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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Take Your Pills Manley they are poison 'The Duke'

The *Duke 'Duped' by
Audio Visual
Why We Need NSA - They Are Going To Pay VA Entitlements
Texas Abuse of Power
Bio-indicators Liver Artifacts For The FBI Jurisdiction
Addendum to The Biggest Biochemical Attack on The United States of America.
This ad paid for by GONAVY Texas Illegal Black Operations Texas Deaths 
*'Take your poison pills Manley' 
(The John Cornyn 'Duke Series TV Application' that cost more for to produce - Than To pay the Victims?)
Another Criminal Count Texas Politics in the Act of Human Exploitation and Military Demoralization

If you were dispensed the wrong colored Pills
from a VA Pharmacy or Took The Medicine as Prescribed
Then was told not to take the Medicine by a San Antonio Media Channel 
after you ingested VA and Other Big Pharmaceutical 'Ted Cruz CVS' "poison pills" Contact The FBI
The VA OIG Only Investigates itself - Quality Assurance Programs Hardwired to Favorable Responses - Not an insult a MyHealhtyVet WARNING

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