by presence Material witnesses are living today and reported to the proper authorities and are targets BSA you name it.

  • The Uni-bomber:

Poor Source and justification that all Texans need access to goods, services, and education. This source only one I Had because of Texas Hackers try to discredit a material eye witness to acts of mass destruction. They Failed because you cannot demoralize a Hindu trained but you can use lethal force. I have no access to goods, services, and education for seven years held prisoner by intent the criminals are known by name

We an't Waiting For Christmas
and another military attack
So Arrest The Knowns book Them In Jail
And Call Me When They are Behind Bars

Even after my death if the criminal stall that long and don't belly Up The FBI will Find Them and Resolve Every Homicide- Maybe. A threat to 456135816 is a threat to the United States of America.Personal privacy is a matter of National Security and the Director of NSA made known victims a promise to prosecute these criminals if the state and Federal failed to prosecute - he had the solution already. 

If we need to use military force to prosecute the predators driven by money and compensate the victims do it but make sure it is the DOD highest authority and tactical design. 
Texas Illegal Militia is a common precursor to a terrorist attack take it from expert at staying alive!

Texas Underground Meltdown 03:15 Am 10/14/2015Apocalypse Now Target 'Texas Greg Abbott Illegal Militia' The Militia is a known and a threat to National security

Never Misses His Mark

‘Did Batmasterson Tell You About That Third Eye You Gota Have (The Shootist John Wayne)!’
Or Why XXX Private Security Stole The Information and Tried To Published First. See Lytle Police Report DEA Agents Steal A Dr. Triplicate copy Just before my phone appointment and were given a drug that is Federally Controlled and Called a Dr. that was not on the Triplicate copy Prescription. Witnesses by the Doctor, Pharmacist, The Terrorist Credible Informant and that Third Eye Batmaterson was Talking about!

"Thank You Lytle Police Department I have Your Sticker on my Back Window Shield I got your back I know you got ours! (give credit where it due Lytle Police Department)"
Things Look Better In Black and White
Who Stole My 2003 picture of the Mountain of Light
Most importantly, united states citizens in the state of Texas, many of which were fortune 500 job Producers had equal access to global resources until Texas Governor Rick Perry RP08 by design to circumvent the Federal Government and made larceny possible, "If The Can They Will and They Did and Continued After Being Caught." "If We Can We Should"
The Biggest South American Emerald "The Mountain of Light"  Heist See FISA Violation
The Peruvian  Connection

Where did the Merck Vioxx Money Go?
Pregnant Angels

FISA Violations Proves Texas Tea Party Terrorism
'The Perfect Firewall (456135816)'
Another Patent Pending Thief By 
X-Governor Rick Perry

Too Bad They Stole It and Can't get Working without The "Patent Parent 456135816 not Spanlger"
"'Spanlger' is about to bust through the VA makeshift Firewall - That's what the Free Masons Get for Stealing See the Movie High Planes Drifter ""But That Well Make our Town Look Like Hell do you mean Even the Church?" [not to be confused with Clinton's] "Especially the Church (Clint Eastwood 456135816)"

Steve McQueen Survives Apache Attacks Hondo Texas

The Tex Mex Border Story 
By A Jesuit Priest
Your Security Is Tied To Austin Politics See Everything in Your Home

Wrong Brother

Recovering Quadriplegic 
Comatose Service Connected Combat Vietnam Veteran
Waits 20 Years for Appeal
Protected By The Brady Act
"In The Line of Fire"
Who Failed To Act

FBI Forensics Knows I Cannot Spell and Did Not Write This paper note - 2nd Time Identified as Hacked

The Line In The Sand
The Suicide of Navy Seal Intelligence Officer
What was shown on TV Reported To The Secret Service

'The Suicide of Navy Seal Intelligence Officer'
Press States [under the AKA 'Hippytree'] Committed 
Suicide After Communication with 456135816 youtube Account. AKA 'Hippytree' known to be used after the Navy Seal's reported death. Reported To The proper authorities at the time of event by 456135816.

And the prompting of his picture and test that were torturous and similar to person claiming to be NSA face value facebook page AKA 'The Seven Seals' William Sessions Waco Wacko and unnecessary because I went to the FBI First 

 Somatic Domain Rape Type I Count I
'The Weak and Unknowing'
Somatic Domain Rape Type 2 Count II
Empirical Evidence That Will Be Heard In Court
 ‘Did Batmasterson Tell You About That Third Eye You Gota Have (The Shootist John Wayne)!’

Link To Homicide Victim
Reported To Proper authorities and The FBI in person the day before We went on vacation
Read Chimpanzee Blog Pic
Native American Mother Found Dead in Lotus Position

Electronic Rape is a Federal Death Penalty Conviction
Not Invisible Crimes Can Be Identified
 The Bush Private Dic Deadly Hit List Targets Hires To Oil Mineral Gas by Private Security Firms List Example:
Money It's A Gas
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